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  1. Stick with brass case, new ammo. Nobody says their gun malfunctions due to brass cases or malfunctions due to new manufactured ammo. On the otherhand, look up problems with aluminum/steel cased ammo, look up problems with remanufactured ammo.
  2. Best ak, and like all great things, it is not allowed here.
  3. A few companies make handguns in .45-70, thats got to sting, vest or no vest, is that ammo treated like handgun ammo? Decades ago I bought a handgun in .223, semi auto, the government just discovered these?
  4. Thank you for clarifying, "there is no executive action" and "this is the same horseshit", Ill be sure to ignore the news from now on and wait to here from you as to what the great one is doing for the common good.
  5. Think Mexico, this will be a start to removing military calibers/guns fromthe public.39#828
  6. Were #1! Why leave? Gun laws, property taxes, car insurance, and we are surrounded by leftists, who are working hard to raise the gas tax, using the logic that our tax is among the lowest gas tax in the country, as if thats a bad thing! Try this next time you see a line at the lottery machine, ask the crowd to raise their hand if they hate the rich, then ask them to raise their hand if they hope to score a winning ticket, too funny, silly leftists.
  7. Never go back-sayerville sportsman and guns and roses (t.r.), always go back-shooters-great selection!
  8. 9mm sterling full auto handgun with 5 extra 34 round magazines, and of course the political grease to keep and carry this in nj, along with year round permit to remove nuisance geese from all areas containing ground presents from said geese.
  9. Anyone familiar with these pistols?
  10. If Mr. Ruger can come back from the beyond Im sure he can get that revolver out by March. My magic 8ball says it will be out by March.
  11. The 300 blackout ar is more adaptable in terms of ammo and accesories than the ak or lever action. An ar with the ak round usually has problems, so even in our communist state of nj the ar blackout can be rationalized if one tries hard enough, which comes from rationalizing dozens of previous questionable gun purchases. I recently purchased an advanced armament single shot in 300, just because.
  12. Wait! Dont give up to soon! Ruger lcrx, with 3" barrel and longer grip, and adjustable sights! 38special +p to start, but you know 22lr and 9mm cant be far behind! Ruger is really doing great things!
  13. So next black friday you walk into each dicks sporting goods store and say "I got a call to come down and pick up my gun", the store that doesnt ask for i.d. will just sell it to you, the store that asks for i.d., just say it must be the wrong dicks store and thank them. Horrible world, isnt it?
  14. Quality can be affordable, a used japanese over and under will run 600-900, this will be all you need and a fine investment, a browning citori, a weatherby, the list goes on, avoid new on a budget, it just doesnt make sense when there is so much good used choices out there. Be sure to do your homework on what constitutes a proper fit so the gun matches you, very important.
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