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  1. I agree with it would be great to have another Constitutionalist Judge on the Supreme Court (every one of them should be as mandated by the oath they took when appointed), I'm convinced Ginsburg is being held up and animated with props from "Weekend At Bernies" by house democrats until PRESIDENT TRUMP leaves office in 4 1/2 more yrs
  2. I ask a question as to their legality because verbally Murphy said possession is illegal and I didn't see anything in the statute making them illegal. I did not condone, state I had or wanted one or that anyone else in NJ should violate NJ law! I was seeking guidance to the statute wording that made them illegal. The Name of the sub-forum I posted it in is "Current New Jersey Gun Laws Discussion" not, "Lets quote fantasy movies to decide what to talk about". Apparently either you or myself require remedial reading comprehension tutoring
  3. In NJ when a piece of scum is arrested for a crime and have a firearm in their possession, the firearm charge is dropped for a plea bargain guilty plea on the other charge If your a law abiding citizen caught in the NJ gun laws trap and they can't charge you with anything else they will fight tooth and nail to imprison you for that. Case in point: A while back, (I'm thinking 15ish yrs ago) a guy was arrested, convicted and sentenced in NJ. His crime? He had a Hollow Point bullet in a drilled out case (OBVIOUSLY no powder) with a spent primer on his key ring. Sad (discussing) thing is, its gotten worse since then. In light of what's going on today apparently its OK to riot, loot, burn, physically assault, murder (assassinate LEO"s). But its not OK to holster a tool to defend yourself from it! I live in a semi-urban town where I'm not in proximity to what the afore mentioned pieces of shit are doing. The peaceful protesters(?) are calling for the dispansion PD"s and the looters are loving it. I hope they do in places like NYC, Chicago, LA, Detroit. I would LOVE to see how that works out for them (fuking MORONS).
  4. I don't know the statute number but its my understanding that anytime you're receiving a gun from an FFL who got the gun from a 3rd party it's handled as a transfer no matter who owns the gun. Case in point: You go to an FFL to sell a gun to a friend....... The NICS check is technically not done until the sale has been made and they are being cleared to take possession of it. Therefore if their NICS comes back NG, you have to have a permit to have the gun transferred back to you because during the course of your selling it (between the sale and the NICS denial) it had been transferred to the FFL. As ass backward as this is I believe the logistics are a Fed thing not NJ. This wouldn't be that big of a deal though, anywhere else the FFL could just transfer it back to you. But because this is NJ to have it (your gun) transferred back to you you have to go through all the steps as if your obtaining a new gun If I were you I'd just keep this as low key as possible and go through getting a permit to get it back from the FFL that has it. Like njJoniGuy said above..... your leaving it with your buddy who works on guns (but has no FFL) was an illegal transfer to begin with. No different in the eyes of the law than giving a gun to some guy standing on the corner of GotYourFix St and DriveBy Blv in Newark
  5. My guess is they'll use the play book other blatantly anti-2A states use..... Keep their denial intact until a court they know will overturn it accepts it. Then reverse their decision (in this case return the woman's guns), thus muting the case leaving no record it ever happened and more importantly no precedent in future similar cases
  6. They don't need covid19 to be allowed slack. The judge in Camden gave them a blank check when he decided the 30 statute was superseded by public safety, ultimately allowing issuing authorities to completely ignore it in NJ
  7. If it were just about any where other than NJ I'd say this is a big step in the right direction. Where I see an absurd argument the state/local courts will take is “f a court has any questions regarding the applicant or his or her permit to carry application, it must hold a hearing to address those questions. The court should not simply deny the application.” “[A] hearing must be held whenever the court contemplates denying a handgun carry-permit[.]”. The merriam-webster dictionary defines contemplates as 1: to view or consider with continued attention : meditate on 2: to view as likely or probable or as an end or intention So if a judge looks at a filling that says "justifiable need is, self defense or 2A or someone wrote with their finger on my cars filthy back window "I'm going to kill you". The judge immediately decides without questions or contemplation justifiable need is not met or warranted, could this not then be argued (granted absurdly) no rearing is required?
