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  1. Federal law says marijuana is illegal and the states violate federal law by allowing it. If the state can violate Federal law why can't a citizen violate State law? Federal law says a citizen can make their own firearm. XX% lowers are already on the radar so if you know anyone in a friendly state that wants one better tell them to get one fast.
  2. I was there too. We dont talk much about those days but man did we have some fun...
  3. McCain was the piece of shit that hand delivered the Fake Steele dossier to to the democrats. That is what started this whole bullshit russian investigation.
  4. The FPID is a permit to purchase AND CARRY rifles and shotguns. They want you to forget about the carry part so they removed those words from the card. Fuck them.
  5. You can wrap it in a towel and tie it with bakery string if you like.
  6. OK Deal. I am in Rutherford so pick a spot to meet up. Thanks
  7. For that price you can get a EAA Tanfoglio Stock II. If you can find one.
  8. I have Large and Small pistol primers-CCI and Winchester. Will trade even for #41 CCI Small rifle primers. First to say I'll trade even gets it.
  9. I got one of these...it doesnt lie and works everytime. I will no longer cook without it. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01F59K0KA?tag=aboutcom02thespruceeats-20&linkCode=ogi&th=1&psc=1&ascsubtag=4105948|n1f1808c698534fa3812fb00b3970368001
  10. Tunaman

    Finally !

    What is it? It says S&W DAO 45. Is it a 45?
  11. I found the Lyman Cyclone tumbler a while back at MidSouth for 139.00. Great deal but I dunno if it is still available at this price.
  12. I bought the wife a new shotgun so we wont be needing this one any more. H&R Topper Model 88 20 gauge 3" chamber. Has a few nicks on the forend but nothing major. Has slip on recoil pad. Only shot maybe 6 or 7 times. Will include a case of 20 gauge target ammo. Sale to be completed a GFH Range in Woodland Park. Buyer pays all associated FFL transfer fees if any. Will also consider your FFL if it is not too far from me. First "I'll take it" gets it. FID and matching DL needed. 125.00
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