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  1. This one funny letter. How desperate is NY?
  2. Good Lord the permits are made of paper! Just put some permits under a copy machine.
  3. The legal team for NYC already tried to ask SCOTUS that they are changing the law and to postpone the conferences/hearing and SCOTUS said no way, Here is the request NYC made on April 23 and it was denied by the Court on April 29. https://www.supremecourt.gov/DocketPDF/18/18-280/97431/20190423180458659_NYSRPA v CNY Letter to Supreme Court.pdf
  4. That's how our government works. The legislature takes care of the majority .Scotus protects the minority from abuses of the majority.
  5. No real penalty, only that he would be overruled by a higher court.
  6. Now I am not saying it will be pie in the sky but if we get shall carry it won't be as draconian at some of the posts here. If you older guys remember, Illinois used to be as bad as Washington DC, but after the SCOTUS decisions things changed a lot. Take a look at this website: http://www.handgunlaw.us/states/illinois.pdf If you go to page 4 where they list where you can or can't carry; you will note that there are no distances that I can see for the places that were mentioned like school yards, govt. buildings, etc. I was quite surprised myself with the sections on non-resident carry too. NJ will probably be something like this.
  7. Jack, You are forgetting that the McDonald vs. Chicago decision used the 14th amendment to extend the self defense portion of the 2nd amendment to all the states.
  8. The reason that doesn't fly in NY is that there are only 7 local ranges approved. That alone should be a legal argument about the impossibility of target practice.
  9. I don't care about what obstacles get in our way by NJ. As long as I see shall issue for NJ.
  10. Just for perspective the NY case was distributed for conference 3 times between the 3rd week of Nov.2018 until 01/14/2019. The petition for certiorari was finally granted 01/22/2019. It won't be Christmas for a little while yet. And that just means the case will be heard, no guarantee of outcome.
  11. I had a similar problem when I was a teenager. My father wasn't against guns just didn't want any in his home. As I asked before I don't know how many guns you have, but I only see one other solution. If you don't have that many, could you leave them at your FIL's or at another friend's house. You could also buy a small safe and leave it at a friend's house. The other suggestion is if you have any friend's that are gun owner's that have their own safe, do they have room for yours?
  12. Mike, Do you have a basement? If so just declare it is your man cave. I don't know how many guns you have but get a Liberty Safe that holds about 20 long guns. They also have the S&G combo locks. I have that safe and they have to bring it in with an appliance carrier. It weighs about 500 lbs. and once in place nothing is moving it. She is not telling you to get rid of your firearms, so as long as you have them they should be in a safe. https://www.libertysafe.com/safe-centurion-safes-ps-23.html
  13. Don't forget this is more than a gun issue. I think the SCOTUS will want to send a message to the circuit courts.
  14. Since NJ and NY are fighting similar battles. So I decided to look at their case, even though NY has been granted certorari already. Maybe some momentum in the CCW cases. NY City case has already been granted certiorari but the respondent's (NY City) are worried and tried to stall. Their stalling tactic to hear the case was denied. Here is the link to the NY case. For those interested in this stuff you can read 2 short letters from each side around April 12th or so. Basically the city is trying to push that they have amendments that might change the situation if they pass. The Supreme Court was having none of it. As Bugs Bunny used to say, "It is to laugh." www.supremecourt.gov/search.aspx?filename=/docket/docketfiles/html/public/18-280.html
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