  8. This covers what I already know .........This is all about doing it IN Jersey My question was, you have a home in or live in another state..... Then you move to jersey with the gun you made from parts in another state. Assuming the gun is NJ legal, is it legal to possess here (ie does not violate NJ AWB)? chapter 58 of Title 2C of the New Jersey Statutes,1 purchases 1or otherwise obtains1 separately or as 1part of1 a kit1a firearm frame or firearm receiver which is not imprinted with a serial number registered with a federally licensed manufacturer” You've purchased, obtained parts for, assembled in another state, then moved or brought it to your Jersey residence. In a nut shell I'm asking if it's already yours and finished in another state, I don't see anything in the statute that stops you from bringing it to your home in Jersey..... 1) Gov Bucky says in the video mere possession of the finished gun is illegal in NJ. 2)All I see in the statute is obtaining parts and manufacturing it in NJ is covered, It doesn't mention or address... You've purchased, obtained parts for, assembled in another state, then moved or brought it to your Jersey residence. So as far as I can see the statute has nothing preventing or making possession illegal in example 2).... Is this correct or am I still missing something?
  9. Its my understanding that in NJ you may not manufacture a firearm without license to do so, even for personal ownership. It was also my understanding that someone who legally manufactured a NJ legal firearm in another jurisdiction for their own nontransferable ownership and then brought that firearm into there NJ residence (serialized or not) was not in violation of any NJ laws. In this video murphy states "anyone caught possessing a homemade or 3D printed firearm .......... will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, up to 5 years in prison" I know (so called) 80% blanks and paraphernalia have been banned from sale and commercial shipment to NJ. Is murphy correct that the legislation he's gloating over here makes what I said about bringing in a firearm you manufactured legally some where else illegal to possess in NJ or is he just injecting what he wants it to be into what it is?
  10. I based this statement On what I was told by the DMV when I inherited property in FL about 6 yrs ago. When transferring title to a car I also inherited (Keeping it titled in FL changed to my name was no problem), I asked about getting a FL drivers license as being a FL property owner. I was told that FL did not recognized dual residency. They said I could get a FL, DL being a property owner but would have to surrender my NJ DL. I was doing this in hopes of being able to buy my firearms in FL without jumping through the hoops and restrictions in NJ. I'm thinking (dual) residency maybe different in different contexts. You can have "a residence" in two states perhaps and have some resident privileges in both perhaps, but if I'm not mistaken you can only be a legal resident in the one you live 6 mo or more a year in? If this is not true and you can be a (dual) legal resident in two states accomplishing what my intentions were (living 90% of the time in NJ but owning a home and purchasing firearms in FL) would be legal to do as a resident and in both states. I took a shot and could see the reason (under current law) it didnt work out. Like I said above this is what I based "Neither Florida nor New Jersey recognize dual residency" statement on. I may be wrong and don't want to open up a big can of worms if I am, but I'm thinking if there are some provisions for recognized dual residency it omits some rights and privilege's from one vs the one you enjoy in the state you live in 51% of the time. Maybe a better choice of words have been legal resident.
  11. You can bring any NJ legal firearm you own to your NJ residence as long as your not a disqualified person. If you are not a Florida resident you cannot legally purchase a handgun in Florida. Neither Florida nor New Jersey recognize dual residency If you do own and legally keep a handgun in NJ you cannot purchase handgun ammo without a FID. Ironically that brings to mind a question I have. If you live in NJ and do not have a FID, can you buy all the stuff you need to load your own? I'd be surprised if you could buy powder without one but I'm thinking bullets, cases, primers, machines are all unrestricted? is this correct?
  12. I'm not sure of the exact details as they pertain to this situation, but its probably kind of intertwined with: If you take a handgun to an FFL to do do a personal transfer the way the nj law is now, and the buyer comes back No Go from NICS, The FFL cannot give you your own gun back without a purchase permit?
  13. Its free on comcast somewhere. I watched it the other night. If you have a voice remote say Blues Brothers and it should come up
  14. What's everyone doing with their pandemic isolation free time? Activity on the forum has gone up 5,000%. Need I say more?
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