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  1. Doesn’t NJ say “all guns are illegal except...” that to me means the same as “prohibited by state” and having lived in NJ almost 40 years I am sure that is what the state is going to say if it ever gets to court... Maybe I am jaded at this point but this bill will not help us here in NJ at all... -Jim
  2. ^this^ 45 Colt and 44 Mag can both be loaded to very powerful rounds but they are big cartridges so generally pretty heavily built guns. 9mm and 45 acp are both good self defense rounds but they aren’t the best choice for hunting in Alaska. I personally like 357/38. You can do everything from barely putting holes in paper using light 38 special all the way up to black bear defense with hot 357 rounds. I suspect I’d like 44mag/44 special in the same way, though I don’t have one at the moment. So if you are not interested in 357 and are looking for a jack of all trades sort of caliber, that’d be my choice. I like the Redhawk