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  1. I just saw it today sorry if it was old news.
  2. https://247sports.com/college/usc/board/59419/Contents/colt-suspends-manufacture-of-civilian-model-of-ar15-135816956/ Saw this today does anyone know about this. Pretty scary if its true. Others will follow suit i would imagine.
  3. Another law that does nothing to stop crime but we know its all about confiscation not crime. So now they will make the police the gestapo and disarm citizens. what if you have an argument with someone or someone doesn't like you tor they are anti 2A they can report you as a danger and you will lose your guns? If you are not a member of NJ2A's or the NRA join as soon as you read this.
  4. Usually anyone associated with the Clintons who commits suicide usually does it with 2 shots to the back of the head.
  5. I've puked on most boats on the east coast and then fell upon this. The night before you go have an early dinne some plain white rice or a plain bagel and that's it. Take a bonine pill right before bed and one when you wake up stay away from dramamine unless you want to be lethargic. NO - ALCOHOL, GREASY FOODS OR GOING INSIDE THE CABIN. Get involved helping the mates get things ready to keep busy and take your mind off it. If you have to throw up do it right away don't wait it makes it worse. It will be hard to do when you are sick but you must get something in you because the dry heaves are the worst. Sip some ginger ale or water but ginger ale is the best. go on a few local fishing trips before you go there. the 1/2 day trips are perfect.
  6. Nunzio's and L&B Spumoni Garden round out my top 5. When I moved out here I was very excited to find Brooklyn Square in Jackson. They are Italians from Brooklyn their Grandma pie is amazing the real deal.
  7. Yes still open same name but different owners. They kept the name but the pizza is total crap. Today nothing is what it used to be. To me they did close.
  8. House of pizza best pizza I ever had used to go once a week with my dad. Not just the pizza their deep fried calzones were to die for. Was very upset when they closed. For a time i lived in Staten Island right around the corner from Joe and Pats awesome thin crust pizza but not in the top 5.. Totonos in Coney Island on Neptune ave is as old school Brooklyn pizza there is, that is if you could get in the place its very small and only open Friday , sat and sun. He closed on sun when he ran out of dough. Patsy's in Brooklyn is famous and deserves the title but you have to eat it there.
  9. This one might get me banned again. I'm only in NJ 7 years and now here's the part that's gonna get me in trouble I don't know the difference and have never had either one. My flack jacket and helmet are on so go ahead let me have it.
  10. Not easy being left handed ever try to buy a left handed baseball glove or left handed bow your lucky there's one in the whole store and its never the right one. Smoking them takes too much time and effort. Dry rub and sealed in the oven on low for a couple hours is very good also.
  11. Or boil them for 45 min - hour then season and cover with sauce and grill for 5 min a side. Will this get me reinstated?
  12. I like them in the crock pot very easy and they fall off the bone.
  13. Hello yes i am left handed and that's all my name signifies. I am not a troll or progressive I am an avid hunter, fisherman and target shooter. I am a member of the NRA and NJ2A's and have non res ccw licenses in 4 states I live in Howell and frequent GSSC .
  14. There are some threads i can't open it says to enter a password but I can't find where to enter the password can someone steer me in the right direction. Thanks guys/
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