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  1. I am in Rutherford also. Great bunch of guys on the force here.
  2. Welcome from Rutherford!
  3. I am sure this is one of the reasons that GFH will have a members only section in their new addition.
  4. Barrel change is all that is required...to the best of my knowledge.
  5. Want a tack driver? Get one of these... Tanfoglio Stock II in 10mm.
  6. AIM surplus has a lot of used guns right now..
  7. My ace hardware in Rutherford makes screens. Spiral balances can be had online if you measure them.
  8. "Gov. Phil Murphy announced that the state was taking proposals to create a $2-million center for gun violence research" Like this state has the extra money for this type of crap. What a bunch of idiots running this state.
  9. The Bullet Hole in Belleville has ammo...
  10. Huh? Not to sound smart here but collar ties connect 2 rafters together...not ceiling joist to roof rafter.
  11. I will agree with Sniper here. Never saw a sistered joist that was staggered. Kinda like using "stainless steel" bolts in an attic. Waste of money and too soft for structural bolts.
  12. Get her the AA 26g low recoil shells. My wife loves them out of here 12 g Franchi. Pretty hard for a beginner to hit anything with a 20 g.
  13. Gun For Hire...Woodland Park Range most certainly allows it.. just not in there rental guns...which is totally understandable.
  14. I think that they should have a BIG sign outside every polling/voting place that says: "Any Non Citizen voting here shall be arrested on the spot and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law." Make this sign in English and Spanish. It might stop a large percentage from even going in.
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