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  1. That's a much bigger topic than this thread.
  2. I'm only asking how the context went. You heard it, I didn't. Do you think it was anti? Also how did all of the after talk go with the callers coming in? Truly asking, not trying to push you on the topic.
  3. Come on, D&D just play off each other. I highly doubt Deminsky was serious. You think he was? You were the one listening. The stronger point of this conversation is what did the callers say? Supported, anti, ambiguous? You tell me...
  4. I just sent them this.
  5. I have no experience with them but have only read good things about them. I chose the EX because they state it's made specifically for a 14.5"-16" barrel which is what I was going to use. Thanks for the reassurance! Oh also the VG6 just looks badass!
  6. Damn it, I just paid $64 1.5 months ago for the VG6 Gamma EX, and that was a good deal at the time. Oh well... To the OP, I'm not sure how well it works yet. I'm building my first rifle on Friday. EDIT: I actually paid $54ish, I had a coupon for 15% off. Different website though lol
  7. I signed up just because I was curious. I really only saw a couple of idiots saying to ban AR's. Everyone else was arguing with those two idiots.
  8. 15 rounds are GTG for any semi auto firearm in NJ, at least for now.
  9. I've been looking on amazon and I see some kits with front dash cams and rear cams that look like a little box. I'm considering running one of those in the near future I just not sure which brand would be best.
  10. I think my wife may have an account here, if not I'll make her one so she can post in the women's section that won't ever be made.
  11. My edit didn't save correctly. The first clank you hear at 2.5 secs was him hitting me. The second clank at 25.5 seconds was me rolling down my window. As I yelled "HEY" it was because I noticed he wasn't following me to pull over and I was waving him over to pull over.
  12. Yes that's the guy that rear ended me.
  13. I updated the post.
  14. Thanks man. I think it's time for an upgrade for sure. I didn't really care in my POS 2004 Hyundai Accent with 265k miles but in a brand new Ram I'm a bit more concerned on getting the license plate.
  15. I'm thinking it's time to buy a new dash camera. Guy behind me rear ended my 4 month old truck this morning then proceeded to leave the scene. There's two gashes in my bumper from his licence plate frame and I was on my way to work so my dumbass left before calling the local PD. Local PD tells me I have to submit a form to the State PD for them to investigate it, if I had stayed they could have filed a report. I have him driving away on my dash cam but can't really make out his license plate. I don't know if it's my video software I'm using or it's really just the G1W's limits. I have the short video I made which I'll post once I remember how to embed.