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  1. Oh yeah, she is pretty hot...but I need a different dumbbell to do goblet squats
  2. I need an 80, 85 or 90 lbs dumbbell. I can trade you factory ammo for it. I have 9, 40, .223 and 5.56 Thanks
  3. I could trade you a case of 9mm or a case of .223...
  4. The ranges wont let you shoot it because the ammo is called “M855 Penetrator.” They think that means it is armor piercing when which it is not. Well it is body-armor piercing which most rifle rounds would do.
  5. Hi its Bill. I traded for your 2 holsters once before at range 14.


    I will take thos holster too.  How much .223/5.56 you looking for?

    1. dajonga


      Hey Bill,

      I don't know...what does $60 of .223/556 look like these days?

    2. Bellasdaddy


      I would say $8 for 20 rounds. What do you think?

  6. Haha, yea, but really nothing is the same anymore and the price always goes up! I wore royal robbins/511s for years but they scream tactical. I switched to Carharts but for me, they have weird pockets and everything I put in them would fall out. Plus they seem to fade out really fast and the material gets thin after just a few washes. Went full circle a few years ago and went back to Levis. Add a dump pouch to my belt and I am gtg at any shooting class plus I look like a Vietnam era Navy seal!
  7. Hi, Are these mags G4 compatible with 2 notches?
  8. Hi, Going to Colliers Mills Friday and cannot seem to lock down directions. I will be going East on 195 Hamilton. Some directions say Jackson and some say New Egypt. Any ideas? Im thinking off of 16B perhaps?
  9. From what I read the ammo seller sold tracer ammo. My understanding is that the AP regulation refers to handgun ammo. So, if the ammo he sold was rifle ammo then it looks like they are looking for a scapegoat.
  10. Trying to steer somewhat closer to the OP topic... I am a TTC member and seem to recall a rule that if you are a NJ resident you need a FID but if you are from out of state you only need your driver’s license or ID. I guess ranges need to walk a fine line between safety, law and money making. My first time there I banged on the stall walls and wondered whether or not they are ballistic or just for show as I heard the guy next to me blasting away with his AR10.
  11. Plan on using this in NJ? It is primarily designed for 17 round (or even 19?) magazines probably in coyote. Probably gonna need 10 or 15 round magazines and not sure if they even make them in coyote. Just something to think about.
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