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  1. I am pretty sure someone (like Anthony) has this all figured out already. Patience all. I will take bets that if it becomes a true reality and these permits are being issued then GUNFORHIRE will offer everything you need to get it done. I cant wait and have full faith in Anthony to tell us when to come down and get it done.
  2. Is everyone confidant that an overzealous cop or prosecutor wouldnt classify your mag as one 20 rounder? I would not like to be the test case.
  3. I am suprised that one of the little pussies hasn't leaked the consensus yet...they MUST know by now how they are going to rule , no?
  4. i got a letter saying the warranty is extended to 8 years.
  5. Nissan is offering 8+ years warranty on those transmissions. I have a 2019 Rogue, and just sold my 2000 pathfinder which I got 15 good years out of. I would not count out Nissan.
  6. The govt is in the process of removing weed from the controlled substances list. That means that soon it wont be a crime to smoke and or posess and have firearms if they pass it. NJ will have no say then.
  7. This is so true. Years ago I missed the biggest buck I ever saw 20 yards away. I could see the hair move on the top of his back as the arrow went 3/4" high. He grunted and ran 5 yrds right behind a big bush and stopped. I was able to get another arrow cocked and when he stepped out from behind that bush I shot again. WHOOSH! Right over the top of his back again! He didn't hang around this time. I have never had a shot like that since. I was about 10 ft off the ground. That was 40 years ago.
  8. I love it. My sister is in Melbourne. We are moving down there. Wife retires on 7/1, fix this house up a bit and down we go. I am gonna miss Gun for Hire for sure. I just cant take living in this Liberal shithole anymore. 3000 a year taxes gets you 10 times the value you get here. LGB! FJB! FPM!
  9. I got charged a fee of 7 or 8 dollars. I'll take it though...even though the deal says all fees will be refunded.
  10. Even though it is legal in NJ, You cant have weed and guns because it is still illegal federally....which is about to change as the government has started the process to remove weed from the controlled substances list. When that happens there wont be jack shit they can do in NJ if you have some weed and a legal gun...as both will be legal. Until that time happens, off to jail you go. And you lose your firearms rights for life.
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