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  1. if they can manage to do it in the produce aisle of costco, i'm sure they'll figure out a way. there are no excuses
  2. man that is one unlucky co-worker. don't stand next to him/her during a lightning storm
  3. yes, this. it's a private range, no? we're members of a private shooting club is what i understand. i could see abiding on a public range, but this is different
  4. so let me understand your argument. it's ok to shut down fingerprinting because nobody needs fingerprinting now due to the economy? besides the relevant 2A implications, what if i wanted to adopt a child now? too bad? bad economy? volunteer at an orphanage? too bad, bad economy? use my suddenly free time to get a drone license? too bad, bad economy? come on man, there are reasons to get fingerprinted that have nothing to do with the economy. i'm actually shocked you guys are defending this. remember, it's not about NEEDS, it's about RIGHTS
  5. i don't care what the economy looks like. there are a lot of essential things that require fingerprinting, including a number of volunteer positions which involve children Adoption (through the Department of Economic Security) Alarm Agent and Controlling Person Certification Appraisal Licensure or Certification Assisted-living-facility managers Board of Dental Examiners (Dentist Licensure, Dental Hygienist Licensure, Dental Therapist Licensure, and Denturist Certification) Board of Fingerprinting members and employees Charter school employment Child care home provider Child day care Child nutrition program Child Protective Services employment Child welfare and adolescent behavioral health treatment Contractors, subcontractors, or vendors (including employees) for public or charter schools Department of Economic Security employment (non-Child Protective Services) Developmental disabilities (work with individuals with developmental disabilities) DES - Employee or Contractor with access to Federal Tax Information Domestic-violence-shelter employment Exceptional student services program Foster home licensure (through the Department of Economic Security) Health-science students and clinical assistants Hemp License Home Inspector Certification Home-health-agency employment Homeless-shelter employment JOBS/WIA programs Nursing-care-institution administrators Pharmacist and Pharmacy Intern Licensure Physical Therapist and Physical Therapy Assistants Licensure Real-estate licensure Residential- or nursing-care-institution employment School Bus Drivers Teacher certification Volunteer foster grandparent program
  6. if this is true, it has implications far beyond guns. fingerprinting is required for a whole host of professions, from health care work to law enforcement to school teaching and administration etc. if they're not processing ANY fingerprints, there are a lot of "essential" jobs in this state that are unable to hire or certify anyone
  7. this is nothing. you should see how far they have to stick it in your ... when swabbing for an std. and that's all i have to say about that
  8. academy is a tough one, i like them. hate to see self inflicted wounds like that. they could easily ask for a fid and be done with it like everyone else. oh well
  9. this is probably the 7th or 8th breakup of a large event in the lakewood hasidic community since the outbreak. i have a friend who lives there who tells me there are literally dozens more that did NOT make the news. weddings, funerals, religious classes, etc. basically they're going about their business and don't care whatsoever about restrictions, edicts etc. on the one hand, i'm right there with them, fk the man. it's a free society and i'll do what i want. on the other, come on guys, you should know better and self-police
  10. funny you mention that. my neighbor is getting his kitchen remodeled. at one time there were at least 6 of them standing out there planning their next move
  11. i would guess it will open by tomorrow, after the requisite foot dragging and hand wringing by our esteemed governor
  12. Fortunately, it's a bit more than that. The "guidance" is to just clarify what is included. Critical infrastructure designation is federal law codified in 42 us code 5195. After being included in the guidance, NJ gun stores and ranges will be open by Monday (not sure about timing but Mon or Tues at the latest) per federal law. Phil Murphy has no say in the matter
  13. the pattern has always been clear. they want to abolish 2A in new jersey. no beating around that. so we have to sue early and sue often and sue for not only costs but damages
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