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  1. Indianajonze

    The dreaded January 1st in NJ?

    then what are you speculating will happen on jan 1? maybe i'm confused. are you talking about the federal level? because in nj nothing changes that didn't change jan 1 2018 when gov teeth took over and the dems controlled all aspects of nj government
  2. Indianajonze

    The dreaded January 1st in NJ?

    where are you from? the democrats have had control of the nj legislature for decades. don't post nonsense
  3. Indianajonze

    The Ten round mag law

    Point? Or just trolling?
  4. that hasn't stopped gangbangers in newark from having guns or illegals in california from voting. at all
  5. Bernard B. Kerik (@BernardKerik) tweeted at 2:39 PM on Fri, Dec 14, 2018: NJ Governor @GovMurphy is endangering the life of every off duty NJ cop! Gang bangers, drug thugs and really bad guys don't give a damn about magazine capacity... So he takes the good guy's ammunition, and the bad guys are loaded for bear! @FoxNews @CNN @newsmax @DLoesch @ABC https://t.co/b40cFsD9bF (https://twitter.com/BernardKerik/status/1073663755102367744?s=09)
  6. I think only that one clown in the other thread was doing that
  7. I cannot understate how huge this is. It's the first circuit Court in the nation that Trump is going to turn conservative, and it happens to be ours. It swings from a 10-4 liberal paradise to a solid 8-6 conservative majority. YUGE! I'll be honest, I track this stuff closely and did not see this one coming. My money was on the 11th being the first one he flipped. Vanaski's out of the blue announcement is a Christmas miracle https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2018/11/19/donald-trumps-judges-making-courts-more-conservative-slowly/2005281002/
  8. Well there it is folks. The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Judge Thomas Vanaski today announced his retirement from the 3rd circuit effective Jan 2. With Bibas (I told you all he's a good one) and Porter safely installed and with Matey on deck as soon as the Jeff flake blockade is ended, this means that for the very first time, there will be a CONSERVATIVE MAJORITY on the 3rd circuit. Vanaski was an obama appointee and his retirement is rather shocking. This is the best news you'll hear all year.
  9. Indianajonze

    Fear Mongering?

    I cannot wait to get out of this fkn state Sent from my SM-T710 using Tapatalk
  10. this is great. we should all call njsp and the governor's office hourly and ask about this new law. i'm confused and need clarification. hourly. for the next 6 months or so
  11. Indianajonze

    Magazine Ban Upheld

    logistics question for those in the know. this mag ban will be overturned. i don't want to debate so just assume this is the case for the sake of the argument. i assume then that the state will then appeal to the full 3rd circuit, which i imagine will take months. in the meantime, and it's the "in the meantime" i'm worried about, the idiots in trenton will no doubt try to introduce new legislation to fix the many issues this bill has. my question is, what is the timeline for that? when is the next legislative session and how long can one expect before a new ban is passed? 3 months? 6 months? i'm figuring once the ban is overturned it will take a week or so for the retailers to greenlight the shipping of mags and pistols with 15rd mags to nj again. if i put in for my permits by mid december, and it takes 30-40 days to process, i'd assume i have a good 1-2 months to buy this stuff, no?
  12. not so easy when you find your client base shrinking. it used to be only 2-3 states they couldn't ship to. have you seen the list lately? at some point they're just as likely to say, the heck with it, we're shipping to nj anyway
  13. if you had no intention of antagonizing anyone, why come here seeking advice you have no intention of following?
  14. this hearing (and this law) is ridiculous. let me understand. the state gets in front of a judge to argue that an item (15rd mag), which has been legal for 100 years in the state of NJ, and is still legal to own until at least november, is, overnight, a "dangerous and unusual weapon"? a magazine. a magazine is no more a weapon in and of itself than a cellphone or a brick. any judge with any sense at all would have granted the injunction then and there

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