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  1. My first AR I actually had my wife's cousin build. I purchased all the parts but he put it together. He's a Marine sniper and a gunsmith. This next build I built an "other" and did the lower myself. A couple frustrating moments but it made me just want to build another one!
  2. Just out of range of my Canary camera sorry maybe next time...is this for proof or fetish reasons?
  3. I vacuumed the cat the other day, but that was at 1am, after 15 beers...
  4. I actually recently completed my first lower, and besides and armorers wrench (which you can get cheap) and a 15 minute YouTube video..I didn't need anything "special". It's extremely intimidating when you haven't done it before. After completing my first one I could confidently do it again without the video. There's a couple tricky parts and a detent and spring may fly across the room, but besides that it's pretty straight forward. Don't let it scare ya. Also to add, always have an easily lost or broken parts kit or two around. Ya know in case....they're like $6 each...
  5. I received the "Why did you buy more beer?" remark this afternoon from the Mrs. So what if I have a 30 pack still sitting at the bottom of the stairs! LOL Also, that article is NOT Fake News. I'd say 55% is pretty accurate lol
  6. That's what I figured too lol, glad you get to get your business back open and make that $$$! By appointment only of course LOL
  7. Did you get confirmation that NICS will be open 8am tomorrow morning?
  8. Yes, but will they enable the button on the website for new NICS checks?
  9. He's worried about town issues, not state or national issues. Mt. Olive does not interfere with law abiding residents from obtaining firearms within NJ's current guidelines, so he does not see this as an issue he needs to take a stance on. That is my interpretation of his statement to me. He's 100% wrong on his idea of what the 2A is, if he states he is a supporter, and I told him that.
  10. Another thing, I've never seen Greenbaum say he's in favor of Red Flag Laws. The statement about that in this article is bullshit IMO. The other two things he said straight to me which is when we went at him. I know this article is posted today, but the original one when the resolution didn't pass was a few weeks ago.
  11. He's actually a great Mayor...but yes @DeerSlayer and I had a few words with him on FB when this article was posted in a local FB group. His point is to not politicize the township by dragging it into a controversial topic regardless of what that topic is. Is his stance on 2A wrong and unconstitutional? Yes, and we told him exactly that and why he was incorrect in his statements. On that note, MOPD is actually very pro 2A and does nothing to stand in the way of getting permits. All paperwork (before FARS) and any permits waiting to be picked up are even at the dispatch window available 24/7. If I have permits ready to be picked up I could walk in at 2am and get them if I wanted to.
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