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  1. I'm going to do that here shortly. Maks is supposed to get back to me soon.
  2. Still no refund. Has anyone who's been waiting receive theirs yet?
  3. Same here. I received the binoculars, posted a review and filled out the form and no refund as of yet.
  4. I ordered them and filled out the form. The binoculars came in today but no refund as of yet
  5. Agreed, some are definitely overpriced but I've encountered some buyers who assume that the seller is desperate to sell and try to give lowball offers. I've had buyers give me the sob story, make a lowball offer, and then get upset because I didn't fall for it. I've sold plenty of items that were never used or barely used and had to take some sort of loss so I get it. If it's their sale, they can list whatever price they want which they're entitled to. I've found plenty of good deals here on our forum. Fortunately for us, we have tons of options and opportunities to find a deal we think is fair.
  6. No problems at all. The brightness adjustments work really well especially when shooting outdoors.
  7. You won't regret it. I've had really good luck with Holosun products. I have the HS510 with the red dot but I really like the green reticle a lot more.
  8. Troy A4 "Other Firearm". Just changed a few things. I used parts that I had saved for another build. Cerakote - Tungsten and Black Graphite by Easton Firearms Refinishing Seekins Precision DNA Charging handle. Phase 5 Tactical Extended Bolt Release and Ambi Safety Magpul K2+ Grip Holosun 503GU-GR Elite sight
  9. The HS510C is meant for rifles. I currently own the HS510C red dot version as well as the 515c gr-elite. I prefer the elite version. The "pistol" version is the 507c.
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