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  1. I could be wrong but I think if it has a pistol grip that is one feature, and the threaded barrel that is a second, so you would have to have a brake or a thread protector pinned and welded.
  2. Personally I would not sell it. They are really making just a handful of these a month and would not be surprised to see them stop altogether.
  3. Hope all is well Dave and you’re doing OK.
  4. This is the strangest thread ever!
  5. Tombstone has these. Any issues building with this lower in NJ? I like the LMT quality. Thanks
  6. Go on the Colt forum. 3rd gens are usually around $1800-2000 in the member classified section. You will have to join the forum.
  7. Yes get the 43x buy ammo and done!
  8. I just but a car...do you guys think its a good one?
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