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  1. Reprint of A4769 is posted https://www.njleg.state.nj.us/bill-search/2022/A4769/bill-text?f=A5000&n=4769_U1
  2. Looks like A4769 is heading back to the Assembly Judiciary Committee on Monday, November 14
  3. I can confirm that Pike Co. is processing Non Resident LTC. Here is my experience. 11/1/22 Emailed completed application along with a copy of my NJPTC and drivers license. Received a return email about 45 minutes later directing me to call the office to schedule an appointment. Called and she stated I could stop by on 11/2/2022 between 9am-4pm to complete the process. Informed I would need to show ID and $20 fee (exact change, check or money order) 11/2/22 Arrived at the Pike Co. courthouse this morning at about 915 to complete the process. Sheriff’s office is in the basement of the courthouse. There are no cell phones, smart watches etc. allowed in the courthouse. Informed the clerk I was here for a LTC, she asked for ID and retrieved my paperwork. Proceeded to take photo, collect fee, then prints and laminates the LTC and I was done. Total time there was 10 minutes. So a Non Resident PA LTC obtained in less than 24 hours total.
  4. Successful approval in Passaic County. Here is my experience. 9/15/22 Successfully qualified @ GFH for 1 pistol with a score of 100%, surprising myself 9/16/22 Submitted completed application to local PD 9/20/22 Completed fingerprints out of state 9/21/22 Two of three reference received their questionnaire Questions were the exact same questions from the FARS pistol permit reference form 9/22/22 Questionnaire submitted back to PD by reference 1 9/26/22 2nd reference submitted questionnaire back to PD 9/26/22 3RD reference received questionnaire 9/27/22 3rd reference submitted questionnaire back to PD 10/5/22 Checked with PD on application and was informed it was on the Chiefs desk for approval. Not sure of date application was sent to court, but the record tech @ PD said it would go over right after Chiefs approval. 10/25/22 Contacted by Court for hearing scheduled on 10/31/22. Court assistant was very helpful. He explained how the process was going to proceed and was informed to bring ID along with copy of pistol permit to verify the serial number of handgun for permit. 10/31/22 There was 25 applicants in court for my session. There was an earlier session and that session had 25 applicants as well as per the Court officer. Officer reviewed how the session was going to proceed as well. Judge reviews application, checks SN and then issued permit. I was fortunate to be the first application called. The entire process for myself was about half an hour. My permit # is 493 for Passaic County. Considering that Passaic seems to be one of the few counties issuing permits a consistent basis, I believe the states estimate of over 300,000 new permits to be issued is nothing more than a scare tactic. If all 21 counties were issuing at the same rate as Passaic (which we all know that they are not) a rough estimate would be in the area of 10,500 permits statewide (I used 500 per county) issued so far.
  5. Well here is some good news for a change. Have a few friends from different towns in Passaic County that were contacted today (via phone) to report to courthouse on Monday to pick up their permits......
  6. I know of several residents of WM who have received their permit within about 6 weeks. WMPD does mail a questionnaire to your references so have them let you know when the receive questionnaire and when they drop it off at HQ
  7. Reported Transmission line came down across Rt80 mm32
  8. The state is NOT sending out the email regarding the status update for completion of the criminal history check
  9. Another great job by West Milford PD. Application submitted on Wednesday 03/02. Both my references received an email within a few minutes of my submitted application. Both completed the questionnaire immediately. On Tuesday, 3/3 email received that Criminal History Check was completed. Stopped at PD and paid for my permits. On Wednesday, 3/10 received an email stating permits approved and to expect an email shortly from NJSP advising that the permits are active……. 3/11….Received email from NJSP . 8 days from application submittal to notice that permits complete….. An additional 1 day for the permits to be active. So 9 days in total Never have had an issue with West Milford PD in completing permit. My experience with West Milford PD has been: Initial FID & 3 permits…..21 days 3 permits…………………8 days 3 permits…………………11 days 3 permits…………………9 days
  10. Anyone idea what the current NICS delay is ?
  11. Another outstanding job by West Milford PD Application submitted on Wednesday 08/29, which was a Saturday. Both my references received an email within a few minutes of my submitted application. Both completed the questionnaire immediately. On Tuesday, 9/2 email received after Criminal History Check was completed On Wednesday, 9/9 received an email stating permits approved... Picked them up later that evening. 11 days from application submittal to pick up with a holiday weekend in between! Never have had an issue with West Milford PD in completing permits. Another plus is that you can pick up permits/FID card 24 hours a day....
  12. Beautiful pictures. According to NJDFW there is a nesting pair in the area of Wayawanda
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