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  1. Don't overlook the newer Colt Competition, looks like a really nice pistol.
  2. Well, if you have a bear ripping-up your garbage every night, then just sprinkle some cayenne powder in their and it won't happen again. Or, get a bear proof can. If you have a bear walking thru your yard every day, then chase them away with an air horn.They'll be hibernating soon enough. If you want to shoot a bear, then go get yourself a hunting license and kill the bear. If it's acting aggressively, call Fish and Game and have them deal with it.
  3. Having been a member of many hunting forums almost since their inception, I have yet to see posts that cheer for anti-gun legislation. As a matter of fact, just quickly perusing several NJ hunting forums, there is a clear opposition to anything anti-gun; from state laws to boycotting anti-gun companies. What I'm saying, there should not be a "us vs them" mentality, since you'll find that many folks are both.
  4. Most hunters that I know share an enjoyment of shooting and guns in general. Thinking that because they don't shoot "black" rifles and hi-cap handguns, they are dense and deserve to be punished is both inaccurate and really does nothing but empower the opposition. I don't really understand the animus towards hunters by some on this forum. FYI - the hunting community is also under constant attack by both the state and very well funded anti-hunting groups like PETA and HSUS. Bear hunt bans, new hunting and trapping restrictions, dealing with activists in the woods, etc., is nothing new to most "Fudds".
  5. I'm a fiend for a good Old Fashioned, or it's sister cocktail, the Manhattan. If you do make one, don't skip the muddling, use a fresh orange and never, ever forget the cherry.
  6. The cynic in me says that no one would leave behind 2 guns like this unless: They were just used in a murder and purposely left behind. -or- I was being set-up by the man
  7. I got the Sordins a while back and can't say that I'm not completely pleased with them. The gel cups feel weird, but are comfortable all day long.
  8. Contrary to popular belief, there is much less food for deer in "real" woods than there is in suburbia. The combination of forest edge, crops and suburban landscaping has caused a huge population increase. Add in the steady decrease in hunters' numbers over the years, and you have a growing problem with deer populations. NJ hunting seasons are about as liberal as they get, with many areas allowing an unlimited amount of deer to be taken between Sept. and March.
  9. Wait til Rick is killed-off. Prices should plummet, and it'll be a buyer's market.
  10. Keep in a dry location? Otherwise, Hornady recommends cleaning all parts in Hornady gun cleaner/lube. You would probably have to do that every month or so to keep rust at bay. Surface rust is not exclusive to Hornady.
  11. More so than your average cab driver, convenience store worker, pharmacist, veterinarian, bartender, etc.? Profession should never/ever be a determining factor in application of Constitutional Rights.
  12. There's quite a few ammo makers that are using the new breed on non-expanding/hydrostatic bullets, I would go with them if HPs or "tipped" bullets are just not your thing. They are loaded by Blackhills, Winchester, Underwood, Inceptor, etc..
  13. Speaking from a shooting perspective, specifically in IDPA no-light stages, if a shooter accidentally hits the strobe option on their flashlights; it usually means that they will be tanking that stage. That's not to say that there may be some benefit in disorienting someone, but it becomes a hindrance if you actually have to shoot (accurately).
  14. I just picked one up myself and put it on a g23 nightstand gun. Fits perfect and looks great.
  15. To add to what everyone else has here, I always run through a case gauge each and every round after reloading.