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  1. Congrats on the new ones ! That Valor looks great
  2. I recently submitted application and I was surprised how quickly I received emails from references when they completed the info, and then when the criminal history was done. I did have a issue with the mental health form. Since the NJSP is my local PD they had first said everything is done online when I initially called to make sure. Then a friend of mine was told to go to the barracks to turn his form in and have them sign it. Ended up calling again and went out to turn that form in and have them sign it also.
  3. Ok thanks for the replies, just getting into the 1911's and was looking at some decent entry level ones with that being the first I came across. Trying to stay under $1,000 if possible lol
  4. Have a VP9 for a few years now and has been great so far. Been wondering if they will ever make a long slide version. Well picked up one of the long slide kits for it the other day, very accurate
  5. Looking for some info on this pistol from anyone on here that might currently own/shoot one. Mostly overall performance/reliability, and parts issues, etc. Looking at a couple different models with this being one of them, any help would be appreciated, thanks.
  6. One of my 22's that I like shooting the most is a S&W 617 w/4" barrel, great shooter
  7. Well contacted Remington and they said they no longer have parts for them and could not do anything
  8. I have a Remington model 760 pump that when you slightly move/twist the forearm it will allow the action to slide back.
  9. Does anyone happen to know a good gunsmith for repairs in central or southern, NJ.
  10. If I could stay between 900-1100.
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