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  1. Belgium Browning Auto 5 for the win...last shotgun you will ever need .
  2. He will be charged with unlawful possession until they sort it out. You know the way it works .....Get the card before you carry them around. There is an exemption for hunting.
  3. Plenty on Ebay...take your choice.
  4. The dialated pupils makes me think of other things...
  5. Get a Mini 14 or 30 before they ban them too...
  6. They say "Love is Blind"...and "marriage is a great institution"... So who the hell would want to live in an institution for the blind? Best of luck to you guys. P.S. Just kidding. August 25 I was 28 years with my wife.
  7. Between this usless law and the thug wanna-be Rutgers football player they wonder why people go postal? Maybe they want it to happen...
  8. Big fuckin deal...another law that does NOTHING! Keep wasting our money asshole! Why dont they do like Revenger says and post the names of the lame ass judges that keep letting these assholes out. Total douchebags the whole bunch of them.
  9. That gun should NOT have been loaded awaiting your turn to shoot. Serves him right. Pay attention. Could have been worse.
  10. We are thinking about you Man. Keep your chin up. You are a good man so if you have to do what a good man would do...and it isnt easy I know.
  11. Do these idiots know that you actually have to have the knowledge to input CODE before anything comes out? I believe that they think you can just push a button and a gun comes out...
  12. They want to keep concealed the fact that it is legal. It wont be for long at this rate.
  13. I hear ya. Been there done that.
  14. 400 grit, 600, 1000, 3000(you can take it this far by hand), green rouge, red jewelers rouge on a wheel. It'll shine like a mirror.