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SOLD Hey, I told y'all that I had some ammo to sell, so here I go. I have a significant quantity of Nemo Arms branded PPU 5.56 55 grain FMJBT ammunition, and I'm looking to get rid of some of it. I have 1000 rounds, but I'd like to keep 200ish rounds, so I'm open to selling up to 760 rounds to a buyer. I'm suggesting $260 for the full 760 rounds, making it $0.35 a round. If you want a different quantity or have an offer, shoot me a message. 

I can go anywhere NJ transit rail goes, so if there's a NJ transit rail station local to you, odds are I can get there. I'm based out of Philadelphia, so anywhere on the Atlantic City or NEC rail lines I can get to with ease. I also have a base in Essex County, and I'll be up there weekend after next. First to say they want it gets it!


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    • By RetNJ47
      Selling off some ammo. Message me with any questions. 
      Tried to price everything lower than what I could find on ammoseek.
      SOLD-ATS(TargetSportsUsa brand I think)  5.56 M193

      CCI 22 Short  $8/box(100)
      SOLD - CCI Blazer Brick
      Winchester 7.62x51 $15/box (20)
      Aguila Minishell Slugs $20/box(20)
      Federal Premium 308 SMK $25/box(20)
      Federal Berger OTM 6.5 Creedmoor $25
      Hornady Precision Hunter 6.5 CM $30/box(20)
      277 Fury(Sig Sauer) Accubond Hybrid Ammo $40/box (is/was? new military 6.8)
      Tulammo 7.62x39 in 50 cal ammo can 1000 rounds $550
      All ammo stored in humidity controlled environment either in ammo cans or larger sealed box with dessicant packets inside. 
      Once again, I researched prices on ammoseek if I’m off on pricing please message and let me know or message me an offer.
      Located in Toms River area would prefer to meet at either Shoreshot or Weshoot. 
      Thanks for reading!
      Also have all this stuff for sale message me if interested. 

      SOLD: Unity Riser FDE
      SOLD: 5.56 Warcomp
      SOLD: Black Raptor CH(1 left)
      SOLD: Vortex Sparc Red Dot
      SOLD: Unity Micro T2 Mount
      SOLD: Surefire 7.62 Warcomp
      A lot of people asking what is in this last picture. I can take better pictures and post here or a new thread if everyone wants that or an list. And just send a message to request close up pictures for serialized items if you wanna check. I assure you everything is legit but I know I’m new so my feelings wont be hurt.
    • By RetNJ47
      Great start for people looking to get into reloading. $500. (FIRM)

      RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme IV Single Stage Press on Inline Fab stand with extras. Located in the Lakewood area(Weshoot or Shoreshot). Would prefer to meet at either of those spots but willing to meet halfway.
      Rockchucker Supreme IV Single Stage Press
      Inline Fabrication Ultramount for RCBS Rockchucker, RC1,2,3. Supreme IV,Pro2000 & Turret presses.
      Inline Fab Automatic Case Ejector System 
      Inline Fab Universal double component tray system.
      Uniflow Powder Drop 
      M500 Mechanical Scale 
      Powder Trickler 
      Universal Case Loading Block 
      Hand Priming Tool for Small and Large Primers 
      Additional press add ons:
      (NIB) Advanced Powder Stand
      (NIB) RCBS Auto Prime System
      Hornady impact bullet puller.
      Small items include (2) funnels with different attachments, calipers, primer pocket brush, case lube, case wax, case lube pad, lube pad roller, and die wrench.
      All the heavy lifting to start reloading is done. This press/die set has only been used to deprime a few cartridges(I have no patience). Aside from dust it’s brand new.
      ****DISCLAIMER**** Not my fault if you do something stupid and get hurt. Do your research.
    • By RetNJ47
      Decided to sell again.
      Very light use shot less than 50 rounds.
      Zastava ZPAP M70(Tacticool Version) Serbian AK-47 with UTG QD optics mount with Vortex Sparc AR red dot.
      1x PMAG 10/30 round from the factory.
      5x Zastava 10/30 round mag blocked magazines.
      Single point sling- Unknown manufacturer.
      Asking $1250 OBO, Located in Toms River and meetup at FFL for transfer would prefer to be Shoreshot or Weshoot.
       Also have 1000+ Tulammo Steel Case 7.62x39 in 50 Cal ammo can  I can include for extra $$(no idea on price they are all over the place and crazy). Stored in can with dessicant and cardboard since purchase. Have the original box but it has a slight tear in the corner.
      First to post “I’ll take it” gets it.


