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  1. I talked to Anthony at the end of October and he says a few months so should be getting close.
  2. I cant believe none of you guys have ever gone to Steves Sizzling Steaks on RT 17 in East Rutherford/Carlstadt. Ole Steve is gone now but his hunting and fishing buddy was Ernest Hemmingway. All of his guns are mounted all over the restaurant and hanging from the ceiling. Is an awesome place. There is even a Giant Tuna mounted on the wall. Great food.
  3. I am in Rutherford. If you need some free firewood PM me.
  4. God Bless you Mrs Peel. My heart aches for you. Been there and done exactly like you have. Some day I hope we will all be together again. And I am not a religious guy...
  5. AIM surplus has great prices. I got my Model 64 from them a while back and it is nice...and cheap.
  6. I use RGS for cleaning and then Gun Butter for slides and TW25B for wipe downs.
  7. You are right. This guy is good!
  8. If you feel like you are going to puke, MAKE yourself puke. Get it over with or you stay miserable all day. You will feel alot better after puking. Peanut butter and jelly sammich and water after. I have puked with the best of them, and cant wait to get back out there again.
  9. Andy up there is a great guy. Very nice to my wife and I.
  10. Rosie's suggestion is a great one, but how do you get your gun there? Sadly there is no exemption for that. This state sucks.
  11. I wasn't so nice but I don't care anymore. Like these people have nothing else to waste time on. I am growing tired of it. I sent it to all of them. A1016, A3696, A5452, A5453, A5454, and A5455 either affect only law-abiding citizens (who do not perpetrate crimes and represent a threat to no one), or fail to protect honest citizens from wrongful prosecution under careless wording. Either vote NO on these bills, or to vote to amend them so they apply only to violent criminals and exclude law-abiding citizens. Stop wasting the states' time with creating these bills which will do nothing to stop crime. We will never comply with these rediculous infringements on our rights. Do something meaningful with your time instead of trying to alienate 1/2 the population. Sincerely; R S
  12. To answer her question, yes she gets arrested and could or will be charged with unlawful possession of a firearm subject to mandatory 3-5 yrs in jail via the Graves act. She will also lose her beautiful Beretta and her firearms privilages for life anywhere in the US.
  13. I know. But it still pisses me off.
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