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  1. To add to what everyone else has here, I always run through a case gauge each and every round after reloading.
  2. I'm sure that you already filed a police report. That way, if the police catch someone with questionable equipment in their car while driving around neighborhoods, they have a record of similar occurrences in the area. There are plenty of cases where folks prepped for a burglary and went on to kill someone. They pretty much all went to jail for it, and rightfully so.
  3. He said that its a loaded round in the chamber, meaning that the extractor is at least removing the spent case. While admittedly just a wild guess, if the ejector is bent or broken, it is feasible that the spent casing can be doing some wacky things if not tossed-away from the breech. Other than that, many ammo reloaders have a been known to undersize 40S&W brass to remove any Glock bulge and to make them feed better into match chambers. This undersizing could be causing some issue in how it is being released from the mags. I tend to agree with HE on magazine issue as well, but you are saying that this is happening across multiple factory mags, so it has to tabled until everything else is checked-out. What I would do in this situation?,I would restore all of the parts to OEM (making sure that they are all in good condition) and see if that helps. If yes, then add the non-OEM parts one-by-one to see where the problem lies. If no, then let the ammo manufacturer know that there is a problem or switch to another company.
  4. Check your ejector - Its possible for a fired case to strip a round out of the magazine if it doesn't get ejected, and then another gets stripped by the slide.
  5. Picked-up a Garmin Fenix 5 Sapphire last year, mainly for activity tracking/kayaking/hiking/running/etc.. Been pretty happy with it so far, and it looks good too.
  6. No. I recall several cases where NJ homeowners shot bears on their property, all were found guilty and fined. So, unless threatened, just leave 'em alone and they'll be on their way.
  7. Its been floating around for a while now. And no, aside from 5-rd AR magazines, I don't know of many/any that make 5 rounders.
  8. pythagorean theorem there are a ton of calculators for it online. I used this one https://www.miniwebtool.com/pythagorean-theorem-calculator/
  9. Bullet drop is affected by horizontal distance only. Your making me use a calculator! so, if you have 84 ft of elevation and a measured distance of 876 ft (292 yds.) then your horizontal distance would be 872 ft. Therefore, you adjust for 290 yards and fire away. BTW - you do the same for downhill shots.
  10. You can get a angle compensating rangefinder to give you the horizontal distance to the target, but as stated above, your shot will be slightly higher as the distance will be closer than 292 yards. To be clear, when I say slightly, we're talking about less than an inch at that distance.
  11. You can mix the red and blue to make purple Just kidding - DO NOT DO THIS!!!!
  12. Pmag Gen M3 and AWC Lancer have worked well for me, with zero malfunctions.
  13. Buy the tools and mount it yourself. Chances are you will be mounting more than one or two scopes in your lifetime, so buying the tools would be cheaper than going to a gunsmith in the long run. Torque screwdriver, scope leveler, loc-tite, lapping kit, boresighter
  14. Hard for me to tell from the pictures, but it looks to be more fouling than rust. Get on them with some CLP and a nylon brush. Depending on what type of finish your guns have, it may take quite a bit of humidity to cause any damage. As long as the bore and internals have some oil, you should be fine.
  15. Depends on the length of time that you "store" them. Long term, wipe down and put in a VCI or similar bag. Short term, wipe down and put in a pistol rack in the safe, along with a dehumidifier rod. Never in a holster, or in a box that renders the dehumidifier useless. For me, all guns in the safe have mags removed, hammer down, no ammo. Loaded HD handguns go into pistol vault, specifically for that purpose.