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  1. CDNN has 10 rounders 3 for $35 plus $10 S&H.
  2. Primer prices at a show last weekend were almost as crazy as GB. Scarce and $150-$200 per thousand. A little powder was available but not much variety.
  3. Just sold a Bersa Thunder. Great little gun, but the difference in ammo prices, even before this nonsense, was pretty wide. Side to side firing comparison between the Bersa and my P365 was pretty close. Extended pinky base on both make a big difference. if you have the means, the Kimber is probably the way to go.
  4. A long shot, but looking for a set of 380 dies.
  5. Don’t know if the photos will be uploaded, but took one apart and it’s not cordite. Look to be reloads. Anyway, free to whoever wants em.
  6. This is a smoking deal! $200 less than retail, and me w/o any permits. Buy w/confidence.
  7. If ur interested in them, I’ll pull em apart.
  8. Brass is mostly PPU. Rounds look old military. P 16 VII.
  9. Have 19 loaded rounds and 19 brass looking for a new home. Located in Wayne area.
  10. I’ll take 2 boxes if there are any left. I’m in Pompton Lakes and close to you.
  11. I’ve got 22 rounds of free brass if your close or pay shipping if you’re not. Moderately cleaned and deprimed.
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