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  1. Perhaps, but wondering how many on here have been contacted by the issuing entity regarding the ‘interim’ requirements and submission of documents?
  2. I’m not going to overthink my statement. Unless and until I receive correspondence from the State Attorney General, I will follow the guidance of the Chief, along with his written affirmation email that requalification was not required until renewal.
  3. So I don’t know if this was discussed in this thread, but my Chief of Police emailed me back that no requalification paperwork was required until renewal. As the guy who issued and signed my permit, I’m more than good.
  4. So I reached out to my Police Chief with this particular question. He has indicated that no requalification necessary until I renew, with the caveat that he will confirm. Your results may vary, but I’m reasonably comfortable with that.
  5. If I have to qualify like a retired LEO, will I be allowed to carry like a retired LEO? Will I be able to transfer firearms with other LEO’s? When will this lunacy end?
  6. Of course, as I just bought one last week.
  7. Agreed. Took longer to walk from my truck to the window. I guess they take pity on NJ CCP holders.
  8. I found these to be a terrific upgrade. Coupled with a flat trigger really made mine (me) a better shooter.
  9. I’ll take 4 boxes of the 22. Will pick up in Wayne. PM in bound
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