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  1. yes, maybe. but it's absurd. there's no background check for archery equipment and no record keeping. he could have just bought a new bow that same day.
  2. how is archery equipment seized? "weapons"? if that's the case, where do you draw the line? did they also take all of his kitchen knives, baseball bats and hammers?
  3. I'm going to need to see pictures of this grenade launcher. Also, if two barrels were sawed off of a double barrel shotgun, wouldn't that make it a no barrel shotgun? In all seriousness, we who practice the way of the gun are appalled by this stuff, but the common ignorant folks eat it up, which is exactly what the article is intended to do. Sad more than funny...
  4. this looks hot. nj legal or can it be made to be nj legal? i tried researching our dumb laws for pistol caliber carbines and there's actually not much out there https://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/2019/04/jeremy-s/new-from-lwrc-smg-45-45-acp-sbr-and-pistol/
  5. i'll tell you how he'll make out: he's fucked. sincerely, PRNJ
  6. are you guessing or do you know, because SIGMan pointed out a pretty remarkable discrepancy that i don't see was ever addressed
  7. did we ever clear up whether relatives were accepted as references? say a husband or wife?
  8. gtg, although they refuse to ship ammo to nj for some reason. this rubs me the wrong way
  9. i find the implementation across the internet to be wildly inconsistent, and not just from gun-related sites edit: see the guy above for examples
  10. the good news there is that now i can come back and let everyone know that in addition to the id card jackassery, brownells has now started charging sales tax. started noticing it a couple of weeks ago
  11. then what are you speculating will happen on jan 1? maybe i'm confused. are you talking about the federal level? because in nj nothing changes that didn't change jan 1 2018 when gov teeth took over and the dems controlled all aspects of nj government
  12. where are you from? the democrats have had control of the nj legislature for decades. don't post nonsense
  13. that hasn't stopped gangbangers in newark from having guns or illegals in california from voting. at all
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