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  1. Zack

    Member needs our help

    Done. Alexander Roubian at, NJ2AS raffles off rifles periodically. He just had one last month. Maybe it'd be worth contacting him to see what the issues are with the state.He can process purchases through his website but he might have some other helpful information. https://www.nj2as.org/giveaway_announced
  2. Thanks for pointing this out. I'd assumed amazon would scrub any 2A org from their charities list. I buy a fair bit of junk from amazon so it was great to be able to do this. In case anyone else wants to use CNJFO for amazonsmile you have to spell out the entire name, the search won't find CNJFO.
  3. Zack

    Freedom Munitions, FAIL

    I thought that I'd update this since I'd decided to order from TS. I ordered a case of 9mm from them on Monday that was about $.02 per round cheaper than what FM was showing on their web site + the free shipping (FM showed all 9mm out of stock on their website when I checked). FedEx is delivering the ammo today (Thursday). Hard to beat that kind of service especially since FM would've taken about 2 weeks plus the cost of delivery.
  4. Zack

    Freedom Munitions, FAIL

    I too had been using freedom but I've been looking at www.targetsportsusa.com for my next order. The prices seem OK and the ship bulk orders free. Anyone have any experience with them?
  5. Zack


    I've been toying with selling my CZ 75D PCR, mostly because It's killing me to have to pin the 5 14rd mags that I have for it. It's in excellent condition. If you're interested I'll post a couple of pictures.
  6. Apparently you have 180 (now 179 I guess) days to address your over 10 round magazines but you're at risk bringing them to the range in the mean time. I found this on the NJ firearms Facebook page: "Evan Nappen was speaking at a US LawShield seminar near me this evening, I wanted to get clarification on a couple of items regarding the magazine ban. Two questions for him were: 1) Does he see any issue with us keeping 15 round magazines in our home defense firearms during the 180 day compliance period 2) During the compliance period, are we ok to continue taking our 15 round magazines to the range and use them? His answer to #1, during the compliance period, he doesn't see an issue continuing to have 15 round magazine in our home defense firearm. His answer to #2, however, there is no provision in the law that permits us to continue taking the magazines to the range. The law actually prohibits the transfer of 15 round magazines, and that prohibition is not covered by the compliance period. He actually sees it as a conflict in the law. He came right out and advised the room to NOT transport magazines with more than 10 round capacity unless you are taking them to a gunsmith for modification." The statement accompanying the law states... “The bill’s provisions are effective immediately, but allow for a 180-day grace period to transfer, render inoperable, or voluntarily surrender a semi-automatic rifle or magazine that will be unlawful under the bill.” There is no provision to allow for the use, just the transfer, etc
  7. Zack

    Anybody here own a Canik TP9sfx?

    This model Canik has a 5.2 inch barrel which is longer than the 4.9 inch barrel on my Beretta M9A1. so I'm not thinking it's a mid sized gun at all. I own a CZ 75D PCR which is a great gun and more accurate than I am. I've been thinking about picking up something new to use for the steel matches that I'm currently using the Beretta for. Not that the Beretta doesn't perform very well. I wanted something that would perform reasonably well out of the box that I could tweak later if I chose to.. One of the other options I've been considering is the Glock 34 gen 5 (barrel length 5.31). You'll see these on gun broker for a 'buy now' price starting around $725. Personally I didn't care for the stock trigger on these so I felt I would need to replace that to start with. The Canik has a very nice 3 to 4 lbs pull with a reset that I thought was better then the Glock, with a price point at $480. Both guns are marketed as competition with match grade barrels. Both shot accurately for me when I tried them at different times. So given $725 + a new trigger for the Glock and $480 for the Canik with most everything else seeming similar I thought the Canik was worth some consideration. So I thought I'd see if anyone here had a bit more experience with a Canik that could let me know about any downsides I missed by only putting a few rounds though it.
  8. Zack

    Anybody here own a Canik TP9sfx?

    OK, anything more specific?
  9. A buddy that I shoot with brought his new Canik TP9sfx to the range the other day. I don't own any striker fired pistols and never really thought about picking one up until I played with the Canik a little. My friend loves it, although he's only put a couple hundred rounds thorough it. The reviews and YouTube videos are mostly positive, plus these things are only going for somewhere around $480 to $500 on gun broker for what looks a lot like a Walther PPQ clone. Anyone have any history with one of these guns they'd like to share with the class?
  10. Looks like someone is trying to push back against citi. Rep. Todd Rokita (R-IN) is pushing to end Citibank’s federal contract after the finance giant adopted new gun policies that do not respect the Second Amendment. Citibank currently enjoys a $700 billion contract with the General Services Administration (GSA), and Rokita is seeking to have that contract terminated. http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2018/04/18/rep-rokita-pushes-end-citibanks-federal-contract/
  11. What really ticks me off is they are moving into an empty sports authority store 5 minutes from home. When I heard about it I thought great I can at least pick up some 22 ammo close by. Now, well, I guess on line ammo purchase it is. As long as comrade Murphy allows it that is.
  12. Zack

    Alternatives To Facebook

    There is this site called mewe. Howell Gun Works posts a few things over there because FB gives them grief so often. I haven't looked around there much other than checking out the posts from Howell, so you'll have to take a look and make your own judgement. Clearly with 2 billion users no one is going to have the breath of content that FB does. Mewe might become a good spot for FFLs to list their wares and maybe some YouTube videos will move there having been kicked off of YouTube. Could just fade away eventually too. This is a link to an article from them telling you why you should use them and dump FB. The URL to the site itself is just mewe.com https://blog.mewe.com/why-you-should-kick-facebook-to-the-curb-and-where-you-should-go-instead/
  13. Anyone know anything about reloading supplies in the CA law? I don't reload now, but when this comes to NJ reloading could get a lot more appealing to me. BTW today is the anniversary of congress ratifying the bill of rights. If they only knew.
  14. Zack

    For the ladies

    You have to admire the gun control advocates be able to so perfectly demonstrate why people in general and women in particular need to own and carry guns.
  15. This is exactly what I was thinking. NJ will throw up road block after road block, tie it up in court for years and then come up with more road blocks and on and on. Look at Chicago that's been their play book so far.

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