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  1. Thanks, from what I've found it's a company that orders special finishes for firearms. A little more info here. http://www.taloinc.com/about-us
  2. Damn that's an awesome deal, I may have to buy another one! I just bought mine in April and I thought I got a good deal at $179.99. For size comparison here's mine below my Shield.
  3. I have a Note 9 and it's loading fine, both mobile and desktop site, using Chrome.
  4. I'm waiting for someone to say they don't get it lmao! Let's take predictions...
  5. California, what they gonna play next for gun laws? https://tribunist.com/news/multiple-injuries-reported-in-mass-shooting-at-gilroy-garlic-festival/?utm_source=zulu&fbclid=IwAR1XjAI3PHysl78ZlH_cqMm_8j4D2R9Hc7_KdNskayiwys-U-O2dtlrt6Sk
  6. Sit and wait, you'll get a confirmation email saying your background check went through, then an email saying your permits are ready, then I would assume a call from NJSP saying to come pick them up.
  7. You're just waiting for the email saying the PD marked your application as "complete", then a phone call from your PD telling you they're signed and ready to pick up.
  8. I just picked up a handgun today, my P2P has my initial for my middle name, when filling out the form I put my full middle name. No issues. It's been like this every handgun I've purchased. No worries. You're fine.
  9. Nope, you don't pay until you pick up the permits. I picked mine up today and handed the officer at the dispatch window my $6 check for my 3 permits. He looked confused and asked if the guy dealing with the permits knew I was dropping a check off. I laughed a little and said, I used the new NJ FARS system and you don't pay until you pick them up. He goes "Oh! You're the first one for this!" LOL
  10. Finally got the call that my permits are ready to be picked up. Applied late 3/20, had about a week delay with one of my references/the PD getting their logins and it seems another 1.5 week delay because the clerk was sick. So without delays it would have been just over 3 weeks which is standard for my PD.
  11. @mjtrip001 , I'm in the same situation as far as being the first in my town. I guess my contact at the PD has been a bit more helpful than yours is being. We are pretty much going through the exact same process but I applied on the 20th of March. I also had a delay in one of my references who didn't receive his email and that is when my contact with my local PD initiated. When I talked to him today he said he finished my application through the FARS system last Friday which is when I got the email it was completed. I would contact him and say you haven't received your completion email from the NJ FARS system and was wondering if there was anything else you can or needed to do to help the process. One thing I have been doing the entire time is saying I know I'm the first one, I'm in no rush for my permits, that I really just wanted to help my local PD get familiar with process so it'll be streamlined in the future. I've joked numerous times that I don't mind being the guinea pig, and I'm glad I could help him learn the new system.
  12. I hadn't heard anything since last Friday, so I emailed the Corporal I talked to earlier for a status update. He immediately called me and apologized saying he set my application as approved and done on Friday like I said above, the woman in charge of typing up the permits has been out sick all week and has caused this new delay. He said he's been working on the policy changes for the department to implement the FARS system and said it was a good learning process. He said there's been 2 more applicants since I was the guinea pig. Early next week I should have my permits. The old way was definitely faster, it's always been +/- three weeks, but given the learning process that I'm hoping I've helped my PD figure out, the delay with my one references not getting the email reference, and this new delay, I'm still saying it should have been around or under 2 weeks. See above, if you received the automated email that they're done and you called two weeks ago, I would reach out nicely and ask.
  13. Got the email this morning at 6:03am that my permits are ready. Waiting until that call me to pick them up. That makes it 3 weeks and a day which is normal for my town. If you minus out the week or so delay for my one reference not receiving his email it would cut it down to 2 weeks.
  14. If you check this thread for my replies it'll explain a little more in detail. Basically, they're supposed to get them instantly. My one references did not get his, he checked his spam, etc. I had to contact my local PD to have them log into the system and have them resend the reference form. He got it the second time. Let me know if you have any other questions.
  15. Little update, last Thursday I sent an email to one of the officers listed on my town site that is supposed to deal with the applications. Saturday I hadn't heard back so I sent the same email to the general "firearms@xxxx.org" address. I just received a call from one of the officers. He said I'm the first to use the new system. The county hasn't even informed them how to use it yet and they just received their login information today so they could log in and see what going on. I'm assuming they requested their logins because of my email and because he said he knew there was one person (me) in their queue. We talked about the new system a bit and he joked around that we'll work through and learn it all together. He resent the reference email so I'm waiting to hear back if my friend got it. He also said that he sees my other reference responded and the date/time, my criminal check was back and my mental health was there too. Only thing left for him to do was get my 2nd reference and to have dispatch check my records and my permits would be issued. While typing this my reference said he received the email the officer sent today and will fill it out after he gets off work!
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