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  1. There is no such thing as dual residency. I'm pretty sure if you have a drivers license that is your state of residence. Its not required by law to have a drivers license, in which case I'd presume it would be something like the address you claim residency on your state income tax or something. That being said.... For the purpose your talking about owning or renting and living part time in that dwelling may suffice. But keep in mind... I only play a lawyer on TV. Maybe you should ask or wait for one with a real law degree to chime in? Also what NJGF said is 100% true. You don't need a FID, registration or to notify the police or any authority to keep a NJ legal firearm that you legal own in your residence. But that still brings us full circle to can you be a NJ resident if you hold an out of state drivers license or claim residency in another state on your state tax form?
  2. I forget whats on that letter to references. It askes about your character, but does it "specify" what for? Even if it says something like "would this person pose a danger by possessing a firearm" they might get off on a technicality being it just asks a question and does not specifically say you have or are attempting to get a firearm.
  3. Welcome to the forum and The peoples republik of NJ. In a nut shell in NJ assault weapon ban is effective, as of just recently 10 round max mags, NO hollow points out side the home...…. You obviously don't have a FID (NJ gun card) if your daughter doesn't have one, I'd recommend renting at the range vs driving with a fire arm in the car. Be advised NJ is one of the most anti 2A states in the country. You will be arrested and prosecuted for any firearm violation you even remotely violate...… And in many places arrested for infractions a LEO thinks your violating but actually are not...…. If you do get arrested in NJ on a firearm violation you are guilty un till proven innocent as well. Again, welcome to NJ and the forum and have fun at the range, But be careful coming and going.
  4. I got a BCM break that looks just like a bird cage ……. Got it cuz if ya don't look tacticool on the firing line all the other kids laugh at ya...…. Jus when your shooting with it set up between 2 people you don't like.... Its obnoxiously LOUD!
  5. Looks like a very old thread/question resurrected...… I'll throw in my 2 cents for what its worth...…. I have Magpul Pro's on my 16" M&P15, back up for an Eothech…… Its the only AR I have with an optic and back up, and I shoot better with it using the sights over the Red Dot?
  6. I was thinking the same thing...…… You say you have an 18 inch barrel with a 1:8 twist? You bought a barrel not pre drilled for a gas block?
  7. The Supreme Court has established that the Second Amendment is an individuals right as was the unquestioned given when it was made part of the US Constitution If I'm not mistaken, in 1791 when the Second Amendment was ratified, a musket was an assault rifle and ball and powder its ammo? I may be wrong, but I have never heard or read anywhere that in colonial times muskets/assault rifles or the amount of ball and powder one could possess or carry being regulated? I have also been under the impression that in that time it was Common to carry a handgun in any fashion one desired without and type of permission or registration being acceptable? If these things were intended to go unchecked at the time they were implemented, how is interpreting them in any other way today justified? A facet of todays population may say, times have changed. If this argument is sufficient to rewrite or abolish one protection of the Bill Of Rights shouldn't the others be examined as well i.e. Freedom Of Speech, Freedom Of Religion, Civil Rights? Until that time comes how is the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed words that could possibly be interpreted as anything other than what they say?
  8. reimbursed
  9. But they have said it and got away with it...… During the federal AWB and the existing one in NJ..... All that's allowed is a detachable mag and 1 evil feature...…. That being the pistol grip. They're getting away with saying the pistol grip is a feature that makes it significantly identical to an M 16 Is sad but true (The fact that they get away with it that is)
  10. Just my opinion.... But if its satisfiably modified to 10 rounds, is no longer an operable 15 round mag.
  11. What I'd like to see published is the court depositions to show the rest of the country how a law abiding Joe goes to prison for 5 years on a technicality when a punk that commits armed robbery plea bargains the whole fact that he had and used the gun to rob away?
  12. I don't think it passed both houses yet either...…. But with the bunch in Trenton only a fool would have doubts its not a shoe in. I'm just hoping with murphy and company down there they'll take enough rope to hang them selves.
  13. "IIm not a lawyer, but the way the statute reads, the part is illegal prior to manufacturing." As I said... in the scenario I'm implying, the lower was obtained and made legally outside NJ. I've seen nothing in past or even S2465 that would be illegal about the person who made this firearm legally in another state, from bringing it to and keeping it in your NJ home. Is this the case or did I miss something? Also re: only the 80% being banned by S2465 or all the other bits and pieces? Anybody got the definate answer to that?
  14. Maybe someone more knowledgeable than myself can shed some light on the issue. 1) Where they talk about parts capable of building, are they referring to unsterilized, unfinished receiver castings or all gun parts (barrels, stocks, triggers, handguards, sights ect)? 2) Would / How would this effect a situation where someone who prior to this law taking effect finished an 80% lower in another state and brought it into NJ as a firearm they legally owned? As far as I can see previously there was nothing illegal about this. Does this new law have any retro provision that would now make that firearm illegal?
  15. All this debate is giving me a head ache...... Why not simply look at it this way..... What would happen if you or I had done the same thing?