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  1. What a freaking hypocrite! Can someone put this in a form that I can copy and paste into an email? I'll send it to him every day, and his colleagues too.
  2. If you are going to quote me, you had better use the WHOLE quote, instead of making it look like "I" said that...
  3. Saying " I have actually walked around outdoors with a gun unlike most of you" will not make you any friends around here. Alot of us are hunters...since 1974. Maybe you would like to rephrase that line?
  4. Just make sure to person you sell it to has an FID and matching drivers license.
  5. Make sure everyone emails these assholes to express your displeasure of this bill.
  6. Did you get the standard model or the Performance Center model? Both are super nice.
  7. No problem with the ejection range that I am aware of. It is one of the sweetest shooters I own and she likes it. The .380 is just perfect for her.
  8. The 38 special is just too snappy for her likes. I went through what you are going through right now. She cant rack ANY of my compact 9mm so I went with the only obvious choice left...the S&W .380 EZ. I got her the Performance Center Model 12718 with the ported barrel and she just loves shooting it and she can operate the slide with just a few fingers They have a 50 dollar rebate too right now through Dec. 31. The base model can be had for under 300 right now. I bought a pack of snap caps for her to practice loading it. Solved all of my problems. The day and night sights on the PC model are just awesome.
  9. He has been online here since he posted but no answer to my message or post. Speak up Jamie Lawson or be prepared to reap the wrath...
  10. As long as he has a pistol permit and matching ID I will tread carefully but intelligently. I was born at night ...just not last night.
  11. I have to beg to differ... I believe the set of balls they have is quite huge, as defying the Constitution takes BALLS!
  12. Yes it is. It is virtually brand new. 629 on Grab a gun right now.
  13. She is a flip-floppin piece of shit just like the rest of the Democrats. They only tell you what you want to hear when they want something. I hope and pray that they ALL get voted out...forever.
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