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  1. AmericanMade

    CZ 97B

    This is my favorite pistol in 45, I've stated before on the forum that I prefer the CZ 97B over a 1911. I really enjoy shooting it, very accurate, never had a problems. Good luck finding one though..
  2. I have the same gun. How are you liking the new grips?
  3. I have a stoeger coach gun supreme and had to send it back after I initially bought it due to the light striking issue. I haven't had any issue with it since. I would recommend a remington 870 over a stoeger and it could be purchased for mid 300's as well.
  4. Anyone have any info/updates on the Sayreville location?
  5. EL Paso Saddlery has a few nice ones IMO http://www.epsaddlery.com/c-28-belts.aspx
  6. I have the 2013 model with the fiber optic front sight and aluminum grips.. people with average or smaller hands find the grip too big and uncomfortable. The CZ 97b fits in my hand perfect, I prefer it over a 1911. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dVAgSjs4HC0
  7. Quality Boots Made in America http://www.doublehboots.com/
  8. CZ 97b and you may like it better than your 1911
  9. East Brunswick just extended mine. I dropped it off and had in back in about two days.
  10. CZ 97B if you can find one.
  11. I have the 686+ with a 6 inch barrel. Its really fun to shoot and very well made. I love it
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