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  1. Sorry Man. I had no idea it was such a hassle.
  2. Try Joe at Woodpecker tree service. He has hooked me up in the past. Tell him Bob from Rutherford sent you. 201-832-4288
  3. I sent you a PM. I dont actually know if a medical expungment is harder that criminal one. Good luck and let us know what he says.
  4. Again. He is doing you a favor by not declining your FID. He obviosly wanted to see if you could qualify by providing the note. He could have said no to that, but he is offering you the way out. Take his advise(and mine) and get it expunged before using that card. After you get it expunged make sure to formally thank the guy that handled your application. You will probably need his services again and the hard part will be done. This could become very expensive if you dont do it and want to continue. I got mine expunged for 750 bucks and it was well worth it. You CAN do this for free but the lawyer will make it happen faster. I didnt have to do a thing. I'll give you the name of the lawyer that handled it for me if you like. Certain things can be removed from your record and still make it legal for you to own firearms if you expunge the record. He is giving you the option to fix it. Most people don't get that chance and get refused from the git go. Also...mine was criminal and yours is not so I can guarantee that your case will be easier.
  5. They did you a real favor by telling you that. That record stays on your record forever and will come up every time you get your record checked... unless you get it expunged. Get it expunged now before it bites you in the ass again. Once you have a denial it gets even harder to explain away.
  6. I'd be interested in a small metal lathe if there is one...  Im right here in rutherford.  Let me know

  7. Always smirking like a stoned bitch....
  8. Very touching. Thanks for sharing.
  9. I agree. Dont make um like dat anymo...
  10. This is the only forum I pay for...and of course it is the worst in terms of speed/slowness.
  11. Possession of "high capacity mags" in NJ is a felony. You cannot possess them. You are breaking the law as we speak. Learn to shut your mouth more.
  12. After trying the 20 gauge route and her getting bashed around, I bought her a Franchi Instinct Catalyst in 12 gauge. It is specifically made for women, and using the Winchester Reduced recoil 26g loads she will now shoot 3 boxes. Start her off with these loads and then when she gets comfortable with the gun you can increase the load.
  13. We are talking mild TAPER crimp here...not ROLL crimp. All of my auto rounds get a taper crimp.
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