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  1. I don’t see a link to register for the buses. Are they all booked already? -Jim
  2. Btw, far as supersonic vs subsonic goes (HV vs SV) the issue seems to be the distance at which a supersonic drops to subsonic. When it does, the sonic wave behind it creates turbulence which pushes the then slower moving projectile off target. At what point in the shot this happens depends on the barrel length, the propellant, bullet mass, air current and temperature. Most bullseye guys, especially outdoor ones at longer distances prefer subsonic because there is never a concern that at some point midway to the target the bullet is going to do something unpredictable. This goes for 22 precision rifle too. The flip side of this for really long distance shooters, like army sharpshooters, is that you need velocity to make distances measured in miles so subsonic doesn’t cut it. Most of the time those types of shooters are using their own recipies for the distance they need to shoot to stay supersonic all the way though the target to reduce that turbulence effect. If you are only shooting bullseye at 25 yards indoors, velocity is not an issue. The consistency of load may be though and a lot of HV 22 ammo is not consistent and you get under/over power and tumbling among other effects so a good consistent HV ammo is just as good as CCI SV for indoor 25 yards but finding one is just as costly as just using CCI SV. The other part is HV has a touch more recoil. So why use HV that is going to cost as much as a comparable SV load and have marginally more recoil? So CCI makes a ton from us bullseye guys for making a decent, consistent, SV at a good price compared to Eley or Laupa or the other premium makers. Aguila is trying to get in on the action with the SuperExtra and they are doing a good job too. I like the CCI just a hair better but I use both. At least that is how I understand all the theory of HV vs SV, might be completely wrong -Jim
  3. I can give you a hundred rounds or so if you just want to try them out. I have a decent supply of them. They feel like they are a little less snappy then the CCI but they cycle my S&w Victory fine... -Jim
  4. Well, here’s some detailing the current laws and some of the proposals. You’ll note they use the “common sense” phase there too... http://www.shootinguk.co.uk/shooting/start-shooting/do-you-want-to-get-into-shooting-32172 https://www.nraila.org/articles/20171215/uk-working-on-new-air-gun-restrictions https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2015/aug/27/uk-gun-laws-law-commission-reform-public-consultation http://www.bbc.com/news/10220974 http://www.shootinguk.co.uk/tag/gun-laws
  5. All you need to do to verify this is read some of the UK trap, skeet and sporting clays or hunting boards. There are all kinds of restrictions still being pushed against sporting gun owners by the grabbers there and they took most weapon ownership away from the citizens already. It will not end with “assault weapons”, it won’t end with semi auto weapons, it won’t end with capacity limits or large caliber bans. The UK and EU are showing us exactly what the grabbers wasn’t here. There is no compromise great enough to stop them, it’s like trying to negotiate with a bunch of sharks to let them eat your arm. Eventually they circle back to take a leg, then another arm. The end result is the same. JMHO -Jim
  6. I am using SureStrike https://www.laser-ammo.com/laser-training in my pistols but a LaserLyte https://www.amazon.com/LaserLyte-LT-PRE-Laser-Trainer-Universal/dp/B010FMFRLO/ref=pd_lpo_vtph_200_bs_img_1?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=SK511M29NXK8KCX4SWZ9 in my revolver because it goes in the front of the barrel rather then in the chamber so I don’t need to keep spinning it to line up the laser with the firing pin. They both work well with it. -Jim
  7. I’m using the app and a different laser system. It works with any red laser. The app works ok. I’m sure the sled helps get the right distance from the target. It’s not horribly accurate but good enough for trigger control work and general dry fire practice. Sometimes it doesn’t register hits or if the light in the room is too bright will register multiple hits. Not a bad tool though for not too much money. -Jim
  8. Tell them to start reading some of the posts and articles of Clay shooters and hunters in the UK. I have been reading stuff because I am getting into clays but it is enlightening. The UK government is still coming after double barrelled shotgun ownership and ammo for them, making them jump though hoops for purchase, requiring membership in an approved registered club, shell purchase limits, etc. It does not stop... -Jim
  9. So have we figured out any car pool/ train/ whatever scheme yet? I have a few more people from Lake Island verified going down too. We have it up on our web page and are actively pinging members on it. -Jim
  10. You know, except for the fact that the 2A was put in place so citizens could have weapons of war to aid and/or stop the US army in the event of war/Federal Tyranny then yes there is no way to reconcile 2A with citizen ownership of “weapons of war” Federalist 29 Federalist 46 written by the people who wrote the Constitution explaining 2A.It’s not overly complicated reading but apparently reading comprehension is not a prerequisite for being a judge. -Jim
  11. Waiting for approval for the day off, if I can get it I’ll be there. -Jim
  12. So what are those of us stuck here for a while then? The French resistance during the occupation? Do I need to go get some wine now? -Jim
  13. I tend to see this as the left testing the waters. They are going full stupid on gun control for midterms thinking it’s a winner for them. They’ve been chewing away at PA and VA for a while now so I am not so confident in either of those places for the next few election cycles... -Jim
  14. Everyone thinking about running to PA or keeping your NJ banned stuff there, may want to keep an eye on this... https://www.nraila.org/articles/20180228/pennsylvania-semi-auto-ban-legislation-to-be-introduced -Jim
  15. Don’t police currently have the authority to pick someone up and take them for psychiatric evaluation if they believe the person is a threat to themselves or others? Why can they not just do that first? Then if the evaluation comes back they have a judge sign the papers to pull their firearms. Maybe instead of the current 72 hours increase it to 144 hours to try and do a more thorough evaluation and get the rest of the process done while the person is still in custody but it seems like they keep looking for worse ways to solve problems then they already have available. I will say they need to then have something to do with that person who is a threat but has mental issues. That is something that needs to be worked on. -Jim