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  1. I dont know why you did it...but alot of people I know paid that 10 bucks a head to find out what they can and can not do. And they find that 10 bucks to be well spent. Maybe it was to instill a little fear in people... so they get off of their butts and do something. As far as the sky falling, I have been a gun owner since 1976, and with what I see happening to our rights today I believe we have a right to be fearful. You are a lawyer. Why dont you file some lawsuits on our behalf? Maybe you can hold a few seminars for free and tell us what we need to know to say out of jail... This is not a personal dig against you so dont think of it like that. I just dont like when we eat our own.
  2. My heart goes out to you Pizza Bob. We have never met but you sure have it going on when it comes to loyalty to your friends. Dont for a minute think they dont appreciate it. Long Live Leo!
  3. Calling out other 2A activists and lawyers does nothing to add to your credibility in my eyes. We are supposed to be a united group.
  4. Just call Stanley Steamer...they do a good job. Ask them if they can get out the stains before they start. Not worth the 100 bucks to do it yourself.
  5. They should throw them in jail for violating constitutional and states rights.
  6. I would love to do that...but that would be about 4 hrs each way for me. A bit too far.
  7. I think it is really cool. Sure dont see many of those around. Good luck with it.
  8. Can you fill us in on how much something like this goes for?
  9. I think that form has to be signed in the presence of the authority...
  10. I laughed VERY hard..and I think I am still laughing!
  11. It's your ilk and people like you that voted these idiots in. Mistakes happen in law enforcement. Dont blame them. Democrats are to blame 100%.
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