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  1. This one might get me banned again. I'm only in NJ 7 years and now here's the part that's gonna get me in trouble I don't know the difference and have never had either one. My flack jacket and helmet are on so go ahead let me have it.
  2. Not easy being left handed ever try to buy a left handed baseball glove or left handed bow your lucky there's one in the whole store and its never the right one. Smoking them takes too much time and effort. Dry rub and sealed in the oven on low for a couple hours is very good also.
  3. Or boil them for 45 min - hour then season and cover with sauce and grill for 5 min a side. Will this get me reinstated?
  4. I like them in the crock pot very easy and they fall off the bone.
  5. Hello yes i am left handed and that's all my name signifies. I am not a troll or progressive I am an avid hunter, fisherman and target shooter. I am a member of the NRA and NJ2A's and have non res ccw licenses in 4 states I live in Howell and frequent GSSC .
  6. There are some threads i can't open it says to enter a password but I can't find where to enter the password can someone steer me in the right direction. Thanks guys/
  7. Some threads i try to open say there is an error and want the password to enter.is anyone else having this problem? For example today i tried to open the thread on Murphy and then the one that says are we going to war they wont open up or they're blocking me. Does anyone know whats going on?
  8. Wish you were a lot closer to me i would've taken the 300 off your hands.
  9. I could use a set of the glock night sights for my new glock 21 if you will ship them just give me a total with the shipping cost and i will send payment through paypal. please let me know. Thanks
  10. Chicken n More in Jackson is excellent its the best one around my area. I also like popeyes.when I'm not headed toward Jackson.
  11. Don't be surprised if they tell you your paperwork was mysteriously lost. Then you have to start the process all over again just happened to my friend and i heard this from other ppl as well. Seems it happens to the ppl who are waiting for a long time.
  12. Popeyes no question. KFC is too greasy and its not what it used to be like everything else these days. Popeyes has a lot more sides to choose from as well and there's one 5 min from me.
  13. Sorry off topic but why was the thread on the cali mag ban ruling shut down? This is huge for us dont understand
  14. Its worth it to just take 2 10 rd mags with you at the range after the 180 grace expires. The libs are in charge for now is it worth losing all your guns for a magazine pinch. All it takes is an over zealous cop or one who doesnt fully understand these new laws. Or how about someone spots you at the range firing more than 10. Sorry just no worth it for the few times a year i go to the range. Is all this likely to happen probably not but why not be safe we all have families and careers too much to lose if we get jammed up.
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