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  1. I liked it. S.
  2. Follow the money..... those groups you mentioned are well-funded by liberal socialists who want reshape our form of government. We do not have the big-money backers like they do. With money comes the time to protest; the time to march, etc.
  3. What are your thoughts on laser/light combo?
  4. Can someone tell me what a good light to get is and a good place to purchase it? Thanks, S.
  5. Bummer I missed this. I went a few years ago. I guess I should check the forum more often. S.
  6. I will have to get back to you on that one.....2.0 hrs away....
  7. My mistake. I said it backwards.
  8. Thanks Zeke but I am looking for car parts, not motorcycles.
  9. Hello- Does anyone have a good site for purchasing factory Honda car parts online? Thanks, S.
  10. Okay guys, tell me how you really feel.... lol. @Capt14k Can explain in a little more detail? From my understanding the Nazi's took over the Yugo production plant. The rifle is a M48 and according to the certificate he showed me, has been in storage since WW2. It also has all matching part numbers. So is the rifle no good or the asking price?
  11. Any thoughts on Mitchell's Mausers? I have a friend that wants to sell his K98 (rated at Premium he says). Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, S.
  12. "Do not go off the main roads". This is very key especially when leaving. Tailgating is permitted.
  13. Growing up in the 80's, I was a big fan of Miami Vice. I liked Crockett's Bren Ten and Tubbs' sawed-off shotgun. I also learned what MAC-10's and UZI's were. I am sucker for a German Luger, P-38 and a Colt 1908.
  14. Bingo! Not to sound like Debbie Downer, but if it is legal in NYC it will be law here too eventually.
  15. I have a S&W 686 Plus 4" that holds 7 rounds of .357/38. All you will ever need.