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  1. Welcome Innavedaw. from the shore. Good luck with the move. you're going to like this forum. And PORK ROLL if your South, TAYLOR HAM if you're a Bennie!
  2. Welcome to the forum, Mr. Rullo. Reduce spending, cut costs, lower taxes and pro 2A, you have my attention. The above concern regarding "fair school funding" is also an issue I'm interested in.
  3. Push test= Push the bullet against the bench to test for proper crimp. And yeah also "plunk" to test the round goes into the barrel properly. I use a case gage because I shoot multiple guns.
  4. Hopefully you did a "push" test first.
  5. I'm in...sent emails to my assemblymen and senator...we'll see.
  6. You should pick up the Enfield. I'll take the Mauser
  7. There you go.
  8. Kitchen table. What you sayin' 'bout Hoppe's? Sure beats potpourri.
  9. I'm an old BP shooter, so cleaning after every session is a habit I'm not willing to break regardless of shooting smokeless or not. Since I reload I also like to check the condition of barrel for leading, etc. Old dog/new tricks.
  10. No point, T Bill, just tongue in cheek. Bows and arrows were "assault" weapons of THEIR time also. I have no use for ignorant Liberal arguments either. My personal preference is anything that goes boom.
  11. I just may have to rethink this Eugene Stoner design, maybe replace my Mauser, Browning and Garand designed weapons...okay I thought about it...Nah.
  12. Welcome to the madness. Nice choices for your first 2 weapons. I think you'll like the SKS too.
  13. I don't have experience with the Dillon, so FWIW, I started with a Lee single stage and worked up to the Classic turret. Nice thing with the turret is you can get the extra turrets for each caliber/setup, saves time and aides in consistency. I still use the single stage for depriming, sizing , etc.
  14. This tragedy affects so many. My prayers go out to the family and friends of that poor desperate soul. My support to all that are a part of the GFH community.
  15. Agreed, Kaiser rolls NOT, even worse...on a bagel??? I'll be in "Fast Break" enjoying a pork roll, egg n cheese on a hard roll with a splash of "Franks".