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  1. hey downsouth, you've got to share some of your feeder pictures with all the hogs underneath, also some of your trail cam shots are awesome too. what do you hunt with? what type of rifle? caliber? scope? range? your brother in nj
  2. Mine has a little different tone, any comments would be appreciated Dear Governor Christie, Please veto any gun control bills that may be passed. When you were a federal prosecutor you worked with facts and evidence. The fact is New Jersey has some of the strongest gun laws in the country right now and the laws being passed in other states just bring them up to the level of New Jersey. We already have magazine restrictions, firearms id cards, fingerprinting, background checks, two references, 20+ question applications and an initial mental health check. To purchase a handgun in NJ requires a permit to purchase from the chief of police which requires a full background check, mental health records check, two references and 20+ question application. Getting a P2P can take anywhere from 30 days to many months. Hand guns are registered when acquired. There is no gun show loophole in NJ because there are no gun shows. We also have a one gun a month law. In the tragic case in Toms River the owner of the gun will soon find out about New Jersey’s tough child access law. Over 37 named guns fall under the NJ assault weapons ban. Guns can only be transported under exemptions to the law while traveling from shop to home and range to home. BB, air and pellet guns are considered firearms in NJ. The evidence is clear that NJ is the leader in gun control. You can safely say that NJ all ready has some of the strictest laws in the country and to pass anymore laws would be too burdensome and expensive for the state to enact. Thank you for time. Sincerely, Fred
  3. Suburban/Yukon XL/Escalade wife didn't want a minivan I had (not me, my wife) four kids in three years two weeks, and with all the stuff associated with babys, infants and toddlers, I don't know how you get all that stuff in a smaller vehicle. I bet I changed more diapers...... Fred
  4. I have four grade school age kids and I frequently remind them in my serious daddy voice that they are never allowed to tell anyone that we have guns. also they are not allowed to draw guns or to talk about them in school. As an aside, my father was a NYC Police Officer and I got the same speech from him when I was little, but with my father, I believe it was a security issue and not a political correctness issue. Fred
  5. this is a short piece on why gun grabbers always say "we don't want to take your guns we just want you to get a license and mental health check every five years to make sure your not crazy" this is important to understand, that although their message has changed, what they want has not http://www.theatlant...t-smart/272934/ fred
  6. I drove in from point pleasant. It was cold, windy, wet and miserable. the people there would have been there come hell or high water and I was proud to stand with them. any one who was there is definitely highspeed. the speakers were ok to excellent. glad to be home Fred
  7. I am taking an unpaid day off, as well. I will be driving in from Point Pleasant, I have a Suburban so I can take at least five more with me. I would like to leave by 8am. send me a pm if you want to share the ride Fred
  8. new gun laws = collective punishment for the people who didn't do it new gun laws = collective punishment for lawful gun owners
  9. I found this oped to be very reasonable. It was factual without being overly politcal. I found the link for it on LewRockwell.com Column: Reflections on Newtown By Glenn Harlen Reynolds A week after an American tragedy, what have we learned? 1. When Twenty Minutes Is Forever. According to the CNN timeline for the Sandy Hook tragedy, "Police and other first responders arrived on scene about 20 minutes after the first calls." Twenty minutes. Five minutes is forever when violence is underway, but 20 minutes -- a third of an hour -- means that the "first responders" aren't likely to do much more than clean up the mess. This has led to calls -- in Texas, Tennessee, Virginia, St. Louis -- for armed officers or staff at schools. Some object. But we have people with guns protecting airports, hospitals and politicians. And leading anti-gun crusaders like New York's billionaire Mayor Mike Bloomberg and press lord Rupert Murdoch are protected by armed security teams that could probably topple some third-world governments. Why are our children less worthy of protection? Then there are our homes. If police took twenty minutes to respond at a school, how likely are they to get to your house in time? For those of us without "security teams," the answer isn't reassuring. 2. Is Hate A Liberal Value? A 20-year-old lunatic stole some guns and killed people. Who's to blame? According to a lot of our supposedly rational and tolerant opinion leaders, it's . . . the NRA, a civil-rights organization whose only crime was to oppose laws banning guns. (Ironically, it wasn't even successful in Connecticut, which has some of the strictest gun laws in the nation.) The hatred was intense. One Rhode Island professor issued a call -- later deleted -- for NRA head Wayne LaPierre's "head on a stick." People like author Joyce Carol Oates and actress Marg Helgenberger wished for NRA members to be shot. So did Texas Democratic Party official John Cobarruvias, who also called the NRA a "terrorist organization," and Texas Republican congressman Louis Gohmert a "terror baby." Nor were reporters, who are supposed to be neutral, much better. As The Atlantic's Jeffrey Goldberg commented, "Reporters on my Twitter feed seem to hate the NRA more than anything else, ever. " Calling people murderers and wishing them to be shot sits oddly with claims to be against violence. The NRA -- like the ACLU, the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers or Planned Parenthood -- exists to advocate policies its members want. It's free speech. The group-hate directed at the NRA is ugly and says ugly things about those consumed by it. 3. We Don't Deal Well With Crazy People. Clayton Cramer makes this point in his recent book on the deinstitutionalization of the mentally ill, but the evidence is all around us. Parents of mentally-ill adults have a terrible time. Many mentally ill -- especially men -- wind up in jails, which have basically taken over from the old state mental hospitals, now shut down. We need to look at this again. 4. Things Aren't Really That Bad.Gun ownership is up, but crime is down. In general, crime in the United States has been declining for two decades. That's good news and shouldn't be lost in all the hype. 5. The War on Drugs. The drug war, according to many experts such as Harvard economist Jeffrey Miron, is a major driver of violence in America. When you leave out suicides (which make up more than half of gun deaths) most actual murders in this country are criminals killing other criminals. It's been that way for years. Get rid of the war on drugs, legalize at least "soft drugs" like marijuana, and you'll have less of that. As The Atlantic noted this week, the single best anti-gun-death policy would be ending the drug war. It would save money, too, at a time when the government is broke. Ah, yes, the government is broke. And nobody seems to have a plan to deal with it. No wonder they'd rather have us talking about gun control. original piece; http://www.usatoday....ctions/1787477/ lewrockwell.com piece; http://lewrockwell.c...on-newtown.html this is one of the more rational pieces I've seen Fred
  10. I've had good luck using craigslist to find tenants. I do get lots of emails, even if I request potential tenants to call if they have questions. The no-show applicant is common but I try not to be offended. I will still use CL to fill a vacancy.
  11. great transaction, excellent communication
  12. I took both the basic and advanced rider ed courses, I highly recommend them. The basic started with pushing fellow riders on the course bikes (125's and 250's) around the parking lot. At the advanced course we were making sparks dragging kickstands, footrests and pipes doing figuire eight's at speed. In between there was lots of classroom time dedicated to safety.
  13. Alan9800 you might try www.tech-sights.com , they carry an aperture sight that can replace the flip up sights Fred
  14. just shot my father in laws new Ruger 10/22 Target w/bull barrel, bipod, scope and laminated stock yesterday and it will shoot exactly where you point it with Remington bulk pack. It is very heavy but amazing to shoot. I have a Browning Buckmark and it is a fantastic gun, reliable and super accurate. The Buckmark is a great gun to teach semiauto pistol operations to newbies with. Just don't take it completely down too often, you need the supplied allen wrench to do it. I like the collection but would add a full size semiauto 9mm.
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