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  1. I hear ya. Been there done that.
  2. 400 grit, 600, 1000, 3000(you can take it this far by hand), green rouge, red jewelers rouge on a wheel. It'll shine like a mirror.
  3. Makes you wonder why people do what they do sometimes... I like the part about they are now dangerous weapons...even for law abiding citizens. I suppose they are now very dangerous for law enforcement too right?
  4. Dexter-Russell is the cats meow. Lasts forever.
  5. He does a lot for free. You would be suprised. I am sure a list could be provided for you if needed.
  6. Is a rivet considered a pin? Inquiring minds want to know...
  7. Yes. If it connected to other dwellings you are correct.
  8. It is a kitchen...in a basement...with no permit. Also, if you do it without a permit and you have a fire you can forget about insurance coverage. Is it really worth the hassle for a 100 dollar permit? I think no. Been there done that.
  9. If it is not up to code they can most certainly make you rip it out to see whatever is behind it. In NJ you CAN do your own work including Electrical but get the permit and use the code book. It is easier than it sounds.
  10. Why is it a bad Idea? You dont have to tell them who you are. Just ask if a permit is needed for this type of work. I have a friend who is 65,000 bucks in rip out, permits, and fines because he didnt think he needed a permit either. Good luck with that advice.
  11. Just call and ask if you need a permit for that. It is not worth ripping it all out when you get caught.
  12. As a gold member of GFH, I pay 10.00 an hour, free guest passes, free gift passes, special members only day at the trap range for free all you can shoot and eat, free unlimited gun rentals, discounted ammo pricing, 20.00 transfer fee and much more. I dont know if it could get any better but I hear it IS going to get better! Also, you dont have to deal with asshole employees as all these guys are the best.
  13. go to Guns international...you have your choice of many.
  14. Thanks Troy. All fixed.
  15. Nobody answers my support questions. I need a mod to fix my account. They charged me twice last year and I was told to contact a mod when billed for this year. Here I am. Somebody get it done because I am tired of writing and wasting my time.