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Questions Pertaining To Getting FFL In NJ

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Hello all,

if any FFL in NJ on the forum would be willing to answer some questions and go over the process  of getting an FFL in NJ I would appreciate it. 

I already own and run one business and I'm the course of acquiring office space for my existing business I am renting out an old bank, vault and all. I am looking at monetizing this vault as it is currently empty space. I have experience running a business and the property is zoned commercial and professional offices. I looked over the townships zoning ordinance and town ordinances and nothing prohibits the sale of fire arms. They only prohibit the storage and sale ammunition. I can work around that. 

If anyone would be willing to answer some questions via PM that would be great.


Thank you ,



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    • Jeeps. The glocks of the automotive industry. But I was at rausche 2 weeks ago. Riding bitch
    • My goodness NO.....You have ZERO liability!   This person considers you a friend who trusts you enough to vouch for their character, simple as that.  It does not matter where you live.  You are WAY overthinking this!
    • I got an email asking me to be a "reference" for someone I know that is looking to get a firearms permit. It's worded like, "xxx is being investigated to determine his/her suitability for the issuance of N.J. Firearms Purchaser Identification Card and/or Permit to Purchase a Handgun. This individual has identified you as the background reference in their application. Your feedback is essential for further processing of this application." And then has a follow up link for me to fill out some questions. Am I liable for what this person does with his/her firearm after I fill this out? For example, I'm worried that if I am a reference and years later this person is convicted of a crime involving a firearm I will somehow be implicated because I was his "reference". Has this happened or is this something I shouldn't worry about? I live in monmouth county if it makes any difference.
    • The background check clearance is not the end of the process. You have to get this e-mail...   Firearms Purchaser Identification Card and/or Handgun Purchase Permit Application – Application Approved YOUR NAME,   Confirmation Number: 2009XXXXXXX Status Update: Approved. DO NOT APPEAR AT THE APPROVING POLICE DEPARTMENT UNTIL YOU HAVE BEEN CONTACTED BY IT'S PERSONNEL TO RETRIEVE YOUR DOCUMENTS. Issuing Police Department: YOUR PD and ORI number Contact Phone for Issuing Police Department: YOUR PD's phone number     Your application for a New Jersey Firearm Purchaser Identification Card and/or Permit to Purchase a Handgun(s) has been approved by the issuing authority. The physical card/permit must be obtained at your issuing police department (as indicated on your application).   Please be aware that to obtain this card/permit you must bring proof of identity (Picture ID with Name and Date of Birth) to the issuing police department.         If you haven't already made the payment to the Issuing Police Department, you will be required to pay the following fee in the form of check or money order. Cash may be used as a form of payment; however, check with the issuing police department.   Payment to the Issuing Police Department: AMOUNT YOU OWE for the permit(s)   If you have any further questions about the pick-up of your card/permit please contact your issuing police department.   See what else you can do online at www.NJ.gov. NJ.gov - The official web site for the State of New Jersey   After you receive the above e-mail your PD should call you within a week. I just happen to be fortunate enough to live in a township where the PD is really on the ball and they notify me as soon as they're notified of my approval - which usually precedes the NJSP notification to me. Hang in there - nobody said this would be easy. LOL Adios, Pizza Bob
    • IMO, give them a bit of slack "during these unprecedented times," but don't let it go another week.  Call the non-emergency number for your PD and ask politely WTF is going on.
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