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  1. She is. There’s a third way, a large enough donation. It actually says that in the FAQ on their site.
  2. Of COURSE you need a 10mm revolver. There’s two types of people those that need a 10mm revolver and those that have yet to realize they need a 10mm revolver. Oh actually three types of people cause there’s Ray.
  3. Looks like good sales for Easter on their web sites.
  4. Muh gun is in!! Hopefully delivered next week.
  5. Stock, polish all parts and change trigger spring weight.
  6. I have two lone wolf slides quite good. I also have some zev but different price range.
  7. There’s @Bullybeing modest. So you already know the answer. The force is with you.
  8. I read through and you’re right it isn’t your fault. I’d get the 700 in 6.5 for a couple reasons. While .308 is ubiquitous and there is plenty of good ammo choices I’d choose 6.5 because it’s more BC, there’s als a lot of god ammo choices and, important to me, noticeably softer shooting. I have 6.5x47L and it has very light recoil. Id go 700 because of the large universe of aftermarket support. RPRhas gotten quite a following but I’d still go 700 action.
  9. There were a bunch in the 700 million but amazon was the lead. That will help legitimize Rivian who has had some fits and starts along the way. There trucks should be interesting. If you are into trucks you should check this one out. https://www.bollingermotors.com/ You can ride in it for free.
  10. I may have mentioned earlier in the thread that I pre-orderd the Taycan. I like electric cars because they're fast and very cool tech.
  11. 0-60 2.4 seconds for a 5,000 lb street luxury sedan is really impressive. It hurt my gut a bit
  12. Ok this where the thread goes sideways.
  13. Seller is a forum vendor and it appears @Maksim has personal experience here.
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