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  1. I know I am late to the game here....but yes she is trainable. I have a 7 year-old GSD. Love him to death. Some things i have learned about GSD's... They are very smart and very trainable. Mine is very smart and always ties to be the Alpha dog. Easy corrections and is well behaved. I trained him using a pinch collar recommended by my vet. It has worked wonders. Like you dog, when on leash they want to pull like sled dogs. That is because they a herding dog. My GSD is better OFF leash than ON. When on leash he likes to pull, but one tug of the pinch collar sets him right. He simply does not like a leash. Now off leash he does not go more than 6' away from me unless I let him run free. He constantly looks back at me to see if it is okay to run. I stop; he stops. I call him he comes back to me left side and sits. I take him to local park to run him. He is full of energy at 7 years-old. I call him the Terminator because he will not stop running or fetching his tennis ball. When was younger (1.5y.o) he was dog friendly, but some stupid lady at a dog park had a un-neutered male dog (not allowed at dog parks) and her dog jumped on my GSD's back to bite. Ever since then he does not like most other dogs. I try often to have him socialized with other dogs; he likes to play, but often goes into "full Shepherd mode" I call it and that often times scares people. While out for a drive he will bark at most passing things (people, bicyclists, other dogs, etc), but it is just like "courtesy" woof, not a vicious attack bark. I take him out in public all the time whether it be the park, Petsmart, etc. I often take him into Tractor Supply with me. We go on Saturday morning rides to get the paper. I take mine swimming in the summertime; he loves the water. They are great dogs; super smart and constantly need some thing or task to do. The get bored very easily. They are always thinking and studying. Mine sits at the top of the steps or in the middle of two rooms so he can see everything. They are great guard dogs and companions. My only gripe is the amount of shedding he does; could have made another dog out of him with all the hair.
  2. Perhaps my G23 pistol Remington 1100 12gauge
  3. This sucks. I went to two nostalgia drags races with gassers and rails last summer there. Had a great time. Atco will be jamming with Friday night drags now.
  4. I pretty much wear t-shirt, long sleeve shirt, military fleece; then I have an LL Bean parka jacket for real snowy days like today. Plus the knit hat and gloves.
  5. I went to the Oaks show on Saturday. Not too bad. Same old, same old for most stuff. I did find a guy that had a crate full of Mosin's. He was asking $350 a piece for them; numbers matching with bayonet. I looked at him like he was joking, but alas he was not. Found a guy selling a brick of Federal .22 for $21.95; best price I saw all day. First time I think I ever left a show without buying something gun related. All I left with was food (garlic dill pickles - OMG!, beef jerky, and a couple of MRE's).
  6. Already received my canned response from Menendez telling me he thanks me for my letter but is against CCW in NJ.
  7. Beautiful Dogs!
  8. I was out on my ATC yesterday. Balmy 30 degrees out with the wind chill. Brrrrr!
  9. I said it a month or so ago.... we just lost because that putz promised to make weed legal. Plan and simple. Read the message boards of NJ.com or 101.5, etc. My head wants to explode at the utter stupidity of the people of this state. Millennials voted for pot legalization. We lost because our "1 million gun owners" do not out number the pot heads and leeches that make up Essex, Bergen, Camden and Mercer counties. More leeches than working people. I feel gut punched today. I cannot fathom for the life of me a guy who campaigned on RAISING taxes in the highest taxed state in the Union just won the election. The public's blind-side hatred of Christie (not defending his last term, but considering he had to fight the Dem legislature tooth and nail) have sunk this state forever. An exit strategy is the best strategy. It is just a matter of time... S.
  10. Sorry to hear this. I had asked a couple months ago where he was. RIP. S.
  11. GRIZ- Excuse my ignorance, but what does "flame cutting" mean?
  12. I refuse to spend $1,000 for a cell phone. It is bad enough Apple crashed my 5S and made me have to buy a 7. It is all a scam. They force you to run updates, then crash your phone forcing you to have to upgrade. This has had to happen to others here; it is happened to several others I know. There should be so class-action lawsuit against Apple. S.
  13. It happens to me also, have to hit the refresh icon to continue.
  14. Kevin125- "I wouldn't do SoB. I'd probably duct tape it between my shoulder blades first. Can't remember what tv show or movie I saw that in....." Bruce Willis in Die Hard. I would like to try your PPS M2 also. I have IWB and OWB holsters. It all depends on how you dress and your body type. IWB you have to have pants at least 2 sizes bigger for the holster. I have a OWB leather holster for my Sig that pulls it tight towards my body. When I have practiced carried or taken a live fire shooting class I carry at the 4 o'clock position. I also have a Kydex OWB BladeTech for my Glock. Both work equally well for each gun.
  15. For 1911's I would suggest that you look at the Springfield Loaded series they have. i have one; love it. Maybe a .357 revolver? S&W 686 4 " or Ruger GP100? How about a compact? S&W Shield or Walter PPS or Springfield XD-S?