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  1. Got the shirt.  Thanks Man.

  2. Tunaman

    Pistol Pemit Changes

    Put "N/A". That is what I put everytime. They change it to "retired".
  3. Tunaman

    cordless impact

    I buy all my Milwaukee tools from CPO. They are ALL remanufactured, come with the same warranty, and have never had a bad one yet. For about 1/2 price, the M18 tools and batteries have lasted me years and years. Not one battery has ever gone bad . Thousands and thousands of metal studs and such. I have worn out a set of brushes on the 1/4 inch impact, but the brush holder is only 3.80. They look and act like new. You cant go wrong with them. Dont buy the yelow junk.
  4. Tunaman

    Turns out I’m a fugitive

    ask someone to run your arrest record. 50 bucks says it shows up. I believe you will still need to get it expunged or you will have to answer for that arrest every time you apply for a permit.
  5. Tunaman

    WTB 10mm brass

    Starline usually has 1000 for about 90 bucks. Thats all I use to make new ammo. The brass is nice.
  6. Tunaman

    Fear Mongering?

    Must be fear mongering too.....
  7. Tunaman

    Anyone watching France?

    For sale...French Battle Rifle. Never fired...dropped only once.
  8. Tunaman

    Anyone watching France?

    They are getting exactly what they voted for...right up the ass. I love watching it. They will be like Venezuela soon.
  9. Tunaman

    epoxy mag pistol floor plates with magblocks

    The law says permanently. Saying and not doing is two different things
  10. Tunaman

    epoxy mag pistol floor plates with magblocks

    As I said, I believe that a few drops of epoxy on the release button would do it without wrecking the mag. You wouldnt be able to open it without tools of some sort. I am not going to say that it couldn't be taken apart if need be. Any mag could be opened with the right tools. Intent is the key here. I "intended" to permanently seal my modified 10 rd mag so I epoxied the button so it wont open..I did not intend to try to skirt the law. If they dont like that then lock me the fuck up. Fuck them!
  11. Tunaman

    Which 1911 to get?

    I bought it from Nelson Tactical.
  12. Tunaman

    Which 1911 to get?

    I bought a Sig XO for the options it comes with. Match barrel, adjustable sights, realy nice checkering on the front and backstraps. I got the stainless model for around 700.
  13. Tunaman

    epoxy mag pistol floor plates with magblocks

    I dont think that way is legal. If you can change the spring and make it 15 rds again it is not legal
  14. Tunaman

    epoxy mag pistol floor plates with magblocks

    I put one drop on the button so you "can't" open it without breaking something. I've had a 3 round wooden plug in my shotguns for 50 yrs now and no problems with that.

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