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  1. Hmmm. I thought I knew what it was. Let's try .45-110 with a 540 grain paper patched bullet?
  2. Don't do it! Large temp and humidity fluctuations will cause condensation and ultimately rust. Goldenrods are great, but I don't think that they could do much against typical NJ August weather.
  3. Nothing catches 9mm brass better that 40S&W cases!
  4. Anything that would have blown apart a perfectly good barrel, would have definitely caused other issues. Squibs don't cause damage because 1 bullet hits another, they cause damage due to over-pressure which happens the entire length of action. Blown case, blown extractor, stuck case , up to and including broken action and receiver parts. As far as accuracy being affected, well that can easily be tested; but I wouldn't jump to say that should have been immediately noticed. If the shooter was just plinking offhand at 25 yards, then it would likely produce enough accuracy to not be obvious.
  5. Metal problem at end of barrel (inclusion,void,crack), split the end of the barrel and blew out the dovetail. A squib that has enough oompf to bulge and split the barrel like that would have certainly made the shooter aware that something not right just happened.
  6. Completely opposite for me at EWR, up until last year, I was always asked to open my rifle case. It could be because I have an older Kalispell case with a weird locking mechanism. That just goes to show you how consistent TSA can be .
  7. They do seem to make metal projectiles for airsoft guns. I have seen some forums whose members use them for "home defense".
  8. Love Buffalo Bore! I've used those loads for sidearm in bear country, they are quite a handful. I also shot some of their 125gr. JHC, muzzle blast was exceptional. Lately, I've used their Outdoorsman line in both 40S&W and 9mm. A hunting guide recently used the 9mm in a compact S&W to take down a charging grizzly. While you'll get very good penetration with them, you might get better hunting results using an stout expanding bullet like an A-frame or Barnes.
  9. Best to use a keyed lock, especially at EWR. My last trip out (last year), they took my guncase to the screening room, and requested the keys. I told them that I would open it for them, to which they said that I was not allowed in the screening room. Now, I have traveled out of EWR dozens of times with guns, and have always been in the room to open the case; but on this occasion, they were adamant that I couldn't go in. Rather than miss my flight and argue, I just gave them the key.
  10. I don't know if you were cleverly referencing "The Punisher" series, but I've seen it a bunch of times on the show.
  11. Glocks are easier to completely disassemble. M&Ps have more parts, use roll pins and require removal of the rear sight for access to the safety plunger/spring. They are both equal when it comes to general field stripping for cleaning.
  12. Weatherby Mark V Deluxe in .300 Wby Mag. Saw the ads in the 80s G&A mags and wanted one from that day on. I've used it with great success over the years, and it will be passed down. http://wby-tv.com/videos/weatherby-vs-masterlock/
  13. To own, no. To use the range, absolutely. Also, RSO's should be empowered to remove any unsafe shooters. And encouraged to step-in prior to anything unsafe occurring. Sweep anybody, with a loaded or unloaded gun, bye-bye. Shoot the walls/ceiling/floor, bye-bye. Lose control of your firearm, bye-bye.
  14. FWIW - 99% of the hunting ammo that is used in NJ is a hollowpoint of some sort (obviously not birdshot/buckshot). As a matter of fact, NJ Fish and Game regulations specifically call for " Max. 80 grain Soft or Hollow point " rifle ammo for varmint hunting. Just my opinion, but I consider any expanding, hollow-cavity bullet a hollow-point; whether or not is is labeled as such, or has a plastic tip. You can buy solid, lathe-turned match bullets, but they will not be cheap and very poor for defense.
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