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  1. Never been to CR but maybe. Haven’t been to a shotgun shootout for a while either so I’d be up for that too… -Jim
  2. Doesn’t California account for like 60% of the gun crimes in the US? Exactly how did they prove that gun laws work???
  3. Even better, keep reading. Thomas flat out says 2a laws must be judged using the 2a text and history and cannot use any other criteria to determine if it is constitutional. So if 2a doesn’t say magazines can only be 10 rounds and there is no historical context for the limits, those laws are gone too… amazing ruling!
  4. Yeah, they work like the no call list does LOL
  5. Yes, it’s a construction company. Super pushy sales. If they are doing windows or roofing or something in an area, they send sales guys out tithe surrounding blocks. They don’t have a good rep for their work from what I hear… -Jim
  6. PUBLIC death sentence in the town square so everyone can see. I am pretty sure anyone looking to copycat will think hard on if they want to be the next on the gallows. -Jim
  7. I use small plastic wall anchors in my revolver. Dirt cheap and you can get them at any hardware store. For testing function on semi-autos I use Tipton 22lr snap caps. They are more rigid plastic but seem to work fine. Every now and then I get one that I need to sand an edge or something so it cycles correctly but they work pretty good overall and aren’t too pricey. -Jim
  8. Can I ask why? I am not using either ( I use Lee but I only do maybe 50 an hour and that is sufficient for me currently) but I have thought about moving to Dillon a few times as well. Thanks -Jim
  9. .95 for me but I remember getting below .90 a lot back in the late 80's. -Jim
  10. Old post I know but I just put in an order for a couple of pairs of their regular fit industrial blue. They are on sale for 15% off if anyone wants to try out the brand. -Jim
  11. I use on on a 22 pistol, works fine. I am still using the same battery from new 4 years ago. Though in fairness I have a few 22s so it isn't in constant use but it is in the rotation. -Jim
  12. What, the polling his team did said his stance in 2019 cost him the election and they suggested he use one of his other faces and talk out of that side instead. Normal political practice... </sarc> -Jim
  13. I don't consider what I do "prepping" with all the weird TV shows folks and those acting like they are waiting for the zombie apocalypse. It's more like I've been though several large hurricanes, 9/11, more power outages, flooding, etc and I am taking prudent actions to ensure my family is able to live though those sorts of events. I am doubtful that anywhere in the tri-state area we would have a WROL event that would last more than a few days to a week until the feds came in full force and locked everything down. The only way that doesn't happen is if we are in a full blown North American land war and at that point all bets are off as to how long even the most ardent prepper in NJ would be able to hold on to what they have. That said, making sure we have heat/food/water/power for a week or two without the grid or stable outside grocery or fuel sources just seems like something any reasonable person would/should do to reduce the effects of any storm, flood or other event that causes major disruption. Having stock for longer periods or more people can only be helpful as in a short term events like flooding or hurricane, which are the likely scenarios, there will likely be others around you that need assistance. In that sort of scenario, you take care of your neighbors. I hate these guys that act like they are going to hid in a spider hole for 30 years until the radiation dies down or something and come out into Zardoz
  14. Yeah but 20lbs are easy to move and swapped out at every hardware store and some grocery stores so easier overall than 100lb tanks. I have 40 lb tanks on my RV and tend to swap them out with 20lb all the time because it's easier to carry and get them at home depot or wherever then going to get the larger tanks filled. -Jim
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