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  1. Yes, you believe you will someday be allowed to legally carry a firearm in NJ without a ccw permit or having to qualify? Keyboard Chest Thumping?
  2. Yes funny -5 years ago same people complaining about no concealed carry are now complaining about the requirements for concealed carry.
  3. Barely ised Stainless Victorinox Swiss Tool for trade for a Leather,an Skeletool CX, Rescue ETC South Jersey thanks.
  4. But you would be alive and a hero.
  5. NJ stickhandles around outright bans by banning features, capacities, locations, hollowness…etc in order to obfuscate the issues to the point where no subject ever knows what is and what is not legal and it all gets sorted out by fear or legal fees…
  6. Gotta love the internet. No one ever knows what anyone else is talkin about…
  7. The FFL needs to run a background not necessarily put the firearm through their book…
  8. I don’t anyone ever involved in a gun fight ever said “ I wish I had less ammo!” Ed Mirales from, 1986 Miami, always says he wish he had more.
  9. “They” want to scare you and it is working. So far in a state with a population of close to 9 million and rapid re-establishment of 2A rights, this has never happened.
  10. 15 Rounds for Retired LEO with a firearm on the RPO list.
  11. Also, as absurd as this may seem…You could fill your hollow points with silicon from Home Depot and then they are not hollow point right? State Police FAQs uses Critical Duty/Defense as an example, not as an absolute.
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