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  1. I recently saw something about the Saranac Lake Winter Carnival. Seems pretty cool, I've never been to anything like it before. http://www.saranaclakewintercarnival.com/visit
  2. Vic Dibitetto video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WbCnS9tWWxU
  3. Thank you for all of the suggestions!
  4. Is anyone aware of a local store that sells metal ammo cans? I would prefer it to be in Morris County but I am open to other areas within a reasonable distance.There are a few online sources that have them for under $20 but shipping kills the deal. Is there anything like that in the area? If not, I can settle for ~$28 shipped, which isnt too bad. Hope this is in the right section.
  5. After looking at the US Airways website, it appears that only firearms need to be declared, not ammunition. This has also been my experience with American Airlines.
  6. Did the order status change online? Mine still says processing unfortunately.
  7. Will there be a website and/or facebook page in the near future?
  8. Did you see Otis' new zombie gun cleaning kit?
  9. No FFL needed when purchasing a handgun face to face if both are NJ residents.
  10. I am definitely going to try and make it.
  11. Arent visitor passes included with membership? Edit: or maybe your friend couldnt make the early hours
  12. Make sure the bore is not obstructed.
  13. They dont. However with FTF handgun transactions, you are supposed to mail parts of the permit to the local police department and state police. As for the latter situation, i believe the children would take possession if they are of age,not a felon, etc.
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