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  1. I haven't received anything either but these types of things usually take 6-8 weeks so we should know soon enough.
  2. My 10/22 hates CCI. I ran about 1k rounds of garbage through it without a hiccup, all different brands. I had some CCI mini mags and tried them, kept getting jammed. I'll go ahead and stick with the garbage for my 10/22.
  3. What kman said. Stash it away somewhere, one day you may thank yourself. If not, sell it for retirement funds.
  4. I don't care for Glock, but I like free stuff! Thanks for the heads up.
  5. Merry Christmas NJGF family. I hope everyone gets the chance to enjoy the day with family. PSA: Remember, alcohol and politics don't mix.
  6. Just permanently alter them yourself. https://www.magazineblocks.com/magento/magblock-universal-pistol-limiter.html
  7. Add on to the above: It's an original HK P7 PSP straight from Germany, no import markings. Only scratch it has on it is on the trigger guard on one side. Other than that, perfect condition with 2 original mags.
  8. The PSP in my prof pic I bought as my first gun about 4 or 5 years ago and I was told it was worth around $1200-$1400 in its condition. So that makes complete sense. Before you ask...no I did not pay that price otherwise I'd never own a PSP, but I will tell you even though it's worth that I'd also never sell it.
  9. I've been keeping up with it, I just don't watch it live that much any more. If there's a Devils game on or I'm watching the DVR'd NASCAR race I'll save it until the next day or day after. It took me until Tuesday to finally watch this weeks. I can honestly say watching the previews for the upcoming episodes, I haven't been this excited for TWD in a long time.
  10. I get the exact same ones, but my email is used in a lot of places.
  11. All the nitpicking, you wonder why this shit wasn't offered earlier HAHA
  12. For the record. Kind of not the point. There were MANY offers of people to design or offer new shirts. It's not up the the members but the mods and owner of the site to sign off on it. Just sayin'
  13. You'll never make everyone happy. I like the new design, I just like the option Mak gave awhile ago better, before he disappeared again. I'll order one regardless because NJGF is awesome and I wanna rep it when I can. Been wanting a shirt forever!
  14. Cinnamon helps too, whether it be cinnamon gum, mints, hell I have even heard of people chewing on cinnamon sticks. It gives you that "burn" sensation like you get when you're smoking. I constantly had cinnamon mints on me after I first quit. To this day I still have mints on me at all times, they're just not cinnamon.
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