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  1. Here’s Enzo. 10 years young. When I grow up, I want to be him
  2. Thanks guys. I try to switch up between lead and plated/FMJ to limit/reduce the amount of lead particles that come out during cleanings. Look like I’ll be trying some coated bullets in the near future.
  3. Huh. Never shot coated lead. How is barrel cleaning? What kind of build-up, if any?
  4. I use them pretty frequently. Just ordered 1000 115grn 9’s and 500 158 grn 38’s with free shipping. Tough to beat.
  5. Redeye Reloading has limited 115 grn heads in stock. $10 per 100. Spend $150 and get free shipping.
  6. I also try to get there 2 - 3 hours or so before last shot. You can pick a port either with the group or on your own, whatever you feel like that day. Summer evenings are sweet, until the bugs show up.
  7. “...many of our products...”
  8. Huh. Amazon shows the country of origin as China for the pistol bullet storage cases.
  9. Wow, it sure would have. Read over my original post and it seems my thumbs weren’t quite as fast as the grey matter.
  10. Yep. Here’s a pic of the inside of my tackle box.
  11. Hey Thanks. Figured there’s section on this indicating ‘Made In America’ for discussion and sharing of American made goods. Was looking for some Reloaded ammo boxes, considered buying Plano, but they’re made in China. Figured I’d share on this pretty specific forum.
  12. Time to bag everything new from Plano. Keeping my ‘vintage’ 80’s tackle boxes though. MTM makes nice stuff and makes it here. Just loaded upon a half dozen large rifle 50 rounds boxes.
  13. Filling it out gets the population numbers for assigning each states number of Congressmen in the House of Representatives.
  14. Great. Open the door to China buying up NJ debt. Same concerns on the other side of the pond.
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