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  1. I used this, https://faxonfirearms.com/faxon-slim-3-port-muzzle-brake-5-56/ I like it.
  2. So basically he’s admin or someone up top didn’t like the message, went looking for any little technical rule the officer broke, to punish him? So we’re just making sure any other cops that feel like this know, if they openly express themselves or are true to their values and convictions well make sure to eliminate them ? I’m just so confused about how anyone could justify that .......
  3. Isn’t this cop now on admin leave pending termination. Because he refused to remove this video. So even when these type of cops do exist when they expose themselves as constitutionalists and express they’re not willing to violate people’s rights they get removed from their position of power ? That interesting to say the least....
  4. Things sweet. Definitely post pictures of it completed.
  5. @Ray Ray Brass ammo, like @JackDaWack said I just posted this figureintg someone might be searching for some ammo. I’ve seen the prices sky rocket with availability disappearing. I obviously paid a little less than listed price, but it’s obviously not nearly as bad a mark up as the major stores/web sites.
  6. Frontier is a brand of Hornady. (Hornady owns Frontier) The title states Frontier i copied and pasted the Info in the post from Hornady web site. I suggest you check it out before you spread more misinformation thanks. @Rob0115 https://www.gunsandammo.com/editorial/hornady-frontier-ammo-review/369187
  7. Wasn’t some sort of opinion given so they didn’t have to justify the entire AW ban in court at one point?
  8. $350 Hornady Frontier 5.56mm NATO 55 grain FM193 55 grain Full Metal Jacket. All ammo is loose. (Stored in ammo cans with dry packs since new.) Local to Monmouth County
  9. Figured that be the case. The more I look into stuff. The more frightened I become.
  10. So I’m new to this but from what I just gathered. You need to be part of a large organization and approved by the State Police in order to get access. Sounds like a perfect way to stop “free” press and investigative journalism. @JackDaWack thanks for information. Sounds more like this was publicity stunt now.
  11. Should of forced their hand. Either I’m going inside to the press conference or your placing me in handcuffs and I’m going in the back of the patrol car. “A New Jersey police credential is not required nor intended for use related to covering municipal, county or state government meetings. Nor is it for access to events, e.g. sports and entertainment. In such cases, an identification card issued by the employing news organization may be presented.” - NJPA web site
  12. We’re way to late for that. This is going to get a whole lot worse before it gets better.
  13. That was my understanding anyways. Maybe a dealer will chime in, but since Murphy passed no private sales that’s been my experience.
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