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  1. I'll consider doing the Spring semester of One Shepherd as it's doing it in West Virginia. Fall Semester is still quite possible. Perhaps a carbine class in Gunforhire.
  2. I guess it's too much of a toll in time, money, physically. But I would say it's worth it. I'd rather not be a "porch sniper."
  3. In the 90's some Catholic priests (Irish I believe) would run into the middle of gunfire from gang conflict in FULL white ceremonial robes at night to stop the violence. It strangely worked for one city. There was even some video footage, but I can't find it. The images were burned into my mind, it was like like the nuns of WWII wandering into a battlefield to help the wounded. Brave, foolish insanity.
  4. Looks quite similar to US infantry tactics: Other than the weaponry, not much of a difference.
  5. Different, not better. For instance, IDF clear rooms differently than US Forces. The same can be said of US military, Police, and SWAT. All work, but all work optimally in the optimal scenarios they were created for.
  6. Primary Arms has these on sale. Limit is 10! Is this the lowest priced NJ compliant magazines? Black: http://www.primaryarms.com/hexmag-15-30-15-round-magazine-series-2-blk-hx1530-ar15s2-blk FDE: http://www.primaryarms.com/hexmag-15-30-15-round-magazine-series-2-fde-hx1530-ar15s2-fde ODG: http://www.primaryarms.com/hexmag-15-30-15-round-magazine-series-2-odg-hx1530-ar15s2-odg
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