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  1. I have a S&W 686 Plus 4" that holds 7 rounds of .357/38. All you will ever need.
  2. For trap, I use Full choke's in my shotguns. With 28" barrels. I seem to do alright with them. @Zeke
  3. How about Sportsman's Center in Bordentown closing down? Lots of memories there. Bought my first pistol there too. Went there since I was a young boy.
  4. "restrictions on how many firearms a person may purchase in a year". Whoa...... takes OGAM up a few notches. How about Murphy goes after the scum bag criminals instead of us? Always the low hanging fruit against us. S.
  5. Thanks. I saw one has to have a user account. Looking for something that was free.
  6. Ohhhhh!!! @Zeke told me you were smart.
  7. Why so late? Why not 10am-2pm?
  8. I use a Leatherman Wave.
  9. Is there a Federal database for court cases? To look up pending cases and their status? I am trying to look up the status of a pending Federal case I know someone was involved with. Thanks, S.
  10. Great video. The problem is we are the minority in the PRNJ. Minority party, minority for raising money, minority for gun owners, minority for news coverage, etc. We are like trying to climb a greased flag pole. There are just too many liberals and people who do not understand firearms, NJ gun laws, or even how to apply for a purchase permit. They get their facts from CNN soundbites and Moms Demand Action. Unfortunately, someone like Mr. Robinson would be ignored by the likes of Greenwald, Weinberg, and Murphy. S.
  11. Tin Bear! @High Exposure
  12. @Zeke I must have been invisible standing next to you and @Ray Ray. @Smokin .50 I just joined your group Saturday also. S.
  13. What happened to .50 ban they proposed? I saw no mention of it today. Does that apply to muzzleloaders also? PS: I got to meet the infamous Ray Ray today. Ray Ray do you have any guns? S.
  14. Valid points. Where are these rich 2A NJ philanthropists?
  15. Koch is an elitist too. They do not want the citizens armed either.