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  1. Ordered 5 and the $5 shipping I always get using the cabelas card
  2. Just looking to see if anyone has one and how happy they may be with it. Seems to have decent reviews, and at $190 it wont break the bank
  3. Doesn't it suck paying for a firearm and you're stuck waiting months for it! Uhhgggg!
  4. Definitely another thumbs up for Bullseye See that Kris, i can be nice lol
  5. I keep mine in a large plastic storage bin that locks simple!
  6. Nope, that means nothing. A guy I know has an FFL and owns a gun shop. He was refused.
  7. Yeh, i hear ya on that, luckygunner does the same, but why is it that they need it, yet Cabelas and SG don't. I assume its just a cover your ass policy.
  8. Lots of decent guys at newjerseyhunter.com, some not so. lol Definitely look into bow hunting like another guy said to extend your season. I strictly bow hunt now. For me deer hunting is the most peaceful thing in the world, love sitting up in tbe tree. Bird hunting is a lot of fun, especially when you have or have access to a dog. there's quite a few options for hunting preserves, which you might want to consider at first. Too many yahoos at the WMAs during pheasant season. Good luck. You can hit me up with a PM when you decide, i may have some time to give you pointers
  9. Im sure this topic has been on here before but im going to ask anyway. I recently ordered quite a few rds of . 45 from Cabelas and sportsmanguide. Had no issues at all. Why is it that you go to places like Asspro and Midway and they quote NJ law as for their excuse not to sell to NJ residents. I have read the statute which basically says if you have an FID card your good to go. Are they just choosing not to sell? That's how im seeing it.
  10. Yeh if you want to cough up $600 fee to join ! Just went from $400 to $600 in July.
  11. Old bridge is a ripoff Go to central jersey, cheaper, no work hrs(but u can to knock some dues money off) FAR better facility and has 300yd range also
  12. considering the SS took a deposit from a guy for an AR and the guy onlyhad $200 left to pay, when he went to pick it up they told him the price went up and asked for like $700 more. Thats bad business
  13. i wouldnt ever give them my business after doing that
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