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  1. Add on to the above: It's an original HK P7 PSP straight from Germany, no import markings. Only scratch it has on it is on the trigger guard on one side. Other than that, perfect condition with 2 original mags.
  2. The PSP in my prof pic I bought as my first gun about 4 or 5 years ago and I was told it was worth around $1200-$1400 in its condition. So that makes complete sense. Before you ask...no I did not pay that price otherwise I'd never own a PSP, but I will tell you even though it's worth that I'd also never sell it.
  3. I've been keeping up with it, I just don't watch it live that much any more. If there's a Devils game on or I'm watching the DVR'd NASCAR race I'll save it until the next day or day after. It took me until Tuesday to finally watch this weeks. I can honestly say watching the previews for the upcoming episodes, I haven't been this excited for TWD in a long time.
  4. I get the exact same ones, but my email is used in a lot of places.
  5. All the nitpicking, you wonder why this shit wasn't offered earlier HAHA
  6. For the record. Kind of not the point. There were MANY offers of people to design or offer new shirts. It's not up the the members but the mods and owner of the site to sign off on it. Just sayin'
  7. You'll never make everyone happy. I like the new design, I just like the option Mak gave awhile ago better, before he disappeared again. I'll order one regardless because NJGF is awesome and I wanna rep it when I can. Been wanting a shirt forever!
  8. Cinnamon helps too, whether it be cinnamon gum, mints, hell I have even heard of people chewing on cinnamon sticks. It gives you that "burn" sensation like you get when you're smoking. I constantly had cinnamon mints on me after I first quit. To this day I still have mints on me at all times, they're just not cinnamon.
  9. Like I said earlier and a couple others have reinforced. Distraction is your best bet to overcome urges. It's going to be different for everyone what will successfully distract you away from the urge but it works. I believe the scientific or w/e BS theory is 5 minutes of distraction and the urge goes away.
  10. Cold turkey. Everything else is just prolonging it. When you get a craving think/do something else for a few minutes and it goes away. I haven't smoked in 7 or 8 years and I still get cravings. I honestly didn't even want to quit, my wife wanted me to. It was mind over matter, nothing else.
  11. Works perfect, thanks again.
  12. Thanks! The older version said he was shutting it down and after September the app will force shut itself. Effective immediately no videos would be playable and to delete the current app so I did LOL. Is this normal for him to make new ones to keep from being shut down or w/e?
  13. The developer of Terrarium has shut it down. I actually was on it 30 mins ago trying to watch something and it's only a notice saying he's pursuing other things. I really can't wait for Verizon 5G to come to our area and completely get rid of Optimum and their years of charging stupid amounts of money because they're a monopoly where I live.
  14. Damn Russians. Yesterday it was NJGF, today it's NICs. What will it be tomorrow???