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  1. 343gremlin

    Winchester 94

    understandable, for that kinda price though I would definitely be holding onto it. you win some you lose some lol
  2. 343gremlin

    Winchester 94

    ouch,that kinda hurts haha
  3. 343gremlin

    Winchester 94

    hey guys. am considering selling my 1967 Winchester 94 lever action 30/30 soon. was hoping someone could help me out in a ballpark price range. its in very good shape, hardly any sign on wear or rounds fired. what should I be looking to get around? thanks
  4. hes just looking out for you Ev.... hahaha
  5. 343gremlin

    anyone using unique in .40 ???

    thanks for the info. I started making a light load at 5.2gr, shot very well with light to moderate recoil. at least I know I have some room to play now, and its always a plus I didn't kill myself with my first batch! haha
  6. hey guys, new to reloading here. looked in my manual and did plenty of searches online and really can't come up with a definitive data for loading .40 with berrys flat point 165gr and unique powder. does anybody have any experience with this combo or some load data they can share? thanks much. by the way, these will be plinking rounds, im heating looking for starting load.
  7. 343gremlin

    LAX Ammo Sale

    very good in my experience. bought a 500 round case of 45 from them. have yet to have a failure after 300 rounds.
  8. 343gremlin

    Good price? CZ75B 9mm -- $529

    yes, I emailed him with two pictures. said he had never seen one do that. the sight went bent up almost at a 90degree angle. he said there must have been a void in the steel. a few days later I received a replacement. very good guy to deal with. no complaints at all
  9. 343gremlin

    Good price? CZ75B 9mm -- $529

    love mine in .40, about 2500 down the barrel without a single failure. with the exception of my CGW rear EX Drift sight breaking in half... haha. the more you shoot it the more you love it. gets better with every shot!!
  10. 343gremlin

    CZ 75B - Looking to try one....

    gto, also if you're ever near CJRPC, let me know, can take a whirl with my .40 75B
  11. 343gremlin

    New CZ 75B Stainless & Range Time

    haha Dup, I figured you'd chime in on that
  12. 343gremlin

    New CZ 75B Stainless & Range Time

    Very nice CZ man. Matte stainless was my first choice but couldn't find either. Not could I find a 9mm! Went with a 40 Cal instead. They definitely are tack drivers especially when your skill catches up with the guns accuracy. Not sure what to tell ya on the FTEs, I have yet to have the slightest hiccup after 600 rounds. Here's a pic of mine. The more you shoot it, the more you'll love it
  13. 343gremlin

    Thinking of Joining CJRPC

    i am planning on being there Wednesday myself
  14. 343gremlin

    Herters 9mm $14.99

    Thank you for the post! Been going crazy. Got my 5
  15. I woke up this morning... Checked a few sites for 9mm. Luckygunner had two different brands in stock, both of them had over 90 boxes selling at $33 a box.. Check back an hour later, one is sold out and the other has 20 left.... What is wrong here!?! People need ammo that badly theyre willing to double + pay and then have shipping on top of it?!? Wow... Sorry... Had to vent haha. Its really unbelievable

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