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  1. Just looking to save some loot buying used from a forum member. Cheapest I have found online is in the 25-30$ range.
  2. Looking for used Ruger P95 mags either stainless or blued. Must be factory produced. I believe the P89 P93 P94 mags are all interchangeable so I would be interested in these as well. To summarize; I am looking for these: Not these: Thanks for looking!!
  3. "Gettysburg" - My brother and I can recite every line from the entire film.
  4. I will start out by saying that I have been to Ready, Aim, Fire in Bristol a few times in the past 2 years. They are a decent range but fairly expensive, I would suggest checking out Delran Junior Marksman Club in Delran off 130 on Taylors lane. They have rifle at 100yd and 50yd, pistol at 7,10,15,25 yard. Trap shooting range, .22 silloette range, Air rifle range, and even an elevated platform that you can train with your bow from. First year membership will run you $110.00, this includes a $50 one time fee. Your wife can get a free membership card, and anyone you take to the range (family or not) under 18 is free as well. The range is open on the weekends from 12-5pm and in the summer months it opens on Wednesday night for trap shooting under the lights.
  5. I have a bunch of the 15/20 Steel mags from MTN Armory. They arn't listed on the website, but call Mike at the number listed on the contacts page and he usually has them in stock. The last time I ordered they were 22$ each and about 5$ for shipping and he threw in a chinese mag pouch that holds 3 x 20 rounders for free. The mags function 100% and are built to last. http://mtnarmory.com/store/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=2&zenid=f6c5c5ajleqi4jpl04jlhqte90
  6. Thanks for the replys, I have the mags listed in the marketplace. If they don't sell by Friday, I will shave off the feed ramp and keep them.
  7. Thats the thing, mags don't fit anymore. Front of the mag where the feed ramp is hits the front of the bullet guide. Sorry, I should have specified in the OP.
  8. So I just finished my Saiga conversion (for now) by installing the bullet guide. Everything feeds great out of the 15/20 AK mags from MTN armory (Thanks Mike!!) I am wondering what to do with my extra factory 10 round mags. I understand that I can cut the built in feed ramp from the factory mags to match the AK mags, but does this take any of the reliablilty away from the mags, and is it difficult? I love the steel mags and will probably get more so maybe I should just sell these mags as is, to someone that isn't doing the bullet guide? Thoughts?
  9. Tried ordering through the MTN website..no joy. Called Mike at the number listed on the contacts page and ordered 4 15/20 AK47 Mags. They were $22.00 each w/ $5.00 Shipping. He said he should be able to get those out today! Thanks Mike!
  10. Here is my new Saiga in 7.62x39 that I converted in my living room. I realize it is pretty run of the mill as far as Saiga conversions go but like most I am working on a budget. Total cost for rifle including all fees and parts = $455.00 Thanks for the help Vlad.
  11. Just picked up a new 590A1 18.5 Anyone have any insight on whats the best way to "break-in" a new shotgun? IE: # of Birdshot, followed by # of Buckshot, followed by # of slugs = as opposed to: # 3" 1.25oz Slugs =
  12. I will add to this list of quality shows; Sons of Guns, Justified, and Top Shot.
  13. 1. Application type: FID card w/ 2 Handgun permits 2. Police Department where you applied: Delran PD 3. Name of the person you dealt with at the PD: Sgt. Mitchell 4. Time taken to issue FID and/or permit: Initial application on Oct 8. References complete on Oct 20. Finger printed on Oct. 25th 5. Documents required by the PD: Mental Health Records 6. Notes - anything pertaining to the application process: Sgt. Mitchell was very friendly and returned my calls within 24 hours. He said it should take no longer than 30 days. I will update this post when I get the good news. 12/3/2010 - Got the call that my permits were ready today. So just under 2 months.
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