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  1. I’m not saying there’s not a large group that is effected, I’m saying there are a lot of cases that gun owners may not care because it simply doesn’t effect them. I think you may be incorrect about the 10/22 as well. Ruger only came out with a 15 round mag for the 10/22 maybe 5 years ago. The 10 round mag has been standard for most 10/22 models for decades. True that there are some models that have the 25 as standard but we haven’t been able to get those in many years in NJ anyway and I can only think of one model I have ever seen thatcame with a 15 rounder standard. Also true, there are 9, 40 and 45s with double stack mags. I’m not saying there aren’t people with those but I think a lot of people here are negating the fact that large amounts of the supposed 1 million gun owners in NJ probably aren’t plugged into the gun community and have a single barrel, or pump shotgun or something that just isn’t impacted so it’s not an issue for them... Counting on those people to show up and vote or protest is not realistic. I’m just saying... -Jim
  2. Well, I think there’s probably one more dynamic in play here, people that just didn’t have any +10 round magazines to get rid of. If you are a 1911 fan or use 45 acp as your main round, a lot (most) of those guns are less than 10 rounds anyway. A lot of 10mm guns are 10 round or less, If you have a small, bedside 9mm a lot of those smaller guns are 6 -10 rounds, if you shoot revolvers or lever action rifles there are no high cap mags to deal with, a lot of hunting rifles are 5 round mags, shotguns are generally not an issue, etc. I suspect a lot of the gun owners in NJ only have one or two guns maybe a shotgun or a bedside revolver, those people aren’t effected by this at all.. -Jim
  3. I got 4 boxes of clays for X-Mas, it’s a sign :) -Jim
  4. It’s even worse then that. They re-define assault weapons to include pretty much all semi auto rifles and handguns...
  5. I tried the 38 special version of the round nose. Very light load, very light bullet and they shoot like 8” low at 25 yards for me. Not sure how the self defense load is. I wanted to try the ones Ruger is reselling too. I’m not sure if those are any different then the ARX PolyCase labeled ones... I am thinking about switching my shotgun ammo to steel shot but it’s significantly more expensive then Remington gun club... -Jim
  6. Sorry I missed this one. The wind must have been fun As penance, I went out and bought a new Henry Golden Boy. I blame all of you, (at least I am going to blame it on you when I tell my wife LOL), because I wasn't able to make it this morning so I wasn't able to check out all your guns so felt I had to go look at new stuff... That chain of logic works right? Think she'll believe me? -Jim
  7. From what I can see, the only thing keeping Dick’s afloat right now is that they have no competition. Cabelas and Bass Pro are few and far between, Gander Mountain went under and just recently came back but limited locations, Sports Authority is gone. Dick’s is the only national sporting goods retailer left. That won’t be able to sustain them for long though. Barnes and Nobel is in the same place as a retailer. All the other physical book stores are long gone (Borders, Wldenbooks, B.Dalton, etc) so B&N is getting whatever foot traffic there is for book stores the same way that Dick’s is getting whatever foot traffic there is for sporting goods. However, B&N is also competing directly with Amazon online. They were the first to directly take on Amazon and arguably the most successful just by staying alive. Dick’s online presence is rudimentary at best and really just showcases the sales ads. Only a small part of their inventory is online and they don’t seem that interested in making an online presence. I think that is what is going to kill them. Cabelas/Bass Pro have a very advanced online sales presence. People in their 40’s and 50’s are pretty online savvy and younger then that definately are. Dick’s is going to eventually turn into a sneaker and clothing store, those are the only areas most people still shop retail stores for and it’s only going to get more competitive for them. We are talking years that they can limp along though and maybe they’ll get their online presence together at some point. I think they should just give up on firearms and archery all together and focus on baseball and soccer. Less drama and really where it seems they want to be anyway... I think we all agree they should just shut up and get out of the line of business if they are re going to act like this and leave the rest of us alone. Taking profit from firearms while bad mouthing firearms owners is just pure hypocrisy... JMHO -Jim
  8. I have to work that weekend, I’ll see what I can do... -Jim
  9. JimB1

    Magazine Ban Upheld

    My answer is to go for larger calibers and revolvers. Every 45 1911 is under 10 round (except those weird double stacks that have too wide grips) most 10mm are 10 round or less. In revolvers you can’t beat 44 mag and 357. Then there are most pistols sold for carry are under 10 rounds. The way I see it they are forcing us to more powerful ammo and to bring into the state more pistols that can be hidden and carried in consealed in public easier. Law of unintended consequences is going to bite them. -Jim
  10. Man, I haven’t been out on a boat in a long time but already have plans for the holiday weekend so can’t make this one. Have fun though... -Jim
  11. Right but the second you step out your door with them right now, you are a felon. So if the injunction doesn’t happen, I guess they need to be vaporized in your house because there is no legal way to get them out of the state or to a place to be converted. -Jim
  12. So let’s see, if we don’t get the injunction, and you have 15 round magazines in your home you are is a felon but if you get caught bringing them to an FFL to get them converted, you are a felon and if you get caught bringing them across the state line to get rid of them you are a felon. Well, NJ is definately living up to it’s reputation for screwing its citizens again... -Jim
  13. So is the 10 round limit in effect now? They are saying not to transport magazines over 10 so that would imply the law is in effect already not December.... or am I missing something... -Jim
  14. Usually get checked every year but I don’t have to get new glasses every time. -Jim
  15. It’s so hard to find just the right emoticon for the moment... LOL Congrats man, looking forward to seeing the his and hers lever actions with the custom etching -Jim

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