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  1. RPO need to qual 2X per year. 60 rounds for the PQC and 40 rounds for the night/lowlights portion with a good quality flashlight. So factor in a minimum of 200 rounds and that is if you pass on the first try. If you fail they might make you go back on another day and if you show up with a junk flashlight you will probably be asked to leave.
  2. Does anyone else find it academically ironic that the more restrictive these liberal politiciticians attempt to make possession of a certain firearm, magazine or feature, the more likely it will be legally challenged? Yes, they may pass it and have that temporary sense of having done “something,” that reaction may cause there legislation to be struck down forever…. Is there not a magazine capacity challenge that is pending?
  3. I do a quick short trip across the bridge to the Harbor View. https://harborviewcapemay.com
  4. No one mentioned an Aimpoint H2? Cheaper than a T unless you need to use NV. Magpul sling is the way to go.
  5. There is an Air Space Museum very similar to Dayton Wright AFB at Dulles in DC…pretty amazing stuff. I have been to both and incredibly both are free of charge. I think there is a parking fee at Dulles.
  6. Hi thanks Im a lefty so I know Gen 4 and newer magazines have the cut on both sides but thank you for checking.
  7. what Gen are the 22s? Is there a magazine release cut on both sides?
  8. That is correct; I am currently utilizing Hornady Critical Duty
  9. To further complicate this: Filled hollow tips are the only legal carry for retired LEOs residing in NJ that retired from a NJ agency. If the retired LEO residing in NJ retired from a non-NJ agency (NYPD, Federal etc) they can carry any ammo that is not federally banned per LEOSA…
  10. Brother In Law is an Asst GM at a Ford dealer and is as honest as they come. He said that inventory is so low and demand is so high they have no choice but to ask and get sticker. Also, if you finance through Ford they have more flexibility on price but if you have your on financing or even cash, the out the door price goes up because they are making money on the financing as well.
  11. So are you anti-police or pro-rights? I am pro-rights. All sides of the aisle are in place to take away a right somehow. Do you know what LEOSA is? As stated before, NJ granting a carry permit to retired police is irrelevant with LEOSA.
  12. So, if the “well-intentioned” NJ politicians theoretically outlaw, ban and confiscate every single gun, will that change anything? Dating back to before the 10 Commandments murder is illegal. Hurting and or assaulting someone without justification is illegal.
  13. Retired cops carrying and NJ not issuing a carry permit are separate issues. Do not blame the retired cop for the violation of the 14th. I believe in Constitutional carry but I am sorry that is misdirected energy. LEOSA became a federal law close to 20 years ago so even without the NJ permit, retired cops from outside of NJ including non-residents can carry in NJ…
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