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  1. Unfortunately I just heard that the UK’s top shooter Amber Hill is not going to be able to compete as she tested positive for COVID. It’s a shame, strong competition always brings out the best during the Olympics… -Jim
  2. Meh, take out suicides and drug/gang related shootings and as a country we have less gun related issues than the EU, that is the reality. Fix the issues with the gangs and drugs and figure out how to help people who want to kill themselves and we get rid of 95% of the issue but that doesn’t push the narrative so we can’t do that.
  3. I can actually tell you where this came from, point 13 on this page on the state police website https://www.nj.gov/njsp/firearms/firearms-faqs.shtml Previously they mentioned that those types listed were legal for home defense but they don’t say that now, just that the ones listed aren’t hollow points by the State police standards. Doesn’t mean the Judiciary won’t though... as we see with the security guard recently charged for having critical duty in his work gun. -Jim
  4. I’ve been doing laser training more lately too. I can probably stretch my ammo supplies/budget with more with laser/dryfire training and more focused live fire training to use less ammo for training while still keeping/working on skills. At least that’s my plan -Jim
  5. I don’t need anything really but I was checking prices this morning. 38 special is averaging $2 a round FMJ, 357 mag is all over the place from $2 - $8 per round 9mm and 45acp prices (when you can find them) are just crazy. $1.50 and up a round for 9mm and $2 and up a round for 45 acp. Even the off calibers like 41 mag and 32 acp are starting to get some wacky pricing. Anyone just getting into it now is in for a shock... -Jim
  6. Yeah, like everyone has said, prices are high but you can get equipment, it’s consumables that are really hard to find and stupidly expensive right now. Pistol primers in particular are super unavailable and when they come up in the market they are just insane on the pricing. I see some rifle primers come up more often but still pretty rare in the last 6 months... -Jim
  7. Not holding my breath on this happening. A better question is- How soon until the rest of the US is feeling NJ’s pain? If the Republicans lose in GA, one of the first things Dems are going to do is pass all the anti-gun crap Bloomberg paid for. It’s easier for them to go after us than fix all the problems that take real thought and effort. We’ve seen that here in NJ for decades. Literally fiddling while Rome burns. NJ will never be able to dig itself out of it’s fiscal hole and the Federal government is just as bad. All this stuff is just distraction from the fact that they are all unable to fix any real issues. JMHO -Jim
  8. Look at the laws in those places, less guns means less need for reloading. They also are not in the middle of mass rioting and a contentious election. As to why they can’t ship to the US, thank the UN arms treaty that all these countries signed onto and I am sure Biden will try and get the US into if he can. -Jim
  9. One more for you. Sections e and f cover transport https://law.justia.com/codes/new-jersey/2019/title-2c/section-2c-39-6/
  10. Here you go Self Defense https://law.justia.com/codes/new-jersey/2019/title-2c/section-2c-3-4/ Defense of other https://law.justia.com/codes/new-jersey/2019/title-2c/section-2c-3-5/ Defense of property note in NJ defense of property never justifies deadly force and use of a gun in NJ is defined as deadly force. https://law.justia.com/codes/new-jersey/2019/title-2c/section-2c-3-6/ Here’s the statute on hollow points as well. Note it just has locations you can possess hollow points not actions you can perform https://law.justia.com/codes/new-jersey/2019/title-2c/section-2c-39-3/
  11. Ask your instructor to find a statute that says it is legal to use Hornady critical defense...Here's a hint, there isn't one. No law in NJ says anything about what you can use for Self Defense in your home, only where you can possess hollow points and "in your home" is definitely stipulated. If you must fire a gun in SD in NJ you will most likely be charged with something regardless of what type of ammo you are using. However possession of hollow points in an unlawful manner should not be on that list of charges since you were in your home. Where guns are concerned in NJ, you are assumed to be guilty until you are proven innocent, that is the fact. All the discussion of what type of ammo is just window dressing. I am not a lawyer though and I suspect your trainer is not either so if you want to, you can ask a lawyer but the answer is going to most likely be "maybe" because NJ's laws are too arbitrary. Added... I found this discussion on what the State Police had to say about it in 2011 so not sure how valid it is or if it is still good in 2020. https://www.thehighroad.org/index.php?threads/new-jersey-law-on-ammo-definitive.628312/ "-It is legal to own and store hollow point ammunition in your home -It is legal to purchase hollow point ammunition in a store -It is legal to transport hollow point ammunition to range for sporting use (and for that matter in most hunting situations) -It is legal to purchase, own and use Corbon Powerball, Hornady Critical Defense and Federal EFMJ (including Federal LE EFMJ +P loads) at range and in personal defense situations in home pursuant to NJ state law on use of force in home defense situation -NJSP ballistics unit does not consider the rounds mentioned above as hollow point or dum dum bullets and will testify as such if required -It *may* be illegal to *use* hollow point bullets in a home defense situation, however, this is a gray area. NJSP will not make an arrest higher than 4th degree in this circumstance and if not associated with another unlawlful act will likely not make an arrest at all. However, should criminal or civil charges be pursued by gunshot victim at later date, you may be liable and charged with use." So that is probably where your instructor got the Hornady Critical Defense from. Hopefully none of us ever get a chance to test this out... -Jim
  12. Yep, same as when people remove the firing pin block on a 1911 series 80.
  13. Didn't one of the GI Joe characters carry a gun that looks like that? Yeah, found it. GI Joe Ambush rifle 1990 https://www.ebay.com/itm/GI-Joe-1990-AMBUSH-Rifle-Gun/400081172969
  14. A couple of people I know have them. I think they look like the guns from Planet of the Apes but they seem to work so if you need one then "ya dance with who ya brung" I guess. Good luck finding one right now though. Inexpensive PCC is a really hot commodity in the current world... -Jim
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