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  1. Yes, my daughter is 8 and I'm assuming if we even get through this year with her still believing at the end of the season, it will probably be the last, so I'm glad for her to have this super new set-up to enjoy while she still believes. We went Saturday morning to the Santa parade in the mall and ribbon cutting for the new digs, it was fun.
  2. C'mon guys, theres enough people asking the serious questions now that he would have been well supported and represented. He's a PUSS, he ran away from the country that he hoped to help. Did all the signers of the DOI run to other country's after they signed it??? NO!!! They stayed here and fought, got others behind the cause and ultimately defeated the powers in question. Just look what happened at the Bundy Ranch, nobody ran to Russia, they stayed, gathered support and the government backed down. STAND AND FIGHT! I think that I heard that from some organization before... Hmmm.....
  3. Patriot, probably. He sure brought some questionable government actions to light and has us all asking some serious questions... A giant PUSSY, yes! For running off to Russia like he did. If he believes in what he is doing/saying, stay here and fight the fight for what is right.
  4. Your tax dollars at work... Its part of the new NJFGW hunting/fishing souvenir program, so enjoy! BTW, if you collect 10 of them, you get a free hot dog and soda at any NJ Turnpike rest stop!
  5. Well, according to this tv news report, they have Bison, Elk and Wild Boar sandwiches. They even show a shot of the wall menu. So it may not be as much as Hamburg, but enough to have myself a game lunch today. http://www.wdel.com/story.php?id=58623
  6. I'll be "in the house" tomorrow with a few hours to kill! Can't make it for the 11am ceremony, but I'll be there shortly after and probably grab some game lunch in the cafe while I'm there.
  7. Great news for many of us in the South Jersey area! http://www.bobslittlesportshop.com/2014/04/indoor-pistol-range-grand-re-opening-april-23-2014/
  8. Ant, thanks for the information in #145 about the James Kaleda fund. I just contributed as a result. We need to get it out there more! And yes, you CAN customize your contribution information that is posted, what a beautiful thing... because " LW is an ass" for sure... ~ Due to the "situation" that we all feel that he was probably targeted to some degree, some people may not want to contribute thinking that their names will be posted, but you can customize how it reads or just be anonymous. I think its important people understand that and it shouldn't keep them from making a contribution.
  9. Awesome. Thanks! Time to fire up the smoker and melt some snow in the yard!
  10. Great show guys! I love the family focused effort on this one! Have a Beignet on me! (Please use Splenda on Sandy's)
  11. As a NJ2AS member (renewal pending), I have never felt that anyone other than those at the "top" were empowered to do any such thing... I have had email requests for voulenteers for gun shows where I replied when I would be available, and no response... yet there's claims of lack of support. I think the town-day booths are a GREAT idea, but why is this the first time tha I've heard about it???? I personally took the effort to make my own flyer about last years Trenton rally's and local travel arrangements and put them out in local firearm stores but I never felt like I was acting in accord with the "group" because there was no directive to do so... it just seemed like a no-brainer to me... I suggested "regional" sub-groups and was told, "its coming, its coming"... well, where the hell are they? And just a final note... I joined NJ2AS becuase of 2 things. 1. They were being VERY effective with the local city/townships adding things to the FID process and they were another force to deal with at the state hearings of all of the new gun bills. 2. They filled a statewide void where the NRA lacked communication on the actions that were being taken to fight the new laws that were being proposed. But when all of the hearings were over and I all ever heard was CCW, CCW, CCW, CCW, CCW... after we just had our asses handed to us, well, I should have known what was coming. Shame on me... I really hope that I'm wrong about all of this and they get it together and make it work... I'd rather stand up and say that I was wrong all along and a complete ass than have to face the fact that this was a complete sham from the very beginning and many of us fell into it without seeing all of the signs.
  12. According to the exhibitor list on the offical website, ALL of the ones listed above are attending!
  13. Wow. My renewal date is January 16. What shall I do? Who do I believe? While I've not always agreed with everything NJ2AS has done or proposed, its just sad to see all of this develop like it has... I REALLY belived in the cause and the organizations intentions. HOWEVER, seeing how most of this has all played out through Facebook, and I am anti-Facebook and believe it is a social CANCER, it sure makes sense WHY it is happening. A few facts in considering my renewal. 1. NJ2AS has its own website. 2. NJ2AS has my email from my membership. 3. NJ2AS has its own section on this forum. 4. NJ2AS has a Facebook account (and now anti-NJ2AS accounts) 1b. NJ2AS has not posted any kind of statment regarding all of this BS on their website. 2b. NJ2AS has not sent an email statement regarding all of this BS to my email. 3b. NJ2AS has not posted a statement in their very own section of this forum. 4b. NJ2AS has way too much BS going on over on the ol' Facebook. I guess that I'll see what happens overnight, I'm sure there will be another 4-5 pages to read in the morning. But I sure wish something was sent directly to the members and not have everyone else trying to inform everyone...
  14. OK, so in addition to cameras/monitoring and background checks, I would suggest "several" personal references as well. And if they know up front that they will be monitored on a consistant basis throughout the day and are they OK with that, well, you stand a chance of finding and "keeping" someone who will truely be honest and on the level. I know we all have to do what we have to do and you have your own reasons for wanting/needing to do it this way, but I'd choose a dirty floor over the "unknown" person in my home with my child every time. I'm not judging you in any way, this is a TOUGH one and I'm wrangling in my seat just thinking about if I was in this situation because I trust NOBODY! Sadly enough, not even my childs Grandparents!
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