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  1. Looking for loaded 32 Long or 32 S&W. Located in Passaic County, work near Morristown.
  2. Owner is Essex County Law Enforcement full time. Call the number and he’s usually available after 2pm. Chris is good people
  3. Davis Sport Shop, Sloatsburg, NY. $60, $70 & $80 depending on Model-and optics. Brought home the mid price with 4x scope and killed a tin can pretty dead for about an hour. Smiling the whole time.
  4. I’ve got 2 Frontiers in 22. Lots of cheap fun.
  5. So I probably should’ve searched a little more through this forum as this question has been pretty thoroughly discussed. Was just pretty excited with my new toy. A whole lot of knowledge and advice on this floating about on this site. Thank you all for sharing. To dry the newly clean brass, I put the strainer on the shoe rack in the dryer and pretended to do laundry.
  6. Just picked up a Lyman wet tumbler and ran a load of previously cleaned 45 and 35 Rem with some Dawn and LemiShine. I’m a believer now in the wet tumbling for cleaning. Put the REALLY clean brass out in the sun and dropped in another load. Might still use the dry for polishing, but I don’t think it’ll get much use anymore. What say the masses?
  7. There’s a reason a Ferrari costs more than a Civic, too. It’s 22 lr plinking ammo, so no need to spend more on it than necessary.
  8. Always need fodder for the kids to blow through at the range. Their Henry’s and bolt action singles happily eat everything.
  9. Palmetto State site has Bricks for $12.99 in their Daily Deals. With shipping and tax (!), 5 bricks works to be 3 cents a round.
  10. CDNN Sports is running a special on factory mags. 3 for $29.99, limit 2 offers
  11. There’s that name again.....pork roll. Tastes like Taylor Ham, right?
  12. Clearly fishing for an odd caliber, but if anyone has one they would part with, PM me. Alternatively, I have 200 factory primed Remington brass if someone is in the market.
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