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  1. It is a hollowed out 20rd pmag....it works perfect as a brass catcher since that is where the spent shells eject
  2. sighewa

    Sig Porn!!!

    ahhh T, I held one and not so sure I like it
  3. sighewa

    Sig Porn!!!

    Hard to say I actually like all of them, so I cant say I have 1 overall favorite
  4. sighewa

    Sig Porn!!!

    I have no idea never tried it, and actually have no intentions on doing so....
  5. sighewa

    Sig Porn!!!

    Yes they are all mine
  6. sighewa

    Sig Porn!!!

    226ST - .40 226 - .22 (Re Finished in Stainless by CCR) 232 Stainless - .380 1911-22
  7. sighewa

    Sig Porn!!!

    Now it seems there are quite a few that caught the Sig bug so...... 210 - 9mm 220ST - .45 220(West German) - 9mm 229 Stainless Elite - 9mm 229ST - .40 225 - 9mm 228 - 9mm (Re Finished in Stainless by CCR) 239 - 9mm (German) 238HD - .380 226ST - 9mm
  8. Still have a few more I have to get pics of.....
  9. It's a little more but the Leatherwood 1-4 is a very good optic for the $$$
  10. Nope...Just like the styling of the Seekins better
  11. First Pic is the actual lower....located in toms river and ready to go
  12. I purchased this a few months back and decided to go with Seekins lowers instead. I had it out once and it is in like new condition. The lower is complete less stock, tube, and buffer. It also comes with a standard grip not the Ergo one pictured These lowers go for 350+ with the tube and buffer and no stock $250 takes it Actual pic of the lower for sale followed by stock photos
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