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  1. But everyone has a different min and max so you kinda have to average it out. That is why you need more than one source of load data. Some of the differences are quite extreme. I personally would never load anything below min without checking all of my sources first. People alot smarter than all of us figured this all out already.
  2. I do concur. I know there are some pretty slight min to max charges on some powders. I use Win 231 and Longshot.
  3. I think increments of .1 are too small. You'll have to make 100 rds to go 1 grain difference. I suggest .2 or .3 until you get to the precision stuff. To each his own though...
  4. also...load some dummies and pull the bullets. You need to learn to pull bullets as you will only have to pull 10's of them and not hundreds if you take your time. I like the Hornady collet puller with the red handle. They work great
  5. Dont do it. You dont want anything other than the real thing in there. Dump the powder, weigh it, put it back in the hopper. Do it 25 times. By the 10th time you will know if your charge is correct and go with it.
  6. I agree with the above. It looks like you need more crimp for sure. If you get a slight Taper crimp and it still wont drop in you need to check the full length sizing die. Also check the oal of the brass and make sure they are in range. I've seen plenty of new long ones. The die you have will work fine for the taper crimp, but I also use the Lee factory crimp die for everything in the 4th and final position. They work great and are cheap. The Lee die even works with cases that are different length so you dont have to be too exact on case length, which usually isn't a problem with pistol brass anyway.
  7. You have now seen some of the best of the best. Due to the amount of knowledge that GFH has, You will be glad you went there. I am sure it was a great experience for you. The people there are the coolest. I see you are right here in Passaic County. When GFH can get going full capacity I will offer to you free a free guest pass and we can go shoot. If you want to go again now, I will send you a gift pass. It will pay for your range time if that makes it easier for you to go back. Let me know where to send it.
  8. Do you think the guys that work there work for free? Rent and utilities free? Become a member and all that expensive stuff goes away, and they have more perks for members than any one else. Free gun rentals! Free transfers! Free ammo! Free gun cleaning! Go directly to the front of the line! Lots more too! Read about membership. It has it's privileges. Plus you will become a member of the greatest range ever!
  9. I have brand new Hornady Custom grade die sets in 9mm and 40 s&w/10mm. You can have them cheap. Send me a pm.
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