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  1. That would be the one.... Seems like it was 5 year, not 8 month. Disgusting isn't it.
  2. The question of "can you" is a question only you can answer as it addresses your skills. The question I imagine your asking is, is it legal to do it yourself. The short answer to this is, yes. But when you look into the logistics of doing so, if you possess all the components to put the firearm together before doing the pin and weld on the threaded barrel, possessing the threaded barrel violates NJ law
  3. Seems to me I read a thread on here posted by a guy a few months back who's guns were confiscated under the red flag law. The reason he posted was because he was seeking advice regarding the fact that the courts decision was he was not a threat to society by possessing firearms but 8 months later the prosecutors office would still not return his property. So much for laws protecting law abiding firearm owners in new jersey. NJ Status Quo = Laws only applies to prosecutions. Defendants rights do not apply.
  4. You can get brand new in box Spyderco Police for $100 on Ebay and Amazon
  5. I sold off a bunch of knives on Ebay in order to finance an AR. I actually got decent prices for all of them (mostly Effingham Ek's and Blackjacks and a Bark River)
  6. I bought some kydex intending to make some sheaths but then thought about how its said to stink up the oven its being heated in and my wife getting a whiff of her oven with a cast iron frying pan in her hand and changed my mind
  7. I thought I was the only SA/DA fan left in the world.... IMHO carrying a striker is almost like carrying a cocked SA without a safety.
  8. I've had Lansky systems and a Work Sharp machine. Both would sharpen a knife, but find sharpening by hand with a $100 1x40 Home Depot belt grinder to be faster and easier. Once you get a feel for it you can come out with anything from a utility to razor edge fast
  9. Looks like they pre-emptively took a page out of NYC's play book after ruthies demise. With the analogy, Why should we make this a law when if the Supreme Court takes it they will declare it unconstitutional, so we'd have to scramble to reverse it, to make the case mute before it opens up a can of worms exposing all the other unconstitutional nj anti gun laws
  10. Yes this is true, but our founding fathers saw fit to designate "the right to keep and bare arms" as unalienable. Gas not so much. If I'm not mistaken Thomas Jefferson drove Tesla.
  11. I'm wondering..... Bar the fact that this is a Boro issue/decision, does it in any form set a precedent on firearm/ammo taxes in NJ? https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/new-jersey-mayor-rescinds-2-500-bill-issued-to-teen-over-peaceful-blm-protest/ar-BB18vsSh?ocid=anaheim-ntp-feeds "I have researched the issue further with my own counsel and it is clear that the exercise of Constitutional Rights are treated differently when it comes to Borough administration and billing." ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Also, I may be mistaken here, buy wasn't SCOTUS actually involved in banning requiring ID to vote based on low income discrimination (can't afford a, what is it? $8 state ID)? Would this not also apply to any/excessive tax on 2A Rights?
  12. I shipped a handgun to Buds a couple years ago(may be different for long guns). At the time (laws may have changed) it had to be shipped over night via UPS or FEDEX and only full service (possibly it may have been from a hub) locations will accept it. USPS is definitely a No Go
  13. Lets say the NJ appellate sides with the state. If two federal appellate courts render conflicting decisions, isn't SCOUTS constitutionally required to intervene?
  14. I agree with it would be great to have another Constitutionalist Judge on the Supreme Court (every one of them should be as mandated by the oath they took when appointed), I'm convinced Ginsburg is being held up and animated with props from "Weekend At Bernies" by house democrats until PRESIDENT TRUMP leaves office in 4 1/2 more yrs
  15. I ask a question as to their legality because verbally Murphy said possession is illegal and I didn't see anything in the statute making them illegal. I did not condone, state I had or wanted one or that anyone else in NJ should violate NJ law! I was seeking guidance to the statute wording that made them illegal. The Name of the sub-forum I posted it in is "Current New Jersey Gun Laws Discussion" not, "Lets quote fantasy movies to decide what to talk about". Apparently either you or myself require remedial reading comprehension tutoring
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