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  1. I will be bringing my new Beretta 690 Black if anyone wants to try it out... http://www.beretta.com/en-us/690-sporting-black/ Had to wait over 2 months for it to come in but I picked it up a couple of weeks ago so this will be it’s first time out... mine doesn’t have the adjustable comb but the wood is actually nicer then the one in their video or pics -Jim
  2. Kinda quiet on the thread, where is everyone
  3. I’m in, but might have to leave around noon. -Jim
  4. I like them. I’d have to see one in person though. A lot of newer blued guns don’t look nearly as nice as their older counterparts to me. The older bluing processes worked better but were more hazardous to the workers. I like the newer model 66 too in stainless. As a civilian I don’t think I’d feel undergunned with 6 rounds of 357 or even some of the hotter 38 special +p. Reality is that this in NJ so carry is not going to happen here for a long time, if ever, so if I decide to get one, it’d be a dresser gun. Revolvers are great at that task imho and if there’s something in my house in the middle of the night that 6 rounds of 357 can’t handle then there is something extremely wrong in the world... -Jim
  5. Hmmm, I wonder if this has something to do with NJ drivers licenses not being compliant with the Homeland Security REAL ID requirements? http://www.travelandleisure.com/travel-news/real-id-act-airport-security probably not, since NJ got an extended exemption for now while they try and get their act together but you never know what the NJ NICS process is doing compared to the regular federal NICS... just a thought. -Jim
  6. I thought it was pretty good and she almost made a connection that I never see in any article, the AR-15 type rifle is the number 1 rifle format sold in the US. They always have to throw in that AR-15 style rifles were used in mass shootings. To me that's a lot like saying the F-150 is the number 1 selling pickup in the US and then the F-150 is the number one stolen pickup in the US. Well, duh. If there's more of one type of anything out in the world then any other, the chances are that item is going to see more usage both good and bad. It's like when they say "people that go to shoot at the range regularly are more likely to get injured at the range then someone who doesn't go to the range" again duh... -Jim
  7. Prior law in NY state was no limit. Only NYC had a 10 round limit... so they fought the “only load 7 rounds in a 10 round mag” that was found to be unenforceable but 10 round mag limit was upheld... They did not revert to previous limits. -Jim
  8. I have to think there is some sort of slow walk happening, either that or sales for this quarter are going though the roof with the push for gun control everywhere...
  9. Key phrase in the report. If 40% of guns used in crimes are found to be from other states and that is 75% of traceable guns used in crimes. What they are actually saying that they only know where 53.3% of guns used in crimes are from. 46.7 % are untraceable so they have no idea where they are from. So potentially more then half are from in NJ. (I think I did that math right ) That means they have no idea what percentage is actually from out of state. What other report can have a margin of error of 46.7% and still be taken seriously? That is called lies, damn lies and statistics. -Jim
  10. https://www.yahoo.com/news/gun-rights-activists-rally-state-slideshow-wp-212646938/photo-p-people-participate-gun-rights-photo-212646775.html found at least one article... Sorry I couldn’t make it guys. I think the organizers of this rally should have engaged all the local NRA affiliates to get a larger turnout but I suspect if they did that, they’d still be arguing on what day to have it... -Jim
  11. Well in 1776 when the minutemen were called there was a literal army on the march towards them to destroy them and their homes and businesses so that lends speed to your feet. In NJ and other areas in 2018 we have a slow moving lava flow of legislators and leftists who want to disarm us but not necessarily kill us in the literal sense. Less imperative to a lot of people and in my opinion much tougher to stop then an army. The left sees everything as an existential threat so they can mobilize quickly and a lot are youths who want to belong to something. I’ve found many gun owners are solitary but sociable and just want to be left alone and they are tought not to fire unless you are sure of your target so they wait and are slow to react. The left couldn’t care less about what target they hit, there are no innocents except who they say are innocents so they constantly attack. -Jim
  12. I have been using a S&W Victory with Tandemkross trigger and Volquortsen grips for bullseye this season (though I missed a lot of league days due to work) It’s OK for the job but the Ruger is better all around. The options available for the Victory is minuscule compared to the Ruger, the grip frame for the Victory is short and oddly shaped to me, the safety is my biggest gripe because the knuckle on my thumb constantly hits it even with the Volquortsen grips so I’ve had to jam a piece of rubber above it to keep from triggering the safety every shot but I can’t leave it in there for an official match because the rules say all safety features must be in working order. The only things it has going is it is a good gun you can get very cheap (like $150 less then the Ruger sometimes), is not ammo sensitive other then really low velocity stuff below 1000 FPS and it is accurate. That said, I often wish I bought a Buckmark or Ruger instead. -Jim
  13. Well got a call yesterday that NICS finally came though so I am good to pickup the new shotgun. Unfortunately I won’t be able to get there for a couple of weekends. What a pain... -Jim
  14. Yeah, it’s called njgunforums, get all your friends and family to sign up -Jim
  15. Honestly, NJ is broke. I wish they’d pass a law saying no public funds would be spent on travel anywhere... JMHO