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  1. Not legal advice, ( not a lawyer) but I was told by many that as long as its in separate pockets. Example Backpack- guns in the large pouch, ammo in smaller separate pouch.
  2. So to transfer and purchase a pistol you’re at 50bucks for the permit. 20 to NJSP portal so they can send your local pd background check, 45 for NICS, 40-60 for transfer fee from FFl. We’re well past the &100 mark.
  3. Thank you for the quick response. Thankful that it would have to legislators unfortunately I have very little faith in them doing the right thing, going from their track record.
  4. Move to a free state, closest one is PA ( for now)
  5. Honestly It was in a mess of stuff someone made me take with a rifle sale, it’s not for that rifle, it does say 30-06 on it. Better pic attached
  6. Magazine for Remington 7400 Semi auto , 760-7600 pumps. (I believe) ($25 shipped) located 07748
  7. I’m all for keeping any innocent person safe, from anyone attempting to cause them harm, unfortunately none of these laws will render that as a result and only punish everyday people when they get jammed up for not knowing.
  8. Well if you see anything you like feel free to make a offer via message. If not howdy neighbor.
  9. How they’re going to force through things like, limiting the ammo you are allowed to own/buy, internet sales, pull some NY “safe act” stuff, like featureless rifles etc... I just can’t wait
  10. Inquired some ammo I don’t have any use for any questions feel free to ask. Located Monmouth County would prefer not to ship. Attached are pictures if you need or want more lmk. (Would need matching FID, ID for pistol round sale pre law) UPDATED RIFLE AMMO SOLD 12 Gauge Shot Gauge (107rd Win dove&quail) ( 10rd Win 3in sabot slug)(5rds Win 3in 00 buck) (4rd Bri 3in sabot slug)( 7rds Rottweil 3in magnum)(2rd win supreme high impact) ( 2rd rem 6underline) .45ACP 50rd American Eagle in box 230gr fmj also have 8 loose rds of .45 not sure what brand etc.
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