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  1. Mt. Olive is around 3 weeks for permits and will extend them another 90 days which takes 24-48hrs. All of it is done at the dispatch window so no need for an appointment.
  2. https://www.accuweather.com/en/hurricane/tracker Katia and Lee. Pick Atlantic track on link above and sub drop down will give you the tracks.
  3. A few people I know have done a version of this and they love it. Note: Without the use of the pavers for the bottom, I think all of them just used stone. Cheap and easy...it's what I plan on doing when we move, although I like the look of diamond's posted above also. I may have to reconsider! http://www.keepingitsimplecrafts.com/2016/06/how-to-build-diy-fire-pit-for-only-60.html
  4. That's how I read it also, giving those legally allowed to have a firearm the ability to CCW even without a permit.
  5. I remembered ordering a sample in the past, never received it. I'll try again LOL
  6. Grabbed the 72hr kit from here https://pat4life.com/collections/food-supply since it seemed like a decent deal. Than went with this kit from sportsmansguide.com https://www.sportsmansguide.com/product/index/augason-farms-emergency-food-supply-breakfast-amp-dinner-variety-pail-106-servings?a=1940081 I've never tried any long term storage emergency food. So I figured I'd get two smaller kits for now and if I don't need, I can at least taste them to see what to stock up on in the future. Note: Both have shipped already for me, delivery early next week. Sportsmansguide one is now on backorder.
  7. I got a couple cases of water today, food on the way. If my car gets swept away down the parking lot or w/e I won't miss it too much.
  8. Yeah no way in hell I'd be stopping there. LOL
  9. I was wrong, the Shell by me was actually $2.89 for credit.
  10. Never too early to worry about da beer brah!
  11. Are you talking about the beer, or the food and water that'll last 20-25 years...either argument you're making is irrelevant considering it'll all get used before it goes bad. Especially the beer. Also, the food you have to order and get delivered so I couldn't wait. The water I'd like to buy cheap, the beer I'm just scared to run out of
  12. Did you stomp on his foot and call him an idiot? Just asking for a friend.
  13. It's 20-25 year shelf life...and water is water, it'll get used eventually. I don't have any on hand and I should...doesn't mean Irma is shit. Also, I just want to make sure if the local beer store closes down for a few days that I have beer. SHEESH! Who the hell wants to run out of beer!
  14. I'm not worried about Irma for another week. Doesn't mean I may have or may not have purchased $100 of emergency food and going to go get a few cases of water tomorrow. Along with some extra cases of beer before next weekend
  15. $3.11?!?! Stop gloating.