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  1. Even dreaded NAPPEN said long gun can be hanging out your front window, although not advised, unloaded with FID and legally you're safe. Handgun is different though.
  2. Long gun can be on the front seat, unloaded. Legally, you're 100% safe, but if you get pulled over it doesn't mean the officer will let you go...just sayin'
  3. False. I know the answer to all of this, but for those that may ask....I own a pickup. There is no trunk. If there is no trunk, it must be out of the drivers reach, but that is for handguns. Long guns do not have these restrictions.
  4. I’m just not a fan of the SB3 brace. I love the SB4. Here's my 16" AR and my "Other", built with the SB4 brace. It comes in just over 7" shorter than my AR.
  5. I want to do gunsmithing courses first, which I plan on doing very soon.
  6. I'm actually following this closely, because it's something I've wanted to do for a couple of years but I just don't have the finances to do it. One day I hope to make it happen. I wish you the best of luck and even though you're a bit from me I'll come over and say hi one day once you're up and running.
  7. JT I wish you were close to me cause I would use your ass every day of the week if I could. Unfortunately you are not. You do a great job to our community from what I see. Thank you brother.
  8. InFamous

    Beretta M1951

    The gun has a lot of holster wear but the barrel could be brand new for all I could tell. The trigger is smooth. It was a great purchase IMO.
  9. InFamous

    Beretta M1951

    Yes, this is not a C&R eligible firearm.
  10. InFamous

    Beretta M1951

    I love the way it came out honestly, the wood grips with the wear looks amazing. $300 for the gun $75 for the grips. Can't go wrong honestly especially since things are scarce, expensive and non-existent right now.
  11. I have never been questioned or even looked at while shouldering my "other". I built mine with the SB4 Brace which is very "stock" like. It's a brace...how you use it is up to you. It's intent is to be a brace and not shouldered.
  12. InFamous

    Beretta M1951

    Got the new grips, also test fired it but only a couple mags. Functioned flawlessly.
  13. @TechOpsInternational could be an option if they could reach out to me with price and availability.
  14. I didn't get an email about this and I'm very interested in one of these lowers. Unfortunately, none of those FFL's are close to me, are there any other purchase options?
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