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  1. Actually Under the statute it is the applicant who is to present the police department approved application to the Superior Court. Seems to me that this is never done in practice and it is the Police Department who sends the approved application to the court. I have no idea how an applicant would in practice present their own approved application to the court and I am really unsure how the applicant would present to the court an application that was deemed approved because the police department took no action after 60 days.
  2. Would seem to me to be an equal protection problem if which county you live in determines if, when and what restrictions are on permit. still just crickets from Middlesex county
  3. Don’t know if this is good or bad. Good if things go according to law Bad if excuse to start 30 day clock afresh
  4. I thought it was belonging to Democrat Party that disqualified gun ownership in New Jersey.
  5. What town? what date received by Middlesex County Superior Court what proof do you have that Middlesex Superior Court received your a PD approved application more than 30 days ago and as I said in a previous post—Middlesex County may not be the best county for the first test case. BTW. If your are a nurse and have to walk in dangerous parking lots at night that is a big plus as a plaintiff. Female nurse would add extra zing.
  6. as at least some police department approved applications are coming due this week at Middlesex County Superior Court, This is the week that Middlesex needs to fish or cut bait on issuing permits. Can’t say I have much sympathy, it’s a stew of their own cooking.
  7. Silly Rabbit You forget the first rule of the Liberal Democratic Elite: ”The rules apply to thee not me”
  8. I would hope contact to the court by an attorney would be enough. But who knows. If formal legal action needs to be taken to make the court act, that needs to be thought out very carefully as the first case could set precedent for all future cases. Seriously, the first case should include as plaintiffs a wounded and decorated Veteran confined to a wheel chair, an elderly person who was critically injured in a robbery, a homosexual who has been the victim of gay bashing, a Muslim who was beat up because of their religion, a black who was beat up because of their race, a woman who was raped, and/or a battered woman seeking to defend herself against an abusive ex-spouse. ^^^ The above is not a joke. As some may recall, the Heller plaintiffs included a gay man who had defended himself from gay bashing in another state with a gun given to him by his mother, and a guard at the U.S. Capital, who was trusted with a firearm to protect members of Congress but who was not allowed to purchase a handgun to protect himself at home. Unfortunately, optics matter.
  9. My thoughts on the "delay" in Middlesex County 1) As far as anyone knows -- Other than money orders being cashed there is no action yet on any post-Bruen carry permit out of Middlesex County; 2) The 30 day deadline for at least some police department approved applications received at Middlesex County Court is fast approaching -- But as far as we have heard, the 30 day deadline has not passed for any particular application; 3) The Middlesex Judge responsible for permits is well informed of all the applicable statutes, regulations, Directives and Court Decisions impacting the 30 deadline for approving, denying or holding a hearing on a police department approved carry permit application; 4) My flat out guess (and your guess is a s good as mine) is that the Middlesex Judge is waiting until the 30 day deadline arrives for the first PD approved application received by the Court to see if there is any: Legislative Action, advice from the State Police, or directive from the New Jersey Supreme Court. 5) Absent any unforeseen circumstance, I expect a flood of approved applications coming out of the Middlesex Superior Court in the next 2 weeks.
  10. And if all the initial permits get issued the same day/week this go round — what fun it will be two years from now when all those permits need to be renewed all at the same time!
  11. The database is something required by the directive and/or the NJ Supreme Court decision adopting the Directive. It is a good thing.
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