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  1. So are you anti-police or pro-rights? I am pro-rights. All sides of the aisle are in place to take away a right somehow. Do you know what LEOSA is? As stated before, NJ granting a carry permit to retired police is irrelevant with LEOSA.
  2. So, if the “well-intentioned” NJ politicians theoretically outlaw, ban and confiscate every single gun, will that change anything? Dating back to before the 10 Commandments murder is illegal. Hurting and or assaulting someone without justification is illegal.
  3. Retired cops carrying and NJ not issuing a carry permit are separate issues. Do not blame the retired cop for the violation of the 14th. I believe in Constitutional carry but I am sorry that is misdirected energy. LEOSA became a federal law close to 20 years ago so even without the NJ permit, retired cops from outside of NJ including non-residents can carry in NJ…
  4. Do you still have your permit, still looking? I have a like new Glock 19 Gen 4 with new Ameriglo night sights and 2 new 10 round pmags
  5. Not sure if its a possibility for you but I have a like new G19 Gen 4 19 with new Ameriglo Spartan night sights with 3 new blocked magazines for $650.
  6. I bought a Troy Other from this guy last month and it was missing the Troy BUIS. Although I agreed to buy the Other from him without the sights, I asked him a few times what happened to them and my FFL also asked and he said when he bought the Troy they were flying off the shelves and I thought the response was odd but ok... Now he is selling a model that does not come with Troys....with Troy BUIS attached. I pm’d him privately about this hoping we could settle it privately and got another shady response. So, Buyer beware with Dooly....
  7. Hi, I would like pics of the DD as well. Does it have Buis, Ambi Safety Selector and Charging handle?
  8. Made a visit to the Makepeace Lake WMA range Saturday morning. Some A-hole shot up/dumped a giant projection TV at about 15 yards. This kind of stuff drives me crazy. I like to help clean up there and leave it better than I found it and people that do this kind of thing ruin it for everyone else!
  9. Hi are you still looking for an Other? I have a new Troy A4 in 5.56

    1. teejaytoo


      I am...lol. Cost$$

  10. When has the law stopped the State of NJ from doing what it wants?
  11. This went awry fast...to answer your question, G2 are not hollow points.
  12. Would like to teade for a set of Magpul MBUS . Prederence is Black Pro. I have factory 9, 40, 5.56 and new Glock sights I could trade. I am in South Jersey
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