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  1. I actually think he's looking at a presidential run in 2024. Reinstating the bear hunt, growing-out his hair, and slowly fixing his teeth leads me to believe that he's thinking about a national campaign (as funny as that all sounds).
  2. Not a knock on active officers. The union should not be allowed, or should have at least been challenged in their endeavor to get RPOs exempt from the proposed bill. They are essentially creating 2 classes of citizens. A savvy politician would have argued that retired State Police are exempt, but other agencies would be subject to sensitive places.
  3. You do realize that there is a six-figure position waiting for every retiree to provide "security" services. Gotta keep that cash cow.
  4. Absolutely right. The softest brushed leather will eventually acquire some grit and produce a "shine" on your gun. Even rubbing on your skin and clothes will polish the sharp edges on you sights/slide/etc.. Some finishes are more resistant than other, but ultimately, they will all wear down with frequent use. With that said, might as well get the one that performs best and forget about the finish wear.
  5. Same here in Morris County, MO was cashed today. Application was sent to court on 10/25.
  6. The Walther CCP has a similar recoil-reduction system. Might be worth it to take a look.
  7. I was being somewhat facetious with that remark. Not a fan of all leather holsters as it is; they tend to be "sticky" for me. Open carry, maybe. I definitely don't think that a L2 should be required in a concealed IWB holster.
  8. Lots of good Level 2 IWB holsters out there to choose from.
  9. Agree that our representatives need to be better prepared in asking these questions to the opposition. Somethings like: 1. If you are legally permitted to own/carry a handgun, which required you to submit to ~3 criminal background checks, a mental health check and qualification test, and decide to go trick-or-treating with your child; are you allowed to walk them to the door, or do you have to remain on the sidewalk. 2. If you are legally permitted to own/carry a handgun, which required you to submit to ~3 criminal background checks, a mental health check and qualification test, and decide that you'd like to go for a pre-dawn run at the park before going to work; are you allowed to bring along your handgun or do you have to wait until sun-up and there are more people around? I've got tons more....
  10. I usually start troubleshooting at level 101. Are you using a wireless keyboard? If so, do you have a wired keyboard that you can use to get into the BIOS screen. It appears that you can't send a break, but are making it through up to the OS selection (windows Boot manager). That means BIOS is loading, and then it is trying to load Windows from your HD. If it were working before, then I would suspect a corrupt OS or bad drive. You may have to perform a recovery to find which. I would take-up some of the offers to fix it for you, should only take an hour or so.
  11. The extractor needs to be tensioned enough to be resting completely against its channel inboard and still be able to flex outward towards the slide when a round is chambered. Not being able to flex it outward is either crud in the channel, a cracked extractor or not enough tension(bend) in the extractor. There are youtube videos on tensioning it, although it is mostly a trial and error exercise. Those scratches indicate that someone was trying to remove it, use plastic or brass tools next time Some extractors do have springs, but that would not be on a factory gun. A round in the mag should not be lifted before the slide clears, there is a rail built into the slide to ensure that. Lastly, I don't see an ejector in the first pic. Is it there and in good shape?
  12. Had the Echo 755 for about 9-10 years now and never a problem. Always starts on the 3rd pull, always. As noted above, get a frame mounted throttle, not a tube-mounted one; and always wear hearing protection when using.
  13. Not to beat a dead horse, since it's been brought up here numerous times. I believe that the consensus is that there should be no proficiency requirement to exercise a constitutional right. Many states do require some qualification hurdle. As this is still very new to NJ, I ain't complaining albeit it is still a little vague. Now, with that out of the way. Anyone who considers themselves a gun "enthusiast" and "proficient" cannot then say that hitting a static Q target at 25 yds with their carry gun is too difficult. Practice more, rethink your carry platform, go to optics, etc.. There are plenty of options.
  14. I really like the Trijicon HDs and their tritium insert surrounded by bright outline. Truglo makes similar that I also use several glocks, for much less $$.
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