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For sale is a Ruger Mini-14 model 05801 in almost new condition.

About 500rds through it.

Includes all original packaging, 2 x Ruger 5rd magazines, 2 x Ruger 10rd magazines, original scope rings, mounting rail, lock and owners manuals.

Located close to Ramsey Outdoor and Yankee Armorer in Mahwah but willing to drive up to 50 miles to meet at your FFL.

Asking $700

First person to reply with "I'll take it" wins the sale.









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    • By ronmoney29
      Can anyone tell me if this Ruger American Magpul Hunter Bolt Action Rifle is Legal in NJ? Im not sure about the muzzle. https://www.gunbroker.com/item/1029983884#carousel-modal-view-item
    • By NewYorkCentralRailroad
      Well folks, I'm back with another deal. I've seen what's been going on with 5.56 and .223 pricing, and I hate it as much as you do. I went to a gun show yesterday and people were selling Winchester Service Grade 5.56 for $0.65 per round for a 1000-round case. That's ludicrous, and AmmoSeek doesn't give much better prospects, so I'm here to give a few lucky people a deal. As of 10/23/2023, I will have in my possession 1500 rounds of Winchester White Box 5.56 in 150-round Range Packs. I don't need all of them, so I would like to give y'all some of them. The best deal for any 5.56 on AmmoSeek right now with free shipping is $0.51 per round for some Igman stuff. 
      I'm offering these packs at $73.50 per box, or $0.49 per round. That includes tax! This is the best price that I've found anywhere on the internet for LC 5.56. If you buy more, I might be able to work with you on the price a bit more. Again, I have 8 boxes right now, and will have a total of 10 boxes on Monday, so it's first come first serve. PM me to tell me how much you want, in multiples of 150. If you want all of it, first to post "I'll Take It" wins. 
      Ammo is currently in Philadelphia PA, but I can go anywhere on the PATCO, Atlantic City, SEPTA, or Northeast Corridor rail lines. I've delivered to Trenton and Pennsauken before, as well as all over SE PA. I also have a base in Essex County, if you live out there I can get there relatively easily too. I'm keeping the little Winchester stickers, sorry!

    • By NewYorkCentralRailroad
      SOLD Hey, I told y'all that I had some ammo to sell, so here I go. I have a significant quantity of Nemo Arms branded PPU 5.56 55 grain FMJBT ammunition, and I'm looking to get rid of some of it. I have 1000 rounds, but I'd like to keep 200ish rounds, so I'm open to selling up to 760 rounds to a buyer. I'm suggesting $260 for the full 760 rounds, making it $0.35 a round. If you want a different quantity or have an offer, shoot me a message. 
      I can go anywhere NJ transit rail goes, so if there's a NJ transit rail station local to you, odds are I can get there. I'm based out of Philadelphia, so anywhere on the Atlantic City or NEC rail lines I can get to with ease. I also have a base in Essex County, and I'll be up there weekend after next. First to say they want it gets it!

    • By My1stGlock
      I was looking for a rail upgrade for my Mini 30 and found this product which in my opinion makes it look so tacticool and actually allows me to eventually mount a red dot on my rifle!
      Samson makes it for both variants. (models 2007 and older or the 2008 and newer) They also offer in black and natural gray is what i opted for. I love the way the wood and the gray works so well. It matches the original hardware quite well as you can see in the pics. The link below includes the vortex red dot but you can also get it without the red dot which was what i opted for. Comes with a QD mount and additional 2" pic rail. 

    • By Dooly
      Selling a Trijicon ACOG - 3.5x35mm with a RED Chevron BAC Reticle + Mount.   TA11F.    THIS IS POWERED BY TRITIUM + FIBER OPTIC.  NOT BATTERY POWERED.
      The item was purchased NEW last month.  NEVER shot.

      $900 Shipped.  

      I accept discreet PP (F&F), Venmo, cash.  I'm located in Bergen County.  First to post "I'll take it" wins the sale.
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    • Excellent condition Vortex Razor Gen 2 3-18 FFP scope with the new EBR7C MRAD reticle torqued and leveled in a Spuhr QDP-4002 mount. Comes with vortex flip up caps as well. Asking $1550 for the optic and $385 for the QD Spuhr mount or $1850 for both shipped UPS. Will do partial trade towards a (preferably) fde aimpoint acro P2, trijicon rcr, gen 5 johnny glock trigger, genuine hk 416 upper.
    • Yeah flying clubs can be hit or miss (I'm on my third one in nearly 20 years). It's usually, someone screwed up so now we need a new rule. I'm sure you're familiar with these guys, but I'll mention them in case anyone else wants to know about them, as I've been following them online for a while. The RAF
    • Memorial Day Weekend, make an offer.
    • That would be awesome...Idaho is famous for it's backcountry airstrips, as you probably know. But I'll either be joining a flying club, or renting aircraft...and I suspect there will be prohibitions on backcountry landings.    I don't think buying a bush plane is in the budget.     After I take a mountain flying course, I hope to at least see a few of those strips from the air.
    • Congratulations. That's a hell of a porch view. Will you also be exploring some the areas backcountry airstrips after you're settled in?
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