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  1. The way I look at it, is most people own AKs or higher power hunting rifles. You also don’t want your kit to be heavy. Unless your the type thats training with a 50pound vest on and can handle the extra pounds especially trying to stay mobile, which would be ideal in any situation.
  2. Hesco 4800 if you got the money. Buy once cry once as they say.
  3. I want one, but not that bad. Thanks a lot for on the where and who @JohnnyB it was much appreciated. Unfortunately I don’t think it’s really worth it for me at this time since, I already have lowers lingering. It was a nice dream bubble that burst lol
  4. Less than the $150 and three hour round trip ride.(Twice since NICS isn’t very instant) Message me if your interested in selling one since I bailed on taking that ride today. @Golf battery
  5. Any of these NJGF lowers floating around for sale? Or could we do another buy?
  6. I’ll take them as is. If @Golf battery doesn’t grab em
  7. Thirsty! The liberty tree is on serious life support.
  8. Pretty sure they were being sarcastic. There’s a lot of tin foil hat wearing folks in this place. Notice he said < insert paranoid thing smiling> he’s basically doing a meme in text form.
  9. Can you elaborate ? I’d like to understand why.
  10. That might be the only negative thing about hoarding ammo, the people that just can’t and don’t understand it . . .
  11. The saying goes buy cheap stack deep. Unfortunately right now with prices and availability this isn’t the answer. But if the market comes back down remember to grab deals even if you don’t “need” it. example: after the whole 2008 ammo fun. Any time I saw 9mm at 15-17cpr I’d buy it regardless of need. Same thing with my other calibers I had set price ranges where if I saw quality ammo at those prices i’d buy regardless. When stored correctly ammo has a long, long shelf life. Can easily be passed down to grandkids etc. Plus in times like now it’s a commodity and can easily be sold for pretty big returns. Another huge benefit you can still go shoot without worry about finding more. There’s no negative to hoarding large quantities in my eyes.
  12. FYI you can apply and pay for an apprenticeship license, without taking the required safety course, and be able to hunt with another licensed hunter. I’m not sure how that will work using the range but I was under the impression these ranges were set up for practice shooting. An “apprentice” definitely should be practicing their shooting skills.
  13. Even the blem Aeros are going for $80 and they’re gone in seconds once posted.
  14. I also would like in on this group buy. Are we seriously making this happen ?
  15. I’m sure we all know we make this sound way worse, lol. There isn’t a task force set up to come and find this stuff. YET!
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