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  1. Got an email about the hunt that’s sold out, went to website signed up for “waiting list” under the assumption that was for the April hunt. Wasn’t able to find the actual April hunt sign up, am I just lost and confused or ... someone help !
  2. 0Jeep4

    New slim muzzle brakes

    I personally just had a faxon slim line break installed on 14.5 barrel. Haven’t finished the build yet, can’t comment on performance, I like the look. It was convenient that I was able to have it pinned and welded while still waiting for the rest of the parts. Gas block, barrel nut slipped right over no issues.
  3. 0Jeep4

    Retail Pinned magazines?

    https://gunmagwarehouse.com/6-pack-of-hexmag-ar-15-223-5-56-10-30-round-polymer-magazine.html quick google search of “10/30 AR mags”
  4. 0Jeep4

    Hunting License

    Print out and Fill N.J. fish and game workbook, you will learn a good amount of information by doing this.(you can pay extra and take the online course but why) Once the packet is filled you need to register to take a field test and written exam. I would highly recommend getting both firearm and bow, if you do one and not the other, but later on want to switch it up you’d have to take the whole thing over again. Pulled off NJ fish and game web site. Link: https://www.state.nj.us/dep/fgw/hunted.htm Attending a Field Session All Students Need to Bring: Completed workbook OR HunterCourse.com certificate - REQUIRED TO PASS COURSE! Hunter Education Student Agreement Form (pdf, 105kb) Number 2 pencils Positive attitude Appropriate clothing for being outside for at least two hours, rain or shine. Not all teaching locations are heated. Students 16 years of age or younger must be accompanied by parent or guardian. Archery Students Need to Bring: Student’s own bow (Crossbow students must be able to draw their own crossbow manually or with a cocking device.) Is My Bow Ready for Hunter Education? 5 matched arrows Ability to shoot 3 out of 5 arrows into a vital zone of a 3-D deer target at 15-20 yards Firearm Students Need to Bring Cased shotgun (Division will provide one if needed/preferred) Eye and ear protection Also see Firearms Course FAQs NOTE: Division will supply all ammuniti
  5. 0Jeep4

    NJ compliance

    Any threaded barrel needs to be capped and pinned and or a muzzle device pinned. No flash hider A2 for example not allowed consider a flash suppressor to N.J. no collapsible stock, can have one but, needs to be pinned in place. Im sure if you used the search, you will find way better deltail and explanation, of actual laws etc...
  6. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/judge-tosses-parkland-shooting-lawsuit-cops-and-schools-had-no-duty-to-protect-students-she-says/ar-BBR6uqc?li=BBnb7Kz saw this as a headline this morning. Only posting it, regrading how someone else mentioned that they weren’t going to toss the case in Florida, but yet here it is tossed out, because we’re back to the reality that police are not legally required to render anyone aid. Now with that being said I know a lot of Leo’s and men/women in general that would wouldn’t a second thought put themselves in harms way to protect people. I’m not trying to bash law enforcement ect, but the legal reality is that they are and will not ever be required to protect anyone.
  7. Must be nice to be considered a higher class of citizen. As a normal civilian opening carry in your yard while legal will most likely turn into a major affair. Like others stated conceled from neighbors might be the best idea. Most towns have ordinances where if your causing public annoyance or cause major police response is a chargeable offense regardless if that panic is justified or not. Plus with the new “red flag” laws in place all the neighbor had to say is your acting irrationally etc. now all your guns get seized and you get to spend some money get all your property returned.
  8. Because Legally cops aren’t required to know laws. Could possibly be wrongfully arrested, NJ when it comes to gun crimes is guilty until proven innocent. Than we end up with a scenario where he spends time in jail and gets to spend some big money defending himself in court.
  9. East Brunswick is probably the closest ride for me. When are you around that area ?
  10. Interested in TLR-1 HL Long Gun Kit. Im located in Monmouth County.

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