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  1. love my 995, its rock solid and it looks like a start wars blaster!
  2. your going to get 5 pages of responses, but i have a taurus model 85 and love it. all steel not the ultralight. great shooter and not expensive. go handle a bunch and make a decision that works for you.
  3. what about handcuffing them to a pole or somehting? i think i would rather do that than just holding a gun to them.
  4. I am a Huge Howard fan, and while he generally skirts political issues he always eluded to being pro-gun. Of course it’s not a political show so its always quick and in passing. But today he gave about a 5-10 minute in favor of national reciprocity and why we need it and why the second amendment is so important. this made me very happy as we can agree that there are millions and millions of listeners weather you like him or not. If you are a serious/xm subscriber, you can hear it on the replay app. I can only think that this will make some people go "huh, never thought about it like that. I can only guess that this will be used in our favor from different media outlets. hopefully it helps!
  5. power washer with soapy water; that kills most insects. cloggs the pores on their body so they cant breathe and they die.
  6. Dont worry, i got it covered! i just spent just under 400 on 10 rd mags for 3 of my pistols, so i am sure that the injunction will stand! and no i have not heard anything either, eagarly waiting...
  7. I have a few; when i am in the Familly room i like to use my Beretta Nano in 9MM. for the kitchen i go with my taurus model 85 in 38spl. now the dinning room things are different - i go full on 1911 in 45ACP. up in the bedroom i usually go with my PPQ or MR9 (both in 9mm). and when i leave the house i carry my... oh wait... sorry couldnt resist! actually when i am in florida i do carry a Beretta nano in 9 in an alien gear IWB holster. Simple rig that is very comfy. cheers!
  8. is expoxing (or JB weld) a magblock (from magblock.com) to the follower a acceptable means of modifiing? that would seem to be permanant. and can i still take the baseplate off for cleaning? thanks
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