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  1. Those Dawsons are only good in the day time. Get the Hi Viz H3 which gives you day and night capabilities. I just put a set on my shield 2.0 PC and they are 10 times better than just the Fiber. I have some spare Fiber rods from the old sight if you want to try and stick one in there... Let me know. Oh..and I tried to get the tritium insert as a replacement but they tell me due to federal regulations the average joe cant buy them.
  2. Measure the OAL of those rounds and see if they are SAAMMI spec....
  3. I love when she asked the state "do you have any evidence of permit holders committing crimes'?
  4. I just think that the prosecuting attorney(NJ) would try to use that against you. If you didn't qualify with the gun then you should not have been carrying it in the first place. That is the argument they will use guaranteed. Just my opinion of course. I hope none of this ever happens.
  5. Norma NXD should have most perps pushing up daisies. I'll start with them.
  6. I believe the "restrictions" box on the permit was for security guards that were "restricted" to carry only while at work or on the job. I dont think that box has anything to do with what guns you can carry. The problem comes when you shoot somebody and you haven't qualified with the gun you shot him with. This state will ruin your life forever in that scenario.
  7. Demonstrating proficiency is what the qualification is all about. If you dont have the qualiification sheet to prove your are proficient with that firearm, my quess is that you really aren't, and a prosecutor will have a field day with you. That is why Nappen says carry the guns you qualified with and can prove it. I believe the cops can only carry what they qualify with...but I may be wrong.
  8. So far thousands of people are now carrying. Have you heard of ONE SINGLE INCIDENT of ANY permit holder committing a crime? NJ State lawmakers will never be able to hide the fact that they were wrong, and law abiding citizens do not commit crimes. Admit you are barking up the wrong tree with your nonsense about bail reform and non equitable incarcerations. We the people will prove you wrong again.
  9. Well...like I said. To each his own in interpreting the law. I read it as saying you cant let it out of your possession and leave it loaded. I am not going to take mine off at all if I can help it. Your mileage may vary.
  10. The Bidens award a transvestite male the Women of the year award! What a disgrace and a slap in the face to all REAL women!
  11. The negative i see would be having your car stolen and some thug gets away with one of my prized possessions...and loaded too. I cannot bring myself to leave any firearm anywhere where I am not in complete control of it...except the safe.
  12. The way I read it is that you cant leave it unattended and loaded in the car. I dont know why anyone would leave a loaded gun in the car. Just my opinion...
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