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  1. Are pewpew plates approved for use at Shongum or do I need to get the RSO to approve?
  2. Thanks for the info. You'd think they could just haul the damn thing away and open up the range again.
  3. Any Shongum members here? I'm trying to find out what's happening with the 100yd range... specifically ETA for repair/reopening. Thanks.
  4. Welcome to NJ and to the forums. I love Hunterdon County, just a little further West and you're in America. .
  5. Check out Shongum Sportsmen's Assoc. They have a women's shooting instruction league that is, I believe, open to non-members.
  6. I'm in Scotch Plains also. I find most ranges to be about 45 minutes. I like OBRPC but no longer a member. Currently a member of Shongum Sportsments Assoc., but that's an hour.
  7. Congratulations Fishnut. Best wishes to you and your growing family.
  8. I stopped by Cobra One yesterday to check it out. Met and spoke with one of their instructors. Very impressed. I'm looking forward to taking classes with them and joining their range.
  9. The mag limit is a symptom, not the disease. It's not just the 15 round mags that will be history, they'll ban ARs, AKs, etc., and possibly all manner of semi-auto. At the same time income taxes, property taxes and any other type of tax they can dream up will continue to rise. There is a reason why NJ is the #1 State for people leaving and it will be a whole lot worse in a couple years when Sweeney becomes Governor.
  10. I'm just glad that there are people willing to invest in gun-related businesses in this gun-forsaken State. I couldn't imagine making that kind of investment, especially considering what the State will be like in 2 years when Sweeney becomes Governor.
  11. From the James Clavell novel of the same name.
  12. Not entirely correct. The soon-to-be-X-wife is free to sign over her ownership in the home, though she will remain obligated on the mortgage. This is something that the X should discuss with a lawyer, but wouldn't be a problem for BD104X.
  13. Sorry you moved back to Jersey yet? I'd call Jef Henninger before applying for the FID. http://njgunpermitattorney.com/
  14. I shot my AR for the first time yesterday also. Did better than I expected to with the standard iron sights.
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