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  1. Was it something I said ?? I even just got a new can of Right Guard
  2. I’m a maybe. If I can go it’ll just be for a couple of hours in the AM though... -Jim
  3. ^this. I was on the local first aid squad for a few years and there was (maybe still is, not sure) an 8 point training system setup covering CPR, basic first aid, advanced first aid, triage, extrication, etc... There’s probably still something like that. -Jim
  4. Ruger sent an email yesterday that they were out of magazines because of the high demand in CA. They are making more -Jim
  5. You could just only put half the pressure on the break at stop, enough to engage the break but not enough to stop the engine. Next time you are stopped and the engine cuts out, try letting off on the break, you’ll find there is a point that the engine starts again but the break is still engaged... -Jim
  6. We have a 2018 and a 2019 GMC Terrain and both have the shutoff feature. There’s no way to turn it off bu5 once you get used to it it’s really not intrusive. I am doubious of how much fuel it actually saves though. Maybe if you are stopped at lights or in traffic a lot but that not part of my driving... -Jim
  7. It will fail in federal appeals court. I am not sure how it got to the state Supreme Court since the law they are fighting is a federal law. The state Supreme Court has no standing to argue a federal case. This just seems odd... unless CT. Has their own state version of the law but still the federal law will be upheld if Remington is sued. They are in NY so it most definately falls in the Federal courts. added... Ah, I see now, it looks like they are trying to pull an end run around the law by making it about the advertising not sale of the rifle. And even then, the end all is that Lanza didn’t buy the gun, he stole it after killing his mother so the advertising played no part in ththe subsequent events. -Jim
  8. Just horrible, I don’t think NZ has a death penalty but if anyone deserves it, the perpetrators of this heinous act do. Killing innocents is never to be condoned and must be met with swift justice. -Jim
  9. Yep but I want them to say it... then it becomes very clear in the lawsuit -Jim
  10. Dick’s owns Field and Stream stores too. Are they dropping guns from those stores too or just transferring the gun sales to Field and Stream? They may just be virtue signaling while collecting profits on gun sales elsewhere... -Jim
  11. I looked at electric and hybrids just last year when I was car shopping. Toyota rates their battery pack for the Prius at 150,000 miles the. It’s a $10,000 part swap out plus labor. Look at the used market, Prius (Priai ?? priuses? What’s the plural of Prius? ) that are near 150,000 miles even if they are only a few years old are going for $5000 or less on the market. I checked other models like the Honda Civic hybrid and the Chevy Volt. They are getting there but still the premium price makes a gas engine more affordable overall. I’m the perfect candidate for an electric or hybrid though, 3 mile commute to work, low annual mileage, not a lot of heavy highway mileage, etc. I ended up with a GMC Terrain. Around town I get 26-28 mpg, on the highway I am around 40 - 45 mpg using cruise control and staying at sub light speeds. That beats my motorcycle’s mileage with both numbers! -Jim
  12. I love when they pull this stuff. Goal 1 “ we need to get tax revinue to pay our unfunded pension liabilities and this tax will help that” Goal 2 “but we also want to help discourage purchase of these items so we will make the tax onerous as well” These are two mutually exclusive goals that are in opposition to each other. If you cut down on the sale of a good by adding a fee or tax to make it more expensive, then you gather less taxes and fees so you can’t meet goal 1. If you meet goal 1 then obviously sales were so high that you didn’t meet goal 2. I suppose they look at either scenario as a win/win since they meet one of their goals either way but it’s still a failure if they state both as a goal on a bill or proposal. Basic logic fail... -Jim
  13. I’m not saying there’s not a large group that is effected, I’m saying there are a lot of cases that gun owners may not care because it simply doesn’t effect them. I think you may be incorrect about the 10/22 as well. Ruger only came out with a 15 round mag for the 10/22 maybe 5 years ago. The 10 round mag has been standard for most 10/22 models for decades. True that there are some models that have the 25 as standard but we haven’t been able to get those in many years in NJ anyway and I can only think of one model I have ever seen thatcame with a 15 rounder standard. Also true, there are 9, 40 and 45s with double stack mags. I’m not saying there aren’t people with those but I think a lot of people here are negating the fact that large amounts of the supposed 1 million gun owners in NJ probably aren’t plugged into the gun community and have a single barrel, or pump shotgun or something that just isn’t impacted so it’s not an issue for them... Counting on those people to show up and vote or protest is not realistic. I’m just saying... -Jim
  14. Well, I think there’s probably one more dynamic in play here, people that just didn’t have any +10 round magazines to get rid of. If you are a 1911 fan or use 45 acp as your main round, a lot (most) of those guns are less than 10 rounds anyway. A lot of 10mm guns are 10 round or less, If you have a small, bedside 9mm a lot of those smaller guns are 6 -10 rounds, if you shoot revolvers or lever action rifles there are no high cap mags to deal with, a lot of hunting rifles are 5 round mags, shotguns are generally not an issue, etc. I suspect a lot of the gun owners in NJ only have one or two guns maybe a shotgun or a bedside revolver, those people aren’t effected by this at all.. -Jim
  15. I got 4 boxes of clays for X-Mas, it’s a sign :) -Jim
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