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  1. So I ask this, what's the cheapest way to get G-19 10rd mags? I just purchased a serialized G-19 lower to build and am in the process of sourcing parts.
  2. Okay I think I got it. Says I have 4050251 or $25 of SAFEMOON. I may or may not add more. It was a process but I figured it out.
  3. I have coinbase and bitcoin, how do you transfer that to bitsmart?
  4. Hackettstown Firearms is my go to. $46 includes transfer, NICS, and tax. No appointments needed.
  5. Great to hear. I figured I'd use the permit because, A) it's a cheap gun, B) It shoots cheapest ammo you can get right now, and ammo I have plenty of, and C) a great platform I can use to teach my son to shoot handguns.
  6. I was lucky enough to snag this a couple days ago, $185, free shipping, no tax. Shipped last night, will be at my LGS Monday. Sick deal especially in today's market. https://www.tinstarshootingrange.com/products/handguns-ruger-2004-736676020041-707
  7. With the new system I'm not too sure. The 4 people I walked through getting their FID scheduled and completed fingerprints first but the background check has been taking less than 12hrs now, so maybe they changed it? I just checked and I only paid the $21 for the check. I wonder if I fell into a timeframe where they were changing it from paying the PD to the State forwarding the money to the PD? I'll find out Thursday when I go into the LGS to do the paperwork for the gun I bought.
  8. Also, a coworker of mine was approved the same day and she hasn't been contacted to pay NJSP for hers either. I'll check with her again today to see if she heard anything.
  9. That's really strange. I still haven't been contacted to go pay the $6. I plan on going to the LGS on Wednesday so I guess I'll see if they're actually active.
  10. A few days ago I received the email stating my electronic permits were available but my local PD hasn't contacted me to pay the $6 for my 3 permits. Has this part been eliminated from the process?
  11. I said I assume, and I never stated driving record. I said interaction with officers and gave scenario's. Either way what they can and what they do we know are two different things. I do know for a fact they do their own internal check because my local PD told me they do. I'm just guessing as to what that consists of.
  12. Local PD does their own internal investigation. Which I assume includes their records on if/when they've been called to your residence, traffic stop interactions, etc. I'm not sure really what they keep on file about each person that lives in town but I'm sure that's what they pull for the investigation.
  13. I absolutely love my Shield. Good luck with her and I hope she treats you and the wife well!
  14. I don't remember which brand I was using. I bought the kit with 3 mags so next time I head to EBSA I'll try all 3 with my lot of CCI that my 10/22 hates. I know CCI is supposed to be the best but for whatever reason my 10/22 will eat anything but CCI. You've pretty much summed up everything I was thinking, thanks!
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