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New Targets - Picked up some Newbold Targets

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Hey all,


Just thought I would throw this out there.


Just picked these up yesterday for hopefully better practice time at the range.


They look pretty cool and I can't wait to try them out:




Does anyone else have/use these types of "self healing" targets for range practice?


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We use these for indoor IDPA matches where steel would present a hazard. You can get 10% off your on-line order from Newbold by entering the code KJ10 - courtesy Ken Ortbach.




Pizza Bob

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I've heard that they are great for small calibers, not so much for large calibers. Anything big will leave small holes in em apparently.

I'll have to report back, I'll be using my 9mm with them.


We use these for indoor IDPA matches where steel would present a hazard. You can get 10% off your on-line order from Newbold by entering the code KJ10 - courtesy Ken Ortbach.




Pizza Bob

I have used the "Poppers" once at a match, but this is the first time I will use the hanging "Gong" types.


I'm more interested in the movement "Feedback" you get for proper hits during practice.


I got the 6" and the 4".. the larger 8" is for a friend.


The 4" seems small, but it is the new 2017 IDPA Down zero size for head area on the targets.

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So Finally got to the range with the new targets.


I shot with a .22LR S+W Victory and a 9mm Full size.  Then used a friends .45 1911 for a few shots


Overall impression:

These things are AWESOME !!! compared to shooting paper or Splatter targets!!  I may never shoot paper again, maybe to warm up a little or sight in a gun, but that's it


I have the 6" and the 4" Hang Tuffs, we where shooting from 10 Meters (About 33 Feet).



The 4" moves more than the 6" (Obviously.. 6" is heavier, the 8" my buddy had, moved even less but still wiggled with the .22)

With both .22 and 9mm the 4" really swung around, and the 6" moved pretty well too.. MORE than enough to tell you hit it very easily.

The .45 moved the targets more, but not crazy.



Put about 100 rounds into the 6" and yeah it has these grayish/black marks and small/tiny holes where the bullets entered, exit holes looked like pin holes, but they held up awesome.  These will last a pretty long time.

The .45 definitely showed more damage then the 9mm, and I assume would shorten the life of the target.



I loved these things!! The instant feedback of if you hit a 4" or 6" circle over and over again is awesome!  With splatter targets, you actually have to focus on the target to see you hit it (My eyes are starting to go).  Then, which splatter hit was the last one? Was it the one inside the 4" ring or outside?.  At that point you lost the feedback loop your brain builds for good shot placement / practice.

With these, you see that thing flip around / jiggle you know you had a good shot. I was doing punch out, one shot drills from high ready, and knew each time if I hit what I was aiming for immediately.  That to me, is very important feedback.  I also had my two targets next to each other, so I would transition from the 4" to the 6" to practice follow up shots.



These things are a TON of fun, They will be my go to targets and makes range time more fun and productive.


Let me know if you have any questions.


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    • Oh hey!! Welcome! I also live in Morris County (I'm from Morris Township) and recently bought my first home! I'm not so new to shooting/ guns as I've been shooting for almost 20 years and a gun owner for almost 15. Local public ranges have turned me off with such long wait times lately so I joined a private one (Cherry Ridge in Vernon. It's a drive, but scenic and worth it to me) Locally, I'm about 10-15 minutes from the shotgun practice range at the Chester WMA, Black River. And I head there for some quick clay busting when the mood strikes.  Feel free to reach out to me if you wanna chat about local spots!  Rhi
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