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  1. Your moderator in the post above said he has only a few left in XL. That is why I ordered.
  2. I Paid for an XL + shipping in March 18. Just making sure you dont forget about me.
  3. Very cool. What is the finish if i may ask?
  4. Not trolls...just trying to help the guys situation...unlike you.
  5. I was told today by an FFL I trust that you cant even have 15 rounders sent to NJ with your new pistol for compliance work. I did not know that. I was under the impression that they could be made compliant and then transferred but I guess not...
  6. From what I heard, all he did was go to the town council meeting and asked why his permit was taking so long. Apparently that was enough to shed light on the subject and he was issued his permit promptly. Apparently someone didnt take too kindly to that fact that he complained and the permit was rescinded shortly thereafter, and conditions were place on him requiring him to get mentally evaluated for no reason. Nothing but an abuse of power. He didnt do anything "stupid".
  7. Go listen to the podcast if you haven't already. They have the power to be jerkoffs and they used that power on this guy. Now it is going to cost him thousands in lawyers fees just to get his permit which he already qualified for. This is no joke. The guys name is Avi.
  8. Do not hassle them! They will blackball you and you will pay. Go listen to the last GunForHire podcast and see what happened to the last guy that did that. They issued him his permit after he bitched to the city council, and the next day they recinded it making him go for a mental evaluation.
  9. I am going to rent my house out to section 8. The more kids the merrier. Good luck NJ. Florida here I come.
  10. I have a long time friend that went down to Costa Rica. The women are loose, and he wound up dying from a combo of syphillis and aids...use good judgement. He was 48.
  11. 2800 in the bank. If they are giving to illegals I am taking mine. I'll buy guns and ammo just to piss them off.
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