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Intermediate Pistol Course..

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Took this course yesterday with Cameron...


I didn't think I needed it *I'm no expert, but was happy with my shooting of the XDsc up to this point* but took it anyway for the fun of it and I'm glad I did. Learned I was doing quite a few things wrong, that up until this point, have never been corrected. To be honest, I'll probably take this course once a year, and will have my wife do the same. Why? Cause it's fun as hell and there's nothing wrong with someone correcting your mistakes.


From the beginning of class to the end, I improved noticeably. While I loved how my Springfield XD40sc was shooting and grouping before this class, I've come to the conclusion that I was and still am not as good as I thought with it. I put some rounds on paper with Cameron's Kimber, and the comparison was nuts. Apparently the little SC and my large hands don't work to well, cause I was spot on with the Kimber, but I do enjoy shooting it and it will be my carry.


Learned different drill techniques, posture while shooting and some fun things I can do while at any range to keep improving on my skills with this, and any further pistols I obtain.



This is my second course with Cameron and his company.. I first took the FL/UT CCW class which was also well worth it and learned quite a bit from..


I'll be taking a few more classes from him in the near future.


I've already signed up for his Shotgun Home Defense Course, as well as Personal Protection Inside/Outside the home.

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