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  1. exactly. that one was really tricky. "gun control" is the most important thing on that list to me, but not in the way they think. they're writing it as "we want more gun control" and i see it as "gun control is unconstitutional and must be abolished". in the end i said it wasn't important at all because i'm wise to their damn word games
  2. heh, really? try this one out then... also, hot damn this guy has the most sinister smile i've ever seen. like, ever. it looks like he just ate a kid
  3. same. let's pause and think about this for a minute. here's a candidate running for governor of a state who publicly admitted if elected he'll violate federal law. i mean i know nobody cares about oaths of office whatsoever, but come on already. this is unprecedented. the guy comes out and says if he's elected he'll ignore the laws...
  4. they scooped up a bunch of them in paterson a few weeks ago. made local news.
  5. I thought they did clarify already. Also NRA members get a nice discount with them https://advantagemember.van.fedex.com/4380/ Sent from my SM-T710 using Tapatalk
  6. But FedEx is the official shipping partner of the NRA Sent from my SM-T710 using Tapatalk
  7. that right there is grounds for impeachment. she took an oath to preserve and defend the constitution. those comments are antithetical to that oath. impeach
  8. idk what's so surprising about this, it's all over his site. he goes on to say he'll use taxpayer funding to pay the legal fees of illegals, provide them driver's licenses and financial aid. good times!
  9. sing it sister. i have no idea what those of you who are opposed to guadagno are thinking. she said she doesn't want new laws, meaning we have plenty already, no need for more. what's wrong with that statement? i'm beginning to feel about phil murphy the same as i did about hillary clinton. he's a lying weasel who is bought and paid for by special interest groups. he's going to try to enact sweeping legislation which will essentially bankrupt the state (sanctuary state status, legal funding for dreamers, free college tuition, raising taxes, no plan to fund pensions, state funding of abortion, $15 min wage, etc). believe me, gun rights will be the least of our problems with this jackass. his site is hilarious. he wants automatic voter registration via dmv. so, if you have a license you can vote. he also supports providing illegal immigrants with drivers licenses. sooooooooo
  10. help from the RGA!
  11. not so fast on the nj objections... http://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/2017/09/robert-farago/atf-silencerco-maxim-50s-silencer-not-a-silencer-because-a-muzzleloader-is-not-a-gun/
  12. that is the single worst thing i've ever seen attached to a rifle
  13. the gangbangers in newark and paterson are gonna be pissed they have to enroll in gun safety training before getting their hands on that gat. it's going to take time away from their volunteer work at the churches and soup kitchens
  14. i'm probably going to do something like this. looks fantastic and so easy even i could build it
  15. as opposed to blacklisted / banned sites. sites that won't ship to nj or require you to submit your firearm id card, or ones with shady pricing tactics. there are lots of them. Target is not one