    • By RetNJ47
      Selling my Troy A4 “Other” Firearm 5.56(.223) with Blast Shield (faux suppressor) and BA Hanson profile 11.3” precision barrel with Silencer Co ASR muzzle brake.
      Had gunsmith remove pin and welded muzzle brake on stock 10.5” inch barrel. Upgraded to BA 11.3” performance barrel bringing OAL to 26.8 inches without pin and welded muzzle device. ASR threaded Silco brake added with 6” Blast Shield. Trigger/Feed Ramp polish job for smoother take up and crisp reset(for a Mil-Spec trigger). Only 40 rounds have been fired for testing and proper initial barrel break in using Modern Spartan Systems accuracy oil between shot cycles.
      Full list of modifications:
      -Ballistic Advantage Hanson Profile 5.56 chambered 11.3 inch Performance Series Barrel
      -SilencerCo Muzzle Brake
      -SDTA 6” Blast Shield
      -SBA3 Brace (Black or possibly FDE available)
      -Magpul Gen 2 BUIS and Vertical Foregrip
      -CMMG Stainless Gas Tube
      Located in Toms River with closest FFL being Weshoot/Shoreshot. Buyer responsible for transfer fee at FFL.
      Still have stock barrel also if interested.
      **Eotech Not Included** if interested it’s an EOtech EXPS2-0 and I have a G43 magnifier w/STS mount and Surefire light with pressure pad to go along with it.

    • By dysman78
      Prior sale fell through. relisting -
      I have 500 rounds of LAX Ammunition Reman 165gr RNFP and 500 rounds of LAX Ammunition Reman 180GR RNFP in factory boxes (not loose) for a total of 1000 rounds. Willing to split up and sell in 500 rds if necessary.
      $135 for 500 rounds $260 for all 1000 rounds
      This ammo has been properly stored and purchased in late 2022. Been using LAX Ammo for years for range ammo and never had any issues.
      First person to say i'll take it gets it.
      Live in Essex County. Willing to travel reasonable distance if necessary or meet up at local range (Gun for Hire, RTSP etc.)
      PM me with any questions
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    • In addition to those below, I have a JM Marlin 1894 in .44 Magnum and a fancy Browning BL-22. To me "Lever-action" says Winchester... Adios, Pizza Bob
    • Excellent condition FN SCAR 20s in 7.62x51mm. Very lightly used, selling because I have no place to shoot out further than 100 yards. Base rifle with KDG charging handle, Geissele Super SCAR trigger, hogue grip, 1x10 round mag, 1 10/20 round mag, and original FN Surefire brake $3250 shipped. I can do $3000 without the Geissele trigger (and with OEM factory FN SCAR trigger). Optic (Razor Gen 2 3-18 in Spuhr QD mount $1850) and accessories (PMM selectors, QD, Atlas QD bipod, SF SOCOM brake) can be included for extra. Only trades towards aimpoint P2, trijicon RCR, 9mm/7.62x51, 5.56x45 ammo, etc plus cash on ur end. I will cut a great deal if everything is bought as pictured.
    • Excellent condition Vortex Razor Gen 2 3-18 FFP scope with the new EBR7C MRAD reticle torqued and leveled in a Spuhr QDP-4002 mount. Comes with vortex flip up caps as well. Asking $1550 for the optic and $385 for the QD Spuhr mount or $1850 for both shipped UPS. Will do partial trade towards a (preferably) fde aimpoint acro P2, trijicon rcr, gen 5 johnny glock trigger, genuine hk 416 upper.
    • Yeah flying clubs can be hit or miss (I'm on my third one in nearly 20 years). It's usually, someone screwed up so now we need a new rule. I'm sure you're familiar with these guys, but I'll mention them in case anyone else wants to know about them, as I've been following them online for a while. The RAF
    • Memorial Day Weekend, make an offer.
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