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  1. so what happens now? grace period to register or turn in? what does one do if you have one on a pistol or other?
  2. thank you. i have outside paddles for when i do matches, nothing for IWB. but i guess its time to start shopping for that now!
  3. silly question - what kind of holster do we need to use for qualifications? inside or outside? does it matter? cheers
  4. Am I to understand that you have can only carry the gun you qualify with? what if i want to swap between my revolver and semi-auto?
  5. translation = "As NJ's Chief law enforcement officer, I will not be following the law..." I am never amazing by the wealth of ignorance in todays society
  6. That’s what i thought, i can still make appointments thru their portal.
  7. Did i miss something? When did fort fix/range 14 close?
  8. Last firearm I bought was a year ago this time; nics was same day, about an hour or 2. Fast forward to today - 7 to 10 days for todays purchase!!! sheesh. it was funny though listening to the first time buyers that were next to me moaning about it and sad at the same time. oh well, carry on. cheers AM
  9. RIP Ed, he was one of reasons i started playing guitar. 2020 Sucks
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