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  1. I didn’t know I can use stay brite on stainless, I’ve only used it on copper. I do know that I can buy brazing rods specifically for stainless, but I’ve never needed it. Maybe guys that work on ammonia systems.
  2. Hello all, it has been a very long time since I have been able to hang out here regularly, it is great to be back! I know Glock has released a railed version of the Glock 48 in Europe, but for us suckers that already bought a G48 it's kind of too bad. The rails are a different size anyway. I bought the Recover tactical rails for the G48 and I like them, it seems well made and is on the gun pretty solid. The problem is that my Streamlight TLR7 doesn't fit, the slot for the rail is in just the wrong place no matter what rail insert I use. My question is has anyone else used this setup (G48/G43x with rail) with another light that fits? Perhaps the Olight? I really like the TLR7, but I would like a light on this gun. TIA
  3. I don't know about the fridge, but in your particular manual you should see details about how it works, especially in the service manual. I am a HVAC service tech, and we use a heater cable with a thermostat that turns on the cable only when the temperature dips below 40 degrees for condensate lines in uninsulated attics. Something like that should work without costing you too much in energy bills.
  4. Well, I'll say this. My wife knows of my hobby of course, but would like to know as little as possible. For whatever reason, she is afraid of guns, and even of my knives. There so far has been nothing that I can say that will change that. She refuses to go to the range and just doesn't want to see the guns around. Of course I showed her how they work and tried to show her that it is a tool like any other, but she is not interested. So, when I buy something new I just quietly put it together with all my other guns and she doesn't know about it, nor does she want to. I guess she is just happy that I have this crazy hobby and don't gamble or drink.
  5. Any of you still have the butchered top of the sight ? I just bought a stripped FSB and it does not come with the sight assembly. Can anyone sell me the sight assembly ? Feel free to PM me. Once we are on the subject, if anyone has a spare rear sight assembly for the carry handle sight I am looking to buy one of those too.
  6. Hmmm. I need to be realistic so I won't say get my wife to the range. Maybe try to get her to not be afraid of guns... no, we have to be realistic here... Well I guess I will help people that are interested in getting a gun but are afraid of the process and don't know how to get a FID figure out what they need to do. I usually get a few people like that a year. Currently helping four people get their FID.
  7. What do you mean ? You can buy mid range quality anything for pretty good prices now. I'm sure you can build almost any variation of a AR with decent quality parts for $1000-$1200 or less.
  8. I want a AK so I can shoot 7.62x39, I do have a AR that shoots 7.62 but I don't trust it. Okay, who am I kidding. I want a AK because i like how it looks with the red wood. Looks have a lot to do with what I want. Like why I want a blued 6" S&W with wood handles, or a old AR with the triangle handguard, or a stainless Kimber, or...
  9. I really wish I had an AK. I have a few AR's and a few more in parts and I don't regret any of it. I like the platform, they are all very different from each other, and I really enjoy planning the build and putting it together. I wouldn't want to sell any of them. I never heard of the BN36 and just looked it up and it seems super cool! I won't be able to afford one for a while, and there are lots of other guns I'd like to buy before that, but I could see myself buying one in the future.
  10. This is pretty cool. Not that it's a help but IIRC Spinta Precision sells AR15 barrel blanks for like $110.
  11. I don't know anything compared to HE and old school, but I think it's pretty cool. 1:05 of the first video seems to say that you do not need to rack the slide, and assembly seems to be very fast. It may be worth taking those extra two seconds and getting higher capacity and a longer sight radius.
  12. I actually just tried to make a donation using the link JohnnyB provided with paypal to be used as the payment, but when their website redirects to paypal I get a server error. Does anybody on here work for ANJRPC ?
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