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  1. I can get in touch with @DeerSlayer on the outside from here if you need to. Just PM me. He hasn't left, he's just in his busy time of year and isn't checking in as often.
  2. Probably off a lease. Carvana is probably fine, I don't have experience with them but if you can give the car back within 7 days, they already know the car is in great condition. You also can find out for yourself within those 7 days. If you don't, that's on you. IMO you're good to go to order from them. I would, but I'd also do a full inspection of what I was receiving if it was a used car.
  3. Mine was shipped but I haven't received a refund yet. Who do I contact if/when I get the binos and still haven't received the refund? Yes, I filled out the form lol
  4. I just got notification mine shipped. Will be here Tuesday.
  5. There 100% is a cure for cancer, but treating it is much more profitable than curing it...
  6. Bro, no one is going to convince you to quit smoking, no substitute will do it either. You either want to quit or you don't. Something has to be the motivation and if you don't have it you won't quit. Mine was my wife asking me. I had 0 desire to quit, yet I did with no substitute. Just know, this shit is on you, not the New Year, not what I say or anything anyone else here says.
  7. I quit maybe 7yrs ago? IDK. It's mind over matter. I had no desire to quit. My FIL had to quit for health issues, my wife got on me to quit. We were going on vacation in FL and I spent 7ish days without smoking. I had another 3-4 days of vacation when we got back home and had half a pack of cigarettes. I drank those last few days and smoke the last of the pack and said fuck it ever since then. Not one cig since then. I still have cravings to this day, so don't think you'll ever get over the feeling. Just do it and don't look back.
  8. I ordered them Saturday and the money was taken out today. No refund or shipment notification yet. Hope to get them soon!
  9. I did also last night. Hoping for the best and can't wait to review this!
  10. You got the NJGF link? I'd love to order and do a review too but can't seem to find the email.
  11. I never received the email, or if I did I can't find it. Am I still able to take advantage of this offer?
  12. With FuboTV I have all the news stations, all locals except for ABC, and all local sports plus a ton of others.
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