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  1. Bump, make an offer please. Trades welcome.
  2. Still available. Would trade for other watches too. Thanks!
  3. Still available in new condition. Trade offers welcome
  4. Used to do this as a kid with a can of Rite Guard deoderant and a lighter.
  5. No more private sales?
  6. Interesting question. I always thought that if you are charged with a crime (criminal offense) no insurance policy will cover you, even ccw insurance. If it is a matter of civil liability for self-defense then wouldn't something like an umbrella policy on your HO policy cover you? Seems that self-defense is self-defense regardless of the tool used to defend yourself (even hands/fists). But if you were to use your firearm in what you believe to be self-defense and then get charged with aggravated assault, murder, manslaughter, etc, would these CCW policies cover a criminal defense (even if you are likely 100% innocent of the charge?
  7. Any updates on this place opening?
  8. What brand?
  9. In case you didnt know, since you are a PS Vue subscriber, you can also get the Apps for individual channels and then you don't need to dvr anything since you can just play something directly from the channel's app. For example, Freedorm has an app with all of their programming but you can only get access to it by signing in with your PS Vue (or any other cooperating cable subscriber) account
  10. Just got an email from Playstation Vue that NJ is making them charge sales tax starting 4/1
  11. 4 Good lights: Streamlight TLR 1 Surefire X300 Inforce INF-APL-B-W Insight Technology M3 LED
  12. Bump
  13. Is the set digital? IE, is it manufactured post 2006 with the ability to hook up rabbit ears and get HD over the air?. Thanks
  14. Hi, If you still have them, I will take them. And yes, they will be used for new archers at Girl Scout camp in April.
  15. You can't have any firearm transferred between residents of two different states without going through an FFL.