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  1. Not all hunters are Fudds, but all Fudds are hunters...
  2. $15 on a mag is a huge savings. You're welcome I'm glad you got to take advantage. Hope you can take advantage again. If you decide not to do it the $15 way I posted a $10 code too.
  3. HAHAHA could be! I'm gonna grab more, just one at a time with different names and emails I guess. Just gonna wait till each ships first. They didn't seem happy about me trying to beat their system.
  4. I got this email. "Dear Dan, We have noticed there are multiple orders going to; 1) same shipping/billing address, 2) same person, 3) different emails. Per our disclaimer on GNA site https://www.1800gunsandammo.com/pages/offer-terms-and-conditions . We are cancelling this order. I do apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you, 1800GunsAndAmmo.com" Like bahahaha caught ya sucker!!!! LOL
  5. FYI they caught and cancelled my second order. I wasn't thinking and should have used my wife's name. They flagged my second order. I'm going to reorder under my wife's name after I get shipping confirmation for my first one LOL They show in stock for me still, or maybe it's just the one they put back into their inventory after they cancelled mine HAHA
  6. "PGN10" is another code for $10 off. It will work on the VP9 mag but I tried it on the Hexmag 10rd AR mag and it wouldn't work on one but does work on two of them so I'm not sure what the requirements are for that one. Also shipping bumped up to $7.50 so not really worth it.
  7. I randomly found this site while looking for some 10 rounders for my wife's Pavona and my VP9 to bring with me to the range and for home defense now. They only had VP9 mags for me so I added to the cart out of curiosity. I was able to grab a VP9 10 rd mag which is usually $32.64 for $21.39 shipped! WIKIBUY gave me a code for $15 off "GLOCKGUY226" (I'm assuming it was for first purchase because I couldn't use it again, but could from a different device afterwards) Needless to say I bought one from my computer and another from my cell phone. Shipping is also pretty cheap at $3.75. Hope it helps a few people out, even for other things a flat $15 discount is pretty huge off a $32 mag. https://www.1800gunsandammo.com/
  8. He closed the old location down and moved across the street to a much larger location. I haven't been there yet but he's been up and running for a couple months now. Some ideas he has floating around are to start offering classes and possibly a bow and arrow range in the basement since he has a ton of additional room now.
  9. I'm so mad I'll be leaving OBX that morning and won't be able to go check it out. I saw Walt post it on FB, saw that date and I went from to .
  10. 7th - 14th at Beachwood Resorts.
  11. We're going to Kitty Hawk in a couple weeks also. Hoping to hit the 4x4 beach 20 miles away and will look into the wild horse tour! I wish we had Brew Thru's around here LOL!
  12. Chrome and I still have to refresh to get the next page to load, super annoying.
  13. I watched the install video, and IMO it's 100% legal fixed stock. I built my first AR a couple months ago. Next AR will be more of a traditional build as I have an A2 stock I was given that I wanna use. Next build after that will include this stock we are discussing now I think. Here's my first build.
  14. Another thing to go by is the fact that it's marketed as a fixed stock. I would think by NJ law, just like muzzle brakes, the law would be interpreted by how it's marketed. Edit: That and the fact it doesn't move...regardless if you can adjust the length with tools/spacers.