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  1. If man didnt control squirrels, then squirrels would rule the world...same as insects.
  2. You get what you vote for. Starting to see why we despise democrats yet? Vote every democrat OUT!
  3. Maybe so...but in these times 10 cents a head for FMJ is pretty good. I got 1000 9mm 115gr and a 1000 .223 55gr.
  4. I have been here for 60 years. I am starting to look at this state like the plague. I'm packin it up and moving to Florida. I will NOT vote for ANY democrat in my lifetime. I actually am starting to hate them all.
  5. Yes they can. I bunch of guys in LA California just got charged.
  6. This guy is a moron. Airsoft guns do not have to be registered as firearms and neither do paintball guns, Case law is already settled. Ray Gong already proved in court that they are not firearms. Now if you use one in any UNLAWFUL manner you can be charged. Here is another statement from this "lawyer" who doesn't know the law... "When it comes to assault rifles in New Jersey, there is a strict prohibition. Gun magazines aren’t permitted to carry more than 10 rounds, as of a law enacted recently to further limits magazine capacity. Any firearm purchased before May 1, 1990 is not subject to these rules and is “grandfathered” and exempt from regulations." There is no grandfathering of anything.
  7. No. Paintball guns are not firearms.
  8. I have all of these paints if you want to try them. I have all the cool colors and the glow in the dark paint. You are welcome to them if you return them.
  9. Unless he has the letter from the courts stating that the record has been expunged(every arrest in every jurisdiction where it happened) it is going to come up every time. You need to get it fixed because you are supposed to turn the card in if you meet certain qualifications. If you are not allowed to buy guns you cant have the card either.
  10. as long as we have to pay it, it is better if they take it out now. If they didnt, you could be responsible down the road for thousands of dollars in taxes.
  11. Just put "NA". not applicable. I always do. They say nothing ever.
  12. When they come crying for you to protect them...and the police or anyone else doesnt come...then they will know how mistaken they were for voting for Joe Biden.
  13. I am crying with you bro...keep that chip up! Better times are coming.
  14. I am so sorry and I know where you are right now. As long as she isnt suffering is a good thing. Prayers to you and yours.
  15. He had 2 brain surgeries...I think it was aneurysms
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