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  1. This is the strangest thread ever!
  2. Tombstone has these. Any issues building with this lower in NJ? I like the LMT quality. Thanks
  3. S&W 610 revolver in 10mm, FN509 Tactical
  4. Go on the Colt forum. 3rd gens are usually around $1800-2000 in the member classified section. You will have to join the forum.
  5. Yes get the 43x buy ammo and done!
  6. I just but a car...do you guys think its a good one?
  7. Henry, Winchester or an older JM marked Marlin.
  8. 5 inch half lug..come on guys this is a great revolver. If I only had room in my safe...
  9. What about tube fed lever actions that hold more than 10? Henry Golden Boy, Big Boy etc?
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