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  1. Thank you. I thought I read SW only "letters" for guns up to 1966? see: https://swhistoricalfoundation.com/letter-process/
  2. Thanks. I am trying to decypher SW codes also. I am think early 70's, but I am not sure. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I figured @Pizza Bob would surely know. Stone
  3. Sorry GRIZ, I jumped on it and purchased it. I can let you fondle it if you would like.
  4. Hi- Any SW revolver experts still here? PizzaBob? I am looking to acquire a SW Model 27-2 3.5" revolver and was looking to see what year it is. Serial# is N1178XX. Thanks in advance for assistance. Stone
  5. That is just one reason i never discuss what I own at work. One crazy, anti-gun co-worker who doesn't like you and you are done.
  6. @Zeke Sorry so late.... I am in. I can bring the plastic forks, knives, spoons, forks, bowls, napkins. S.
  7. That is correct. The bolt closes after ejecting the first round but does not pick up the second round. The round is not stripping off the clip. Yes, I believe i was able to manually able cycle the gun for the second round. The bolt close after the first round goes off. Thank you to everyone who has responded. I will look into a new operating spring and clean the gas port. S.
  8. Thanks. The guy at Shooters said the operating arm looked fine.
  9. Hello All- Yesterday I finally was able to shoot the 1943 M1 Garand I have at Shooters. I had some problems with failure to feeds. I was able to get the en bloc clips in with no problem. No Garand Thumb for me! :) It would fire the first round and eject it, but would not take up the second round. I was shooting military surplus at first. The RO suggested I try some new stuff. So I went inside and purchased a box of American Eagle 30-06 (M1 grade) ammo. It was still failing to feed. The guy behind the counter asked to look at my rifle. He was very helpful and seemed knowledgeable. He took my M1 apart and greased all the wear parts again. Back out on the range it still FTF. He field stripped at the range and everything looked okay he said. I am thinking something is amiss with the gas plug or operating rod spring.... What could be wrong with my rifle? Where should I look first? Any good M1 gunsmith recommendations? Thanks, S.
  10. I do not disagree with you...... the politicians hate us and want to disarm the citizens of the PRNJ.
  11. I think it could. Why do you think Trenton cops don't want to live in Trenton? For the safety of their family.
  12. The theory is they are targets for the bad guys they put away if they ever get out of jail or retaliation from family members.
  13. And now after the PBA and FOP bitched about it, the legislature will be voting next week to exempt LEO's.
  14. @Greenday Throughout history the only way socialism/communism/fascism/Nazism can be implemented is through the barrel of a gun. Without the control of the weapons and the people these "isms" all are doomed to fail. All three of the countries you mentioned have strict gun control.
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