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  1. I know my reels...Pflueger President is the OUTSTANDING value in high quality spinning reels. Check them out. I have the Model 6730. Sweet
  2. I am getting prices for the removal of a 450 gallon tank right now. I'll reply with some answers as soon as I have some.
  3. This guy is NOT an idiot. You should know of what you speak before you do. This guy has offered alot to the 2a community You should welcome him instead of berating him.
  4. that is not what the bill says...
  5. I have a 1990 Taurus PT 92 AFS. The standard factory mag is 15 rounds. It is stainless. They dont make one for it that I can find. Cant use the Berettas. Altering my factory mags will void my warranty and my insurance. They can kiss my ass. The ONLY mag for it is the factory mag that came with it.
  6. "Under the amended bill, a person who legally owns a firearm with either a fixed magazine capacity holding up to 15 rounds which is incapable of being modified to accommodate less rounds, or a firearm which only accepts a detachable magazine with a capacity of up to 15 rounds, and the firearm was purchased on or prior to the bill’s effective date would be allowed to retain possession of that firearm provided it is registered with a law enforcement agency. In order to register the firearm, a person would be required to complete a registration statement, pay a $50 fee, and produce a valid firearms purchaser identification card, permit to carry a handgun, or permit to purchase a handgun. The information provided in the registration statement is to include: the name and address of the registrant; the number or numbers on the registrant's firearms purchaser identification card, permit to carry a handgun, or permit to purchase a handgun; and the make, model, and serial number of the firearm being registered." So let this bill pass and I have to do NOTHING with my 15 rounders, as they already meet ALL requirements as underlined above. Stupid fucking idiots! My handguns are ALREADY registered so I ain't paying SHIT! I knew it! It's all about the fuckin' MONEY!
  7. ask a lawyer BEFORE you answer yes to any question on 4473 if not sure how to answer it. It may cost you bigtime for the rest of your life if you answer yes to a question that you should have answered no to...
  8. There is no question on the 4473 asking about treatment for anxiety. Should have never mentioned a word about it...unless it is considered a mental illness now? We ALL have anxiety at times dont we? Are we ALL mental too? F this state.
  9. Get a couple of cheap Marine handhelds. There is no law against receiving on them. Keep the chatter to a minimum. Best weather radio there is...
  10. How in gods name did they get that info to begin with? Did someone report her?
  11. You are correct. No deterrent at all. Back when they had you strung up in a dungeon you would not commit the crime again. Hanging at noon in the village square is the answer. I'll even do it without wearing a black hood...
  12. So it probably cost us taxpayers around a million dollars in investigations and salaries to catch this asshole. Now that they caught him, it is still costing us money to house him, prosectute him, and jail him. Make him WORK to pay that back. Breaking rocks or cleaning toilets I dont give a shit how. I will bet money that they give him a plea deal on the firearms charges and slap a fine on him for lying on the form. He'll be out in less than a year. Guaranteed.
  13. Pretty cool. I hear they taste like quail...
  14. Road Runner?
  15. May I ask how much dough you have into that one?