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  1. After trying the 20 gauge route and her getting bashed around, I bought her a Franchi Instinct Catalyst in 12 gauge. It is specifically made for women, and using the Winchester Reduced recoil 26g loads she will now shoot 3 boxes. Start her off with these loads and then when she gets comfortable with the gun you can increase the load.
  2. We are talking mild TAPER crimp here...not ROLL crimp. All of my auto rounds get a taper crimp.
  3. The factory crimp die is not the same as the full length sizer. Factory crimp returns the round to saami specs and will work in just about any chamber. They also are not dependant on case length. They really work great. I have one for all my pistol calibers
  4. I grew up in Pt Pleasant. I'm 62 years old. In my house my mother always fed us Taylor ham. That is what it will be called by me forever regardless of what anyone says. I'm with you Mrs Peel.
  5. Dont vote for anyone except Scott Bach and Anthony Colandro. They can make a difference in NJ.
  6. If you are a mechanic, you can easily install one of these. Like I said the hardest part is getting the power to both sides. It is not hard.
  7. I installed a few made by Liftmaster. The hardest part is getting the electrical to both sides. I had to go under the driveway twice.
  8. No shirts and no refund. Any other word on this?
  9. A very interesting read. The things we don't know...thanks for sharing that link. Everyone should read it.
  10. Your moderator in the post above said he has only a few left in XL. That is why I ordered.
  11. I Paid for an XL + shipping in March 18. Just making sure you dont forget about me.
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