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  1. Done..its up almost to 70% now Yes (566) 69% No (253) 30%
  2. Hey guys, Work is going good in PA. currently I still am living in a hotel, mainly because unlss I buy a house its cheaper to rent the hotel room 4 nights a week and stay in jersey the days I'm off. I was planning on moving out there but rent is redicilious. Anyways. Here is my quandry. We sold our house and moved into an apartment, and i didn't swap my adress because i was planning on moving outthere, but today i decided that this won't happen till the spring or later. By the spring we will be back into our Sandy house. I canged my address to the Sandy house because this apartent is tempoary (maybe 2 months?) Now that I moved my address how hard is it to get my FID changed, especially to the Sandy house, or do I have to use the apartment. Does anyone know how Little Egg Harbor is pro/anti gun?
  3. I almost don't think this is not that bad of an idea. On'y because i've seen multiple times at ranges where people don't understand how to handle a gun, and pose a danger to not only themselves, but to others as well.
  4. Thanks guys, it is a shame to leave here, but I'd be a fool to pass this up. I'll hang around here no doubt.
  5. So it looks like I got the job I wanted and am making my escape. The job is up near Reading PA, and I have to move there. The Waitress at the bar that I went to when i went up there to interview was nice and wrote down a list of towns near there that are nice and worth looking at to rent. Does anyone here know of the guns laws in PA, Like is it legal to shoot in your back yard? Or does anyone know of any good gun ranges that I could join up there? Any of our forum members live up that way that I could chase down for friendly advice?
  6. My rifles i clean with hoppies 9 and patches. Any time i use corrosive ammo i have come to use muzzle magic No.77 it is the onl;y stuff i have found to remove all of the corrosive resudue.
  7. I've worked on cars for a very long time and have never seen this, can you verify this for me? The master cylinder just provides braking power, and the porprotioning valve is what splits your brake pressure off to the wheels. What everyone should get into the habbit if is hosing our the underside of their cars, i personally take my truck to the car wash and run the power washer under my truck, but if you have a lower car get a lawn sprinkler and drive over it slowlu, or if you can jack up your car, do so and hit it with a hose. the only way to get rid of the bryne is to use water to flush it out, this stiff is worse then rock salt because unlike rock salt the bryne is a liquid and literally winds up anywhere and everywhere.
  8. Here is what I wrote; Dear Governor Christie: As a loyal Christie follower, and advocate I urge you veto both S993 and A2777. I have reached the point, along with many other gun owners where it is easier to move, then it is to keep up with laws. All the Republican legislators voted against these bills. You have stated repeatedly that to merit your signature, legislation must be targeted and effective. Neither of these bills is, and we (gun owners) expect you to veto them. You recently sent me a letter for NJ-GOP 2014 Membership Acceptance. That acceptance is on hold on my desk, pending your decision on these two bills. If you approve S993, any monies I would allocate to send in will go instead towards replacing my currently legal rifle and pistol magazines, and or moving out of the state. I really love the job you’re doing here, and I love this state but, with the passage of these bills I would seriously consider moving, taking my tax dollars, and my CDL with me. Thank you in advance for your support, and your veto of these bills. Sincerely, John
  9. use some muzzle magic no. 77. i have used it on my mausers and sks for a year or so shooting corrosive ammo, its water based black powder cleaner.
  10. IMO, if you need a good German looking Mauser you can try Mitchell Mauser's, they are reworks of the yugo type but hey at least it looks authentic. If you can find a Romanian capture Mauser your good, they rarely ever messed with the waffenamps. I have a 44 that was a Romanian capture, and a 42 that is a vet bring back.
  11. i have a mint condition mk4 no1, that i ahve shot both surplus and the new prvi out of it. the prvi is good stuff, AIM still has the fmj stuff in stock, i give it a thumbs up anything prvi has shot good for me. As for the surplus, my advice is muzzle magic No.77, this stuff has no let me down yet for corrosive stuff, i have used it on all of my comblock guns. Although if you can find a good worn down barrel you can convert it to shoot 7.62x54r with some machine work.
  12. tips is selling 44 mag for 40 dollars a box, when aim was selling it for 25. Personally i haven't bought any ammo but im about to start buying my yearly allotment from the cmp before that too goes out.
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