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  1. Yes I think it is a Gen 2 and it was purchased in approximately 1996.Is it ok to shoot or should it be preserved?
  2. Is this so valuable that he should not commence range use?
  3. Yes it has a white label with 10 rounders. I think it had something to do with the awb?
  4. My brother in law just got his permit and was searching for a pistol and specifically a Glock 19 (probably a gen 5). We got a lead on a used but near new condition Gen 4 with new night sights and the guy wanted $500. He mentioned this to his mom, who is in her mid 70s and she said “$500 for a used gun? That is ridiculous!!” Then she said, according to my bother in law, “I have a gun in my closet in my bedroom. I bought it a long time ago. You can have it...” Here it is...unfired!
  5. Does “I will take it” mean the seller unconditionally has to sell it to that individual? Cant you sell to whomever you want for whatever reason if something doesnt otherwise feel right?
  6. The NJ requirement for an FFL transfer for a long gun in all circumstances is fairly new but I think they are referring to an FFL
  7. NJ will allow any state to sell a NJ legal long gun via FFL to a NJ resident as long as the NJ resident buyer has a FID and NJ Govt ID and that state (selling FFL) has to be willing to sell to an otherwise eligible NJ resident. (Private sales are OK but must transfer through an FFL - and that is federal law) Federal law states that long guns can be sold to an out of state resident as long as the rules/laws of both states are followed. The problems arise when the non-NJ state (the selling FFL) does not want to deal with NJ’s minutae. And as far as the COE, some seller’s will fill it out and some dont care because it is not required for the transfer to occur...she will receive transfer documents from the FFL that the NICS was conducted and the shotgun transferred.
  8. Where are you located? I have an adjustable bench
  9. Dry-firing when done safely, correctly and with a purpose is free! Research some skills and drills... And MEMORIZE/BURN the CARDINAL safety rules into your memory, brain, mechanics or whatever - but learn them and adhere to them!
  10. Got at least 3 from T Rex Arms. I have been happy - custom work was ordered and delivered within a week. Great fit and finish
  11. sold on fbmp please close thanks!
  12. Hi, I have a great condition Vision Fitness Exercise Bike with electronic monitor and magnetic flywheel. Everything works great and the manual is included too. $150 in Camden County Email me -through the forum or Call/Text 6 Zero 9 Nine Hundred 5243 Thanks a lot.
  13. I would say dont bother. I bought an 870 in York a few years ago and the price was not all that special but I had a couple gift cards. A lot of back and forth at the counter to get the right person and the right model and blah blah blah... After the sale, the dude that works there and probably could not pass the PICS was required to carry the box from the counter in the back of the store all the way to my parked vehicle. No thanks
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