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  1. I have the Snap Safe Titan XL. It holds about 10 long guns, a bunch of ammo for weight, and a nice shelf system that stores the handguns nicely. I cant seem to find this model for sale anywhere lately. Maybe they stopped making them. They dropped it off and I carried it in piece by piece. I love this thing. You are not getting into it with a pair of screwdrivers. By the time they get the grinder going the cops should be there if I am not.
  2. Tunaman


    I will take it for sure. Please send me the pics with model number. Thanks
  3. Tunaman


    First dibs pending pictures....
  4. They almost had a sex crazed crack addict...I can even imagine what Florida would be like now if he got in.
  5. Wow that one Pizza Bob has is really cool. I never knew such a gun even existed.
  6. I have my entire site hosted for a year for 1/2 of what we pay here. Fix the speed problem or risk losing members.
  7. I live in Rutherford for the last 30 years. It is one of the last great small towns around. Access to everything is easy, and the schools are pretty good. PD is also excellent in what they do. Permits are a breeze. Dont even think twice.
  8. I have been contacted multiple times by email and phone. Just depends on the PD.
  9. My Bosch front loader is going on 15 yrs strong. My wife absolutely loves it.
  10. I am also wondering if NRA Basic Pistol satisfies their "Classroom Instruction" I bet it will when all is said and done.
  11. I wouldnt do anything unless your leo asks for it. If they do, give them a copy of the new qual and save the other one for your renewal. Unless i am reading it incorrectly that is what it says on the bottom of the new Qual sheet... "*Any requirement for classroom instruction and target training shall not be required for a renewal applicant who completed the instruction and training when obtaining a permit to carry a handgun issued within the previous two years"
  12. The GFH Qual was deemed substantially similar so if you took it you are good to go. I am sure they are anticipating some jurisdictions that wont accept it so they are offering a harder qualification for free. I am going to take it, and use it upon my renewal. One less thing to pay for.
  13. its not range promoting. It is called the LAW. And you will have to abide by the law by Oct 1 or you risk being revoked. Until it is overturned it is the law. My qualification is already good, but when I get offered a free one for next year I am going to take it. Same as you will be taking it when you renew.
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