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  1. Vozella, I sell them LCD, LED, Plasma's and install them also. HDTV wiring, wall brackets, home theaters, ect. Give me a call, let me see what I can do for you. Protech Communications 732-573-0008
  2. Gone to dick's in manahawkin twice and found nothing 40s&w or 45acp, that store has been bad lately. Tips hardware has it all, not bad pricing too.
  3. Looked at it when I was there (nice gun) Agree with hodgie TJ are good people to deal with.
  4. Glad to see you joined :clap: big guy.
  5. I like the .40 round too, does have a little (kick) to it but you get used to it like everything else. If I bought the .45 1st maybe wouldn't got the .40
  6. I had some problems there also, nice place to shoot but Im not buying anymore guns from there. David you should have went to shore shot and got it they have alot of glocks in stock.
  7. glockman

    BA 2/23

    Nice to meet you guys, was a good night.
  8. glockman

    BA 2/23

    I will be there also
  9. Same here I paid for my gun, just waiting for permits to come. Want to buy more but waiting to see how this works out.
  10. Just play the waiting game again. Thanks for info. Found out from a buddy of mine that the don't finger print anymore also. The clerk said that there is no money in it for them to do it, all goes to NJSP
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