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  1. I am going Trout fishing next weekend come hell or high water. The river I fish is in a county park. I'll be there. Stay away from me. I'll stay away from you.
  2. We are just leaving ours on the dashboard of the car in the sun. They will bake there for a few days before we go out again.
  3. Get the record expunged first before trying again. Period. If you dont you will be denied with good reason forever.
  4. Enjoy all. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ph1GU1qQ1zQ
  5. But dont buy it there. Go to Titan Reloading, You will thank me later
  6. Why would the State comply? They don't comply with any other Federal laws so why start now? Only us peons have to comply. They are lucky we dont round up a bunch of Americans, some tar and some feathers. I will not comply either. F them.
  7. I would send an email to the support address above. A deal is a deal... support@adasion.org
  8. Its funny. Primers and powder I have on the way from the Potterfields are now out of stock...I am glad I ordered some extra when i did last week.
  9. Just ordered from the Potterfields. No problem there.
    Greatest range I have ever seen. Greatest people running it. Look no further and join. Thanks for all you do for us GFH!
  10. Thinking of you guys. Cant imagine the losses to come. Without you guys we have nothing. Stand strong my friend. We will prevail in the end.
  11. I'll take the Dillon Swager , the Speer Manual, and the Lee .223 factory crimp die. Please PM me with your paypal details, Thanks
  12. Keep knocking Evan Nappen. Karma is a real bitch...especially in this state.
  13. That IS true. Buy it anywhere you want and have it shipped to the FFL of your choice in NJ.
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