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  1. 9X19

    Time for a lever action, need some input

    Henry, Winchester or an older JM marked Marlin.
  2. 5 inch half lug..come on guys this is a great revolver. If I only had room in my safe...
  3. 9X19

    Marlin model 60

    What about tube fed lever actions that hold more than 10? Henry Golden Boy, Big Boy etc?
  4. 9X19

    The Walking Dead

    This show is virtually unwatchable these days.....
  5. 9X19

    S&W Model 15 - coming soon?

    I have to agree with you on that one when it comes to the S&W classic line.
  6. 9X19


    Probably didn’t know how to shift into 4WD....sad that people don’t know how to do the most basic things anymore.
  7. 9X19

    Coolest Boss Ever!

    Guess these are not the actual guns since some of the employees are holding semi auto carbines, AK's and bolt guns. The guy in the front right black shirt is holding a blued revolver that looks like a Colt Python. Another one has what looks like a S&W 500. If these are the guns, it is one helluva recruitment ad lol.
  8. Correct. At the 3 FFL’s I worked for they never ever reviewed it. I’m sure Paul who onwed an FFL in NJ for many years will agree.
  9. With far less open land and food. It’s more cruel for them to strarve. The hunting seasons are way too short, less open land to hunt, and fewer hunters each year. People feel that they do not need to be self sufficient anymore... and don’t get me started on the geese.
  10. Best of luck John. Happy for you and you wife. I really like TN, but we have another decade here in NJ.
  11. The fact that most of those people get their daily news from social media does not help. Revisionists are alive and well, and they are very busy trying to win the hearts and minds of the electorate. They just don’t stop...

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