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  1. Straight out of Germany, not even an import mark.
  2. Hans was just there for effect, the first picture is my actual gun just like in my prof pic
  3. tshirts

    Another little add on if you have a say, use Gildan. Much higher quality IMO and cheaper than Hanes.
  4. tshirts

    All this waiting almost makes me want to buy two.
  5. I'd probably have to go with my P7. It was my first handgun that my wife purchased for me from her Uncle. That and it's a P7!
  6. Congrats! I was super nervous I was going to fail but decided to try with the EVAC not ready. Shocked it worked out but was glad they allowed 1 not ready code. My CEL actually turned on in the parking lot after I went through inspection LMAO!
  7. So I cleared my codes, drove mine until all but my EVAP code was registered. Brought it to inspection and I passed fine. Just don't have your CEL on.
  8. I had no CEL and a bad EVAP code and still passed inspection. I pulled out of inspection and my CEL came on. I'm pretty sure you are allowed one code. IDK just my experience and this was a few months ago.
  9. Yup, live in Budd Lake and damn that things was low and loud! Judging by FB posts it was traveling NNW. Was seen in Wantage last post I saw on FB.
  10. All Walmarts within a 50 mile radius has fireworks, except for mine 1mi from me. After work today I went to the Target by my work in Rockaway and they had about 8-10 of these left for $29.99. Pretty much all fountains.
  11. I went to the Walmart in Mt Olive yesterday and didn't see anything. I am sad
  12. Time and time again I see people posting, shoot what you're comfortable with. Regardless of reliability, what the forum thinks, what the reviews are, etc. Now...@ghanson is posting that his wife is comfortable shooting a certain pistol and it's not good enough? As long as it shoots, and she's comfortable shooting it. You're good to go. Congrats on her new gun!
  13. Any firearm question goes unanswered. It's NONEYA!
  14. This weekend just Coors Light. Last weekend I was off so a bit of this.. This... and this...
  15. Come pull a weed out of my garden and I'll pay you a dollar, there I'm your boss for all intents and purposes. Your boss is a cool guy, just sayin'