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  1. One thing to remember with these services, just like anything else when there's a catastrophe they will fail. Just like Sandy, how willing are you to be without your phone? Verizon, although the most expensive, does right by their customers by making sure they have service at all cost possible. Most companies' towers have a 4 hour battery backup in case of power loss, Verizon has 8 hour battery backup and generators on top of that to make sure their customers don't lose service. In times like Harvey they dispatch mobile units to provide service and aide. It's not only local, it's global, every catastrophe overseas like the Japan Tsunami etc, Verizon has provided FREE calls from people in the US to those in the affected country. Cheap is great, yes, but for those that preach about stocking food, water, and ammo, also remember communication with family and friends.
  2. I did not know that. I was actually wondering why I hadn't seen Chin or Kono. I didn't know they left. http://ew.com/tv/2017/09/29/hawaii-five-0-daniel-dae-kim-grace-park-exit-season-8-premiere/
  3. The new Hawaii 5-0 is awesome. New Lethal Weapon is awesome. McGuyver sucks ass...I tried getting into it and I just can't...I have 4 episode sitting in my DVR unwatched. I have the new SWAT scheduled to record tomorrow nights series premiere so we'll see how that is.
  4. Ever since the switch it's been like that for me. If I go to the next page I have to hit refresh in order for any content to show up. I thought it was only me since no one else mentioned it lol
  5. Good lord! I don't blame you, if they offered me that I would switch and I'm a VZW employee lol
  6. I have been to Victory Gardens! LMAO. I don't go to Mo-Town if possible. They did an instore pickup for a preorder in Bridgewater? What carrier? I have 16GB and I'm gasping for air but with the new update it archived a ton of my photo's and freed up 3GB of memory. I'm just keeping this damn thing as long as I can, although I do want the X. I won't be allowed to order one until sometime next year anyway. Right now I'm paying on 2 phones on my account so not really looking to add another $40 to my bill, even as an employee with a discount on my plan lol The big difference for me is I get a company phone, which is a Note 8 right now, so I don't give a shit what my personal phone is. So that has a lot to do with it and me not caring as much.
  7. I'm not $1150 intrigued either
  8. https://www.facebook.com/Hackettstown-Guns-Ammo-149337941815291/?hc_ref=ARTH2LhC27g_iyoJEI0ff-jhSBFaKPVxdIxu7-dji326zyMb2y5-FTyZtUAyjPtIVk0&fref=nf I've been following all day as much as I could. I know Budd Lake and Flanders responded to help. Let's hope Walt can get the store open again soon. It's an old building, as are all the ones on that main drag in Hackettstown. The front and main part of the store is a Uniform store so plenty of flammable stuff all around..
  9. Where the hell in Morris County would you need to carry a gun? LOL Just wondering. On a serious note, cause I'm just funning with you Howard, I work in the industry. Before my store opened this morning everything but the 64GB Silver wasn't scheduled to ship until early December. This is gonna be a shit show. Also, I have a 6 with 16GB of memory. This is the first iPhone I'm actually excited about. I'd take a Samsung or Pixel over an iPhone any day, but I am intrigued. I'm not $1000 intrigued though LOL
  10. This is how my wife orders mine. "Chicken and Broccoli with Snow Peas in Garlic Sauce extra, extra, extra, extra spicy. Like seriously I want his mouth to burn and him to feel it the next day" It still doesn't come spicy enough. Also I get extra crispy noodles and make a dipping sauce with the duck sauce and the mustard they give you. I through the fortune cookie out if no one eats mine. Those things are gross.
  11. If you want one of these, shop local and pay cash. You'll be a bit less or same out of pocket than online. I've already searched and after shipping and transfer it seems to be an even deal. Unless you find one for around $299 online (there isn't any that I saw) just get it local, IMO.
  12. You sayin' I can't handle the 12GA?
  13. Me wants a Tac-14...
  14. I know LOL! I went with the V6 since I won't really be towing, won't have a heavy payload, it's my main vehicle so better gas mileage, and I wanted to save somewhat on gas going from 30ish MPG to a truck MPG. Also cost was a huge factor. Trust me I tortured over that decision for a couple weeks leading up to it.