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  1. Wish you were a lot closer to me i would've taken the 300 off your hands.

    WTS a few items

    I could use a set of the glock night sights for my new glock 21 if you will ship them just give me a total with the shipping cost and i will send payment through paypal. please let me know. Thanks

    Fried chicken joint discussion

    Chicken n More in Jackson is excellent its the best one around my area. I also like popeyes.when I'm not headed toward Jackson.

    FID card in Clifton

    Don't be surprised if they tell you your paperwork was mysteriously lost. Then you have to start the process all over again just happened to my friend and i heard this from other ppl as well. Seems it happens to the ppl who are waiting for a long time.

    KFC or Popeyes

    Popeyes no question. KFC is too greasy and its not what it used to be like everything else these days. Popeyes has a lot more sides to choose from as well and there's one 5 min from me.
  6. Sorry off topic but why was the thread on the cali mag ban ruling shut down? This is huge for us dont understand
  7. Its worth it to just take 2 10 rd mags with you at the range after the 180 grace expires. The libs are in charge for now is it worth losing all your guns for a magazine pinch. All it takes is an over zealous cop or one who doesnt fully understand these new laws. Or how about someone spots you at the range firing more than 10. Sorry just no worth it for the few times a year i go to the range. Is all this likely to happen probably not but why not be safe we all have families and careers too much to lose if we get jammed up.
  8. I said its your call if you keep them in the house or not I wasn't talking about me. Everyone has to make their own decisions. Sniper I'm sure there have been ppl taking their unaltered mags to the range because of the 180 day grace period does that mean there isn't the potential for something to come out of it somewhere along the line. Capt 14 all your reasons are good in theory but the reality is different and there will be no pardons from this gov.
  9. The phrase is not for nothing. I am talking about taking them back and forth to the range. Having them in the house is different no ones coming to search your house. If you never plan on taking them out of the house then I guess you can leave them alone thats your call to make but if not why would you want to put yourself in a situation that could present a problem for you.
  10. So if i'm reading all these posts correctly there really aren't that many ways to do this. A combination of mag block + pin + epoxy. Also we can buy new 10 rd mags but that's not a popular idea. Anything i missed? Non compliance is not an option I'm not going to prison for a magazine. I just bought all my mag blocks except for the PX4 storm.40 I couldn't find those just gonna buy 10 rounders. Hopefully I'm wrong but I cant see them clarifying this law so if there is a court case they can spin it their way. Terrible situation we were put in.
  11. why destroy your mags why not just buy 2 ten round mags for each gun and put the rest away till we elect someone with a brain. You can find great deals on ebay they have loads of 10 rounders
  12. I feel for the lgs a large portion of their inventory is no bueno. I guess they have to neuter all the mags, sell without the mags or sell them online. One gigantic pain in the butt.

    Glock match in Jackson

    Where in Jackson exactly? I have a bunch of glocks but i'm a terrible shot however i would like to go see what its all about.
  14. The new 10 round cluster f!@#4 does it go into effect today? Or is there a 180 grace period to comply?

    consent to mental health records check

    If it was a local psych you saw i wouldnt put it down there records arent public. Anything in a hospital or mental facility will show up. If you were on any meds that might show up.

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