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  1. I have about 1000 rds of .40, I would like to keep it in circulation but don't reload 40 and don't know anyone who does. I can meet somewhere close(Lower Sussex County) but won't ship. I work in Berkley Heights so a meet up in that area or between(MT Olive/Chester...ETC) is also possible.
  2. So if he has a violent criminal past does he get life in prison for all those charges or does he get probation? Or perhaps the standard capacity clipozine that turns an ordinary sporting rifle into the equivalent of a nuclear cluster bomb negate the bail reform program which aims to keep as many criminals on the street as possible. I guess we'll have to wait and see.
  3. Unless you're in the country illegally, then the state takes money from me to pay you and welcomes you with open arms. So I have to wonder, if an illegal gets caught with a standard capacity magazine does governor inbred's severely misshapen head explode?
  4. Standard capacity magazines...If it saves just one life...
  5. According to the law that convicted the the great cake caper, age is the same as sexual orientation gender, bla,bla,bla. It makes no distinction or weights any differently than the others. That being said, I think your point is still valid and they will likely use it as wiggle room. Not because they can, but because they lack even basic integrity and honesty. A case in that region is subject to the influence of the 9th circus.
  6. I believe his point is the overall quality of life. Cost of living, freedom, pretty soon sanctuary status. If Murphy gets even half of his stated wish list, it will be 5 times the mess. We're bailing out for all of the reason stated above. If it was only about compliance, I'd be happy to flip him the bird, but it's not, so I'll flip him the bird on my way out. Got to get out while the gettin is good. Although I think my last act as a subject of New Jermany will be to make a donation to one or more of the pending lawsuits. Hopefully they give old Phil "inbred" Murphy an ulcer.
  7. Wow, you're a cheap date sir. In my opinion the real value is not in the retail cost, but rather in the peace of mind of being able to defend ones family, self and castle. To my eye, that is significantly more expensive than the cost of the tool. I find it almost impossible to put the value proposition of our security into monetary terms.
  8. Personally I'm not one to continue to pay for the tyranny of the mentally disturbed. I couldn't possibly care any less what the sacks of human debris in Trenton want. As far as I'm concerned if they all fell into a puddle of aids tomorrow I would get a chuckle out of their demise. I believe that puts me on an even keel with them as far as respect is concerned. My plan is to remove my firearms from the state, and take my tax dollars as well. Enough is enough. I will not support their violations of the 2nd, rewarding criminals, sanctuary policy(redundant) high tax dollar, massive institutional corruption any longer. They are filthy, corrupt crap sacks and are beneath me, and every other decent person. Where ever they go and what ever they do, I sincerely hope they are in pain. Sorry to say but the attacks on our rights are only one small part of what is a continued soaking and abuse of tax payers. Murphy has made it abundantly clear that he has every intention of making it more expensive to live here if you actually pay taxes, and a paradise if you are a parasite or criminal. It's time for me to admit that the left has finally beat me...I'm bowing out...We have long surpassed the point of diminishing returns.
  9. Not for nothin, but when observed from 50,000 feet. This state, it's voting majority, and most of all it's ingrained culture are self destructive. What does it take, for a state that is consistently on the list of the highest taxes, greatest number of folks leaving, most corrupt, worst business climate, highest cost of living(You get the point. We're always on the shit end of the stick) to change? Knowing that the state is headed for default, our neighbors elected the one person in the race that would guarantee higher taxes, higher cost of living an accelerated exodus of tax payers, and significantly worse living conditions. This is not simply stupidity, it's cultural decay to the point of self inflicted harm. In order to make any headway in the 2A struggle, we would have to first overcome that cultural rot. Lawsuits are only effective as far as the results can be enforced. The state has made a habit of ignoring the constitution so far, I doubt a court decision, or new federal law would make a difference. Unless and until the entrench culture can be changed, nothing else will change here. It's not just the egregious violations of the 2nd. Look at the promises made by Murphy. Sanctuary status, tax increases, no cap on salary increases, free tuition. This is recipe for disaster. The cost of everything is going up in a state where it's already unreasonably high. IMHO, the intentional violations of the 2nd are merely another symptom of a diseased and irreparably corrupt mindset. There has never been a sense that change is needed, the acceptance of outright corruption has become automatic, and shows no signs of changing. My fear is the the only thing that will bring about change will be a complete collapse. Even the judiciary couldn't care less about the constitution when it comes to the 2A. Unless you can manage to win thousands and thousands of law suits, that would cost the tax payers of the state hundreds of millions of dollars and potentially bankrupt the state, nothing is going to change. There is not cost to the tax payers that is too great for our leftist government to bear when it comes to forcing their demented ideology on us. Sorry to be a downer, but the writing is on the wall, the people have spoken and have demanded a huge lurch to the left.
  10. Personally I would love to see a comeuppance for the state by way of a SCOTUS ruling. But, does SCOTUS even entertain letters/appeals from people? No offense intended, but I don't feel comfortable with the highest court in the land bowing to public pressure. The reason, and I think it's a good one, is that the pendulum swings both ways. Case in point, when the Senate changed the rules under Reid to pass Obama care. Now every time there's a critical vote that the R's really want, that specter rears it's ugly head. There are severe consequences to changing long standing tradition. I want my 2nd amendment rights restored here, but I want my Supreme Court to be completely impartial and originalist. Again, that sort of thing can backfire in a heartbeat.
  11. There is nothing funny about that level of ignorance!!!! Remember these F-Tards vote!!!!!
  12. Of course not. These caret baggers, screw up an area, then when it becomes too oppressive and expensive they flee the very damage they helped cause, then set up camp and do the same thing in other areas. There was a time in the not too distant past that folks were fleeing NY for NJ to get away from the high taxes and corruption.
  13. A nice fireplace with a good fire on those cold days can make up for the shock. Enjoy!!
  14. And say what? "This is ridiculous we do not discriminate when turning our subjects into victims" ?
  15. IMHO we have been attacking the leftist stranglehold in this state all wrong. Our focus has been mostly on the second amendment and they couldn't possibly care any less about the constitution, and they most certainly don't care about our safety and well being as we are an overwhelmed minority. We spend time and treasure on an issue that the majority of voters neither understand nor care about. Our strategy is falling on deaf ears. This is what makes the SAPPA RICO case so intriguing. It's a slightly different view on the same problem. Where I believe if it's successful, it will make some headway and weaken the iron curtain, I also believe that they still have the will and ability to ignore or work around the result. I also think that attacking them for their corruption is a non-starter, however the cost of that corruption, and the resulting loss of jobs, and revenue in the state along with the unnecessarily high cost of everything from property taxes, to rents, road construction and now gasoline are a direct result of the sustained control of one party in the legislature. If we want to change our fortunes in the second amendment fight, we need to reshuffle the deck. The greatest shared issue in this state is cost, which affects most of the voting public. Maybe people are so used to the high cost of living here that they don't care, but in my estimation it will most certainly garner more support and possibly a more middle of the road legislature. It's not a stretch to think that significantly more people are affected by high costs in the state than by the idiotic gun laws. It won't happen overnight, but nothing worthwhile ever does. Moving from a deep blue legislature to a light blue or even purple won't be fast or easy but it can be done. How do you eat and elephant? One bite at a time...
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