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  1. TFDagger

    New RPD Question

    Awesome to see an RPD in NJ! I never considered getting a belt fed before given how nutty NJ laws are, but I guess if your belts are only 15 rds and the weapon complies otherwise, why not??!! So then the next question is, RPD or PKM? TFD
  2. Remington has maintained that civvy ACRs will continue to say Bushhamster and the .mil ones will say Remington, but with the Bushmaster factory closed and all manufacturing moved to Ilion NY, that might change. Who knows? I'd be happy to see it all say (and be made by) Remington: Remington's rep for QC is a heck of a lot better than Bushy's. Actually the latest ACR configuration I saw is one newer than what's on the website. The forend is basically the same, but the stock no longer folds, just adjusts. And the lower is metal. It will be interesting to see how things evolve here... TFD
  3. New guy here with my 2 cents. My ACR is still one of the most used sticks in my safe. Is it on the heavy side? Yes, but I don't really mind. And the weight helps mitigate the recoil (not that 5.56 kicks much, but my follow up shots are faster because the barrel hardly moves). I might find it heavy if I took it to a 3 day tac class, but I haven't gone that route yet. Are the controls ideal? Maybe not, but maybe I would say differently if I hadn't already had so much time/muscle memory on the AR platform? The selector position doesn't bother me, and I like having the charging handle out over the barrel---it's really just the unusual placement of the bolt catch that screws me up occasionally. I'm also very impressed by the modularity: I have both forends, and it's amazing to be able to swap two free floating forends in under 30 seconds by manipulating one pushpin. Try that with a standard AR! Same with the stock (1 pushpin). I also really like the looks--IMHO it's the best looking 5.56 rifle out there (sue me). Your mileage may vary. I am the second owner, and neither the original owner or myself have had a single issue with reliability in over 3k rounds. It's a sample size of one, I know, but I'm pleased so far... Rumor is that Magpul is coming out with some new forends and stocks for the ACR soon. That, coupled with the eventual release of alternate caliber kits (6.8, 5.45, etc), and the positioning of the ACR in .mil's latest carbine trials all make me optimistic that the fat lady hasn't sung yet here... TFD
  4. Thanks for clarifying, but we're meeting at a FFL in PA...all set and thanks for the help!
  5. I wouldn't take possession of the rifle without the brake attached in any scenario: the PA guy will meet me at the FFL I choose, NJ or PA. I take it home after the brake is attached. I think I've found a PA gunsmith who will do transfer and brake. Thanks guys!
  6. Thanks guys. Donley's was his first choice: 2-3 week wait. Dunno if Paul can do same-day, but that may be an option even though it's a long drive for me (Hammonton area right?)...
  7. Hi all, Longtime lurker, first-time poster! To make a long story short, I am in the process of trading with a guy in Eastern PA for an AR. All it needs for NJ compliance is a pinned muzzle brake, and I have a brake handy. I'm in Morris County and he's in the Philly suburbs. He suggested a few greater Philly-area gunshops for me to call about pinning the brake, but all of them have a 2-4 week wait, and I'd really like to find a way to get the brake pinned at the FFL we pick to do the transfer and take it home the same day, rather than having to make a long drive twice or arrange for shipping. Is this impossible? Should I just have him mail the upper to ADCO or similar, or does someone know of a north-central NJ or Eastern PA FFL/gunsmith where we could meet to do the trade paperwork and get the brake pinned same-day? I don't mind paying for a rush-job. Thanks. TFD
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