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  1. My recipe is slightly different. 9mm case of Lemishine, 2 tablespoons of Dawn, 1 gallon of water, 3lbs of brass. Tumble for 2 hours. Separate pins and rinse in hot water twice. Last rinse/soak, I add a couple of drops of dishwasher rinse agent (JetDry). Then shake any residual water off and spread-out in a cardboard box. If its sunny outside, I let them sit out there for a few hours. Only problem I've ever had was the cases are too clean and need to be lubed with One-shot before running them thru a press smoothly.
  2. You might look into pillar bedding the action at the same time. And you won't have to do NICS again; you can actually ship the rifle to a gunsmith and have it sent directly back to your home.
  3. You can't do that with a .243. Geez, everybody knows that. Next you'll be telling us that you shot it without a FFP scope.
  4. I went thru this scenario somewhat recently as well. Simplisafe was one of the final contenders, but did not win in the end. While their system has very positive reviews, they are somewhat dated and did not allow integration with many other home-automation vendors. I finally went with Abode, and so far, so good with them. I have my smoke/CO alarms, Nest cameras, some light bulbs and outlets all integrated with the alarm system. I did not put window sensors on any of my windows, but have motion detectors on both basement and first floor. Door sensors on all doors. Seems to be enough, and I don't currently have any pets. The one time I forgot to disarm the alarm when I got home, it seemed to be very responsive. I received a phone call within 1 minute of tripping it, got emailed pictures and video of me walking thru the door, as well as every other family members' phone being alerted. Nest just recently came-out with their own system, but I haven't really looked into it too deeply. Could be another option.
  5. Depends what you will be doing. There is a huge difference in what you can wear when you are being active, as opposed to siting in the cold stationary. Start with a good base layer. There are a bunch of companies that offer no-itch wool bases. I use Icebreaker, and like it so far after 3 years. Wicks moisture, keeps you dry and doesn't stink. NO COTTON! For active endeavors, you need something that breaths well, and gives you the ability to dump body-heat when needed. Synthetic insulation is fine here, fleeces, primaloft, thinsulate, etc. You never want to be warm, you just want to not be cold. READ - Sweat is bad. Stationary endeavors, down is king. I usually don't use down until it falls well below freezing. Biggest downside is that it looses warmth when wet, whether that is from sweat or rain. Also has to be windproof.
  6. As stated, the heavier guns will seem to be the softest shooting. Don't overlook the Tanfoglio Stock III, which comes in at approx. 44 ounces.
  7. Split the difference. Easier to handle and more comfortable to shoot that a .44, much more power than a .357 for when you need it = .41 Remington Magnum. Not easy to find, but a 41 in an S&W Mountain gun, or their Scandium framed models have always been on my list. Wish they would make an L-frame in that caliber.
  8. Bears have been spotted in every NJ county.
  9. Well, the idea is that you don't have the luxury of knowing how much time you have. As a barely average shooter myself, from a ready position, I would say that at least 3 hits should be made in that 3 seconds.
  10. That's the key, there is no set range. To start, I would say that anything between touching distance out to around 25 yards would be good. Anything further, while it doesn't hurt to practice, would also mean that you should be thinking about other options rather than just shooting (handgun). Now, if you are drilling the X on every shot at all of those distances, it doesn't mean that your a great shot; it means that your are shooting too slow.
  11. Target shooting means you squeeze the trigger when you have a clear sight picture. Combat shooting means you press the trigger when you have an acceptable sight picture. Of course, in some cases, sights are optional.
  12. Lesniak is in debt to the HSUS for their endorsement in his failed governor's bid. Humane Society of the US, although it sounds like the Humane Society, is really a PETA-like group that wants nothing more than to end all hunting, zoos, pet ownership, livestock farming, etc.. Make no mistake, NJ hunting organizations have and will continue to fight these politicians for a very long time. For example, Murphy vows to end the bear hunt as soon as he is in office; despite the Fish and Game council's decision to include it as part of their comprehensive, long-term bear management plan. A plan developed by biologists. The HSUS plan includes bear-proof garbage cans and surgical spaying. Sounds cheap? Like it or not, hunting is an integral part of conservation. Even trophy hunting has its place, despite the bad rap that its gotten over Cecil being shot. It is not perfect. Ex. A cattle rancher in Africa has several game animals on his property. These animals are competing with his cattle for food/water. If not for a trophy hunter coming in and paying to shoot these animals, they have no other worth to the rancher. His only recourse is to kill these animals himself to leave more for his cattle. Same goes for lions/leopards/hippos/elephants/etc. on his property. If the rancher knows that he can get $50K for the lion that occasionally kills one of his cows, he is willing to make that trade-off. Not so much if he can't.
  13. Best youtube videos? Mat Best
  14. One last thing, while I am a huge fan of Memphis BBQ and prefer it overall to any of the rest; the single best BBQ I've ever had was at Aaron Franklin's place in Austin. Luckily, he has all of his recipes and step-by-step cooking instructions on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/BBQwithFranklin/videos
  15. Most purists will tell you that you'd get a better smoke and texture using only wood. Reality is that you'll get very good results by using pellets in an electric smoker, and undoubtedly more consistent than using a wood smoker. It'll be plenty to cut your teeth on and you can find out what your likes/dislikes are. Keep in mind. Don't oversmoke. Start with a mellow wood at first. Pork butt is probably the easiest to start with and get great results.