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  1. yeah there's also gun.deals (which is great). neither ever seems to capture any of the manufacturer / reseller direct sales though glock st. patrick's day sale (30% off apparel w/code luckyg17) 3/16-3/18 https://store.teamglock.com/
  2. i have a hard time keeping track of the various sitewide deals across the industry. i come across them all the time and they're almost never publicized. thought i'd start a thread for my friends here to enjoy. here are the first 2: remington 30% off sitewide https://www.remington.com/shop/ london bridge trading st patrick's day sale (mar 16-30) http://lbtinc.com/mm18?limit=all
  3. kickstarter campaign? go fund me?
  4. ok so i emailed opsol. for anyone wondering, this device is exclusively for the mossbergs and the maverick 88. won't work on the 870 or any other shotgun.
  5. meanwhile, i'll just leave this here, from mr. bill geissele
  6. well this evening he's been enlightened and has seen the error of his ways. if this wasn't so pathetic it would be hilarious
  7. Posters? Plural? Or one individual who announced his credentials and has the stated position that we should tread lightly to avoid pissing people in authority off? And I'm never angry. Sad and frustrated yes, but never angry. Combative eh maybe, but that's because I'm neither an apologist nor a sheep paralyzed by the fear of pissing ppl off. Mark my words for posterity: these nics delays are a big deal and it's just the beginning. Another huge backlog today apparently. From what? Did Trenton suddenly lose power again? Call your ffl and ask how long it's taking approvals. I have been. A couple have told me that if I submit paperwork today I "might" see approval by the end of the week. But hey let's just accept it as commonplace. All is well. Bigger issues to fight Sent from my SM-T710 using Tapatalk
  8. Ah thanks. Seems like it would work in any shotgun, but then why on their site do they only mention Mossberg? Would it work in a Remington 870? Sent from my SM-T710 using Tapatalk
  9. I was going to ask about that adapter. Is it required with the mini shells? It's cheap, so buying it isn't a big deal, but I'm wondering what is the advantage of it. Is it specifically for a Mossberg? Are other shotguns not able to shoot these mini shells? Sent from my SM-T710 using Tapatalk
  10. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Just pissing into the wind in a complaint thread I didn't even start on a topic I have no immediate interest in (not buying anything). So yeah I'm just running my emouth apparently. I'll leave you ppl alone now. And to David Rosenthal, you stating you didn't want to piss people off is one of the most appalling things I've ever read here. For someone with your purported credentials you should be ashamed of yourself. I stand by my statement. Zero credibility Sent from my SM-T710 using Tapatalk
  11. Whatever. Then I don't want to see anyone crying about nics backups for DAYS since clearly it's not that big of a deal and there are more important things to worry about. Also we don't want to upset anyone at the state police apparently. I'll tell you though, if these ppl in Trenton were smart, this is the perfect way to grind firearm sales to a halt. It's a lot bigger issue than you think Sent from my SM-T710 using Tapatalk
  12. Your answer is utter nonsense. The past week has not seen next business day approvals, and even if they did, it still amounts to an artificial waiting period illegal imposed by the "instant" check system. 49 other states are experiencing the same volume bumps, and approvals still take 5 minutes. And your "just don't piss them off" commentary means you basically have zero credibility Sent from my SM-T710 using Tapatalk
  13. So basically NJ figured out a way to do an end around the laws and institute a de-facto 3 day waiting period for all gun purchases. Why are none of the gun groups suing over this nonsense? Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  14. Let me explain something to you 4d chess apologists. These guys aren't that smart... Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk