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  1. I saw an interview with him last week. He’s great! This is the district that the Dems committed voter and mail fraud during the primary. -Jim
  2. Yeah, I have to stick my head out of the cave more often I guess LOL...
  3. You know, I looked at it and thought it was posted the 18th not the 8th. I need more coffee.
  4. Man, you need to give a little more notice on this, I don’t check the board every day... Anyway, hope you all had fun, yesterday was a nice day for it, -Jim
  5. I stumbled on this but don't need any at the moment but the price seems pretty reasonable in the current environment so I figured I'd shoot up a flare. https://www.selwayarmory.com/cci-blazer-45-acp-230-gr-full-metal-jacket-box-of-50.html only 10 boxes left on the site so grab them quick if you need them. -Jim
  6. This ^ GP100 with 38 special with a 3 or 4" barrel is very controllable and comfortable to shoot. My wife likes the GP100 Match Champion quite a bit. -Jim
  7. https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1021321195 I just placed an order in for 2 bags and the price isn't bad considering 9mm is going for upwards of $1.00 a round right now. I have a reasonable amount 9mm brass right now but picking up a little extra during the current ammo situation doesn't hurt. -Jim
  8. I think it has to do with the type of case. If a state, CA, brings a case to the 9th circuit against a federal law or EO then it effects the federal law or EO. If an individual or group brings a case to the 9th claiming a state, CA, has broken federal law, 2A, then it only effects the state named in the case for the law named in the case. Since it is in a district court it can be used as case precedent against similar laws in other states subject to the court’s jurisdiction. That’s why if this ruling stands in the 9th circuit, it will only effect the area covered by the 9th circuit. The ruling isn’t against a federal law, but a state law. At least that is how I understand it, not a lawyer -Jim
  9. They shouldn’t, the stay on the law is still in place until the Judge releases it. The 9th circuit sent the case back for further investigation so it’s not like this is a slam dunk and CA is allowing standard capacity mags now. There’s still a decent chance this gets smacked down by an en banc judgement of the 9th.
  10. Accurate powder recall http://www.accuratepowder.com/consumer-alert/recall-notice/ -Jim
  11. Well, at least he’s agreeing to a database of prohibited persons not a database of allowed persons. That’s a huge difference. -Jim
  12. More info on the topic of birdshot for home defense. I'm using handguns for home defense so no dog in this fight
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