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NICS Delays?

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After waiting a month for my Berreta 690 Black to come in, got a call from the Beretta Gallery in NYC that it was there. Took the very congested, annoying hour + drive into NYC to pick it up. They were very busy at the store yesterday but only two of us were picking up so the sales person (Anthony, nice guy) called our NICS in together. After 40 minutes on the phone he came back in apologizing that both were delayed. He said he’d never had that happen that multiple NICS called in at the same time were delayed like that. They said if he didn’t hear back by the 11th he could go ahead and sell them to us. So now I have to wait some more and drive back into NYC again. Arrrggghh

Anything specifically going on with NICS or is this just the usual NICS volume BS?



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