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I was skeptical of poly lowers prior to the madness but since then A LOT of people have purchased them and I haven't seen a lot of complaints on them. It could make you a nice lightweight gun with the right upper.

Still skeptical of longevity these..

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Duly noted. When you said you were building one, I mistook that to mean you were actually building one, not simply adding an upper and lower together. I think I'll go build myself a glass of soda. Thanks for the clarification...and yes, you are correct that all firearms use a form of controlled explosion. Those that have a healthy dose of common sense know that any weapon, particularly when you are new to it, should be treated cautiously and with respect...I've only been shooting issued and personally owned ARs for about twenty-five years though, so maybe I've still got a lot to learn yet...I never suggested that construction was impossible, look who's exaggerating now...I simply suggested that just because someone may have the rudimentary capability to do something, doesn't mean they should...like someone giving advice from their third point of contact, as an example...Ever see an AR go uncontrolled full auto because of worn, broken, debris and/or poorly installed internal parts? I have, thankfully on military ranges. In the civilian world, particularly here in Jersey, it can get you in over your head, fast for construction/ possession of an illegal machine gun...Come to think of it, that all starts in the lower receiver that any idiot can build, right?

Here's a quick example of a broken gun costing a guy his freedom, and he was in America, not NJ...http://oathkeepers.org/oath/2009/10/18/amicus-brief-for-the-olofson-firearms-case/



I'll assume you didnt read my entire post. I never professed to be an armorer on an ar15 however I am confident that I can diagnose and assess basic issues from my firearm. Again your throwing out there of it being "a controlled explosion" is unnecessarily exaggerated. Correct me if I'm wrong but don't all guns use a form of explosion? What makes the AR so much harder to maintain?

There are hundreds of threads on this board alone (let alone thousands on arfcom) with custom built ar's by "amateur armorers".

Is it for everyone? No. Are there parts that need to be exactly in spec to function safely and properly? Yes. Is it impossible for the average person to accomplish? Not at all. Will it benefit you to learn the inner workings and assembly of your weapon? Absolutely.

With that said, if the op feels more comfortable going to Joe Blow's guns store and snatching one off the shelf, by all means. With a reputable brand it is unlikely to let him down.



Ummmm.... He said buy a complete upper, no need to google.
That's what most of us do, buy complete uppers

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