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  1. Was a good deal, till you got to checkout. The cost to ship four cans, was higher than the price of the items. Still not horrible, but kills the deal.
  2. I just been really struggling with build or buy, sorry if I came off combative. I really wanted to support local, pricing isn’t an issue I just want higher end parts and I don’t feel like buying an approved one to rip it apart and basically rebuild it with the parts I want. Idk though how everyone feels about building your own I might take that route. Just buy an approved version dump the stock parts and put in what I want, but that just adds more $ to the whole thing.
  3. So out of fear I shouldn’t do it ? Even though it’s legal ? I’m extremely confused by all these statements ? I’m not law enforcement, but both sides of my family have active cops, in N.J. and else where. I have a BA in criminal justice and have a lot of pre law classes under my belt. I’d be extremely clam and confident having a discussion with anyone about the weapon, but I still shouldn’t build it based on what exactly? Fear? Stockholm syndrome? I understand you guys are just looking out for worst case etc but really what could happen? They drag me in the firearm unit gets the weapon it matches their classification. Everyone keeps talking about the letter why also talking about MM, but they aren’t on the letter, they weren’t “approved” individually like the Troy and DSI. How is MM g2g it doesn’t have a letter?
  4. You’re lucky enough to live across the river and if I were you, I probably never venture into N.J. at all ever lol.
  5. I completely understand stand your points, but I’m pretty sure I can easily explain it’s a non nfa Firearm it’s overall length is over 26” it has a brace and a vfg as it’s designed to be fired with two hands. Should I still be in fear of running foul of the law? I overheard the counter guy at RSTP holding the Troy saying it’s a loophole gun it’s basically an “SBR” work around and that’s how it was being sold an advertised, by them inside an FFl. Should I really be afraid of using/owning a home built one ?
  6. I still don’t understand how you could be in a tough spot? This is a approved type of firearm. How could it be seen as anything else once completed. I get the whole “constructive possession” BS. I’m in the process of gathering parts needed to build one and am just curious if I should be scared lol?
  7. Personally, I have paid anytime being the buyer, but how much the transfer cost does effect my offer on firearm. Transfer cost are anywhere from $40-$80. That price for me, gets calculated into what I’m willing to spend on the item.
  8. Who pays depends on the terms between buyer and seller. (One transfer fee)
  9. @fslater Yes you’re correct, before Murphy the FID was also proof you weren’t a prohibited person. People used to do face to face long gun sales with a COE
  10. I wasn’t attempting to say your story is far fetched or unrealistic. I study law and was just curious of the case law. I normally do what you just stated. I normally hide everything, keep it out of sight. Drive like a grandma etc. Rather not have any unnecessary interactions with LE period. @Underdog
  11. What “case law” are you referring too exactly? The situation you just described sounds a lot like illegal detainment and unlawful arrest.
  12. They used Walmart colors too, love brownells. Got shorted on a 1,000rd purchase didn’t open the box for a couple weeks after it arrived (was in manufacturer box assumed all was good). Sent one email with no receipt invoice anything and got a response next day that as soon as it was back in stock it would ship. Four days later package arrived at door with missing ammo no questions no hassle. I recommend them to everyone.
  13. I stopped at my PD once I started the online process attempting to pay. They told me, you don’t pay till you pick up the permits. I do believe each township may do this differently, I’d check.
  14. If it’s one of these “non NFA Other weapons”. You can absolutely swap muzzle device, flash hider comp etc as the weapon itself isn’t a rifle and isn’t subject to the “evil feature” clauses.
  15. Believe me this has streamlined the process greatly for my local PD average wait time for a p2p was months 3-6 previously, I have zero complaints. Just figured I’d highlight that.
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