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  1. To the top. I need to get this sold. Make me an offer
  2. I'll be driving right past you on the way to AC with the Mrs. Next time for sure.
  3. That is a really great song!
  4. Been reloading since 1974. Never had a primer not go off. No need to test them...even if there was a test.
  5. Get a RecZone Password safe. They are cheap. Every password I ever had is in that safe. They work great.
  6. There cannot be, nor will there ever be a squib from one of my loads. My camera shows me the powder in the case of every round. There are no mistakes. I even weigh every loaded round for consistency. The squib will never get by my scrutiny...
  7. I have a few boxes of the factory ammo. That is what I am carrying. I bought these to duplicate the factory load so I can use them for practice. Practice with what you carry right? This way is WAY cheaper than a dollar a shot or so. Instead of shooting FMJ I can shoot these for the same price or less.
  8. I tested 5.2, 5.5, and 5.7grains. All three loads cycled fine in all of my 9mm's. The 5.7 is pretty snappy but showed no sign of overpressure. I am sure they can go hotter. i will load up a few more. This was my original testing so I am not done. Besides the fact that I dont know too many humans with vitals deeper than 10 inches into their chest. I believe they will "do the job" just fine.
  9. He told me today he does have more. Send me a PM. I even bought some once fired Federal Nickel brass to duplicate the factory load as close as I can get. I am pretty close. I wouldnt want to get hit with these thats for sure.
  10. I just picked up 2000 105 Grain Federal Guard Dog Projectiles. Loaded with 5.5 Grains Winchester Autocomp they rock.
  11. That is a lot of work when a simple ledger would have done the same thing...actually when i look at it again, that is not even a beam. It is ALL wrong.
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