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  1. Jack nice seeing you again I love my new Ruger. Thank again for another smooth transaction always a pleasure.
  2. Try Lite Moving owner is Frank Luisi been in business over 25 years its him and his sons. His # is 516-865-2635
  3. Sorry not following you said dont pin the mag then pin the mag? If you put the mag block into the spring and put it back into the mag what is the next step?
  4. I watched a video on you tube last night about pinning a mag. The guy measured where the 10 round height would be and drilled a small hole in the side of the mag. Then with a rivet tool inserted a rivet into the mag flush with the side then clipped off then end so it couldn't be removed seemed simple enough. Anyone have an opinion on if this would be acceptable as a perm pinned mag.
  5. Yes they already have the info so could it be there way of taking peoples guns. They know what you have so if you don't register the mags then your breaking the law and then they can take everything. I wouldn't put anything past them.
  6. Sidearm is a no brainer Glock 19/17.
  7. Diamond hi i just added the 27 last week. Not gonna buy anything that holds more than 10 rounds now until hopefully one day we can vote this commie out of office. Have one permit left and I put a deposit on another 357 revolver just have to wait the 30 days.
  8. Trifecta - 17 19 26 I don't know how to flip the pic around.
  9. Just picked up my Glock 27. Jack was very professional and made it a really smooth transaction. The gun was just as he described. Thanks again I will definitely do business with him again.
  10. Ruger all the way
  11. Love Ruger pistols they're built like tanks and they dont break the bank. Love my GP100 and SR1911.
  12. Everyone who is not a member please join NJ2A's if you are make sure you keep your membership current. I have made a donation to them and i encourage all who are able to do the same. they will need everyone to come together for this fight.
  13. Got my savage 220 on slickguns couldn't believe the price $433 no cc fees free shipping. Amazing deals on that sight.
  14. After 90 days it can be renewed for another 90 i hear what your saying but compared to what i dealt with in NYC this is a breeze. That VP 9 is really nice but isnt the threaded barrel one of the items on murphys hit list?
  15. Is it possible to get an FFL license anymore.I would think NJ would make it impossible. Why start a business we just need an FFL for members to ship their firearms to and prob soon we will need it to have ammo shipped to. When i lived in Bklyn i used to have them shipped to a guy in LI who had an FFL and he did the transfers out of his house for a small fee i think it was $25.