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  1. “They” want to scare you and it is working. So far in a state with a population of close to 9 million and rapid re-establishment of 2A rights, this has never happened.
  2. 15 Rounds for Retired LEO with a firearm on the RPO list.
  3. Also, as absurd as this may seem…You could fill your hollow points with silicon from Home Depot and then they are not hollow point right? State Police FAQs uses Critical Duty/Defense as an example, not as an absolute.
  4. Who told you it cannot be both? I think you may be reading into something that is not enumerated by law. Cops tend to try to get to the bottom of something that doesnt exactly have a bottom… Just trying to expose that a lot of what we think is law is not exactly law and only scary propaganda. LEOSA does not address magazine capacity but why should it? The magazine is a part of the firearm the law says you can carry. Why try to seek answers to something that was intentionally left vague.
  5. Retired LEO can carry HPs as they are not federally banned per LEOSA.
  6. If you want that opportunity go be a LEO and everything else that comes with it.
  7. Ironically it was Benjamin DIsraeli attributed to the quote: lies, damn lies, and statistics…
  8. I cant even believe that this guy is now being supported even if he claims to be of the faith so what.
  9. Slid your anri-Semitic dig in there I see. Not sure how ethnicity and/or religion aligns with anti-gun.
  10. 100% the gubment sets the trap for entrapment. Pretty sure there is a site peddling a “Glock switch.” While the law-abiding would never bite on that anyway; the curious online purchaser should expect a visit…
  11. Ironic the rules are being challenged and reversed in a quicker fashion in California rather than back East.
  12. Yes I get it, but NYC demanded the masks because they were soooo good and now NYC is demanding masks be removed because they are soooo bad. Hmmmm. It goes on in NJ too. Walk around some of the outlets on a weekend. Pro shoplifters galore with masks and pungent smell of weed. Only ccw holders that jumped through all the legal hoops are the bad ones in the backward Northeast…
  13. Ok so I am old enough to know Sam Goody and definitely Bo Derek
  14. But… that’s discrimination…. Also OTOH, so far not placex listec with signs are placex that I would have patronized anyway (I don’t even know what Bowlero and Sam Ash are)
  15. I know everyone here likes to debate the nuiances and minutiae of the laws; but, since the politicians and lawyers really do not know, I am not sure how the clerk at the trail would know the answer to your question. And, if you are announcing that you are concealed carrying are you still concealed carrying? No, you just told everyone. If there is no metal detector or no explicit sign on private property saying you cannot, then why ask? If you shoot a bad guy that really truly deserved it and of course there was no other recourse or escape options for your actions and you can genuinely articulate that your life or some other innocent person’s life was in grave danger and you are not charged with a crime than that would be a good shoot and you will be a hero. If you exercise poor/negligent/homicidal judgment and misuse your firearm in a very bad way than you will be charged and ruled a bad shoot and you will be shamed, charged, convicted, imprisoned and a bad example of a concealed carrier even if you were in a place where you are in theory allowed/perceived allowed to carry…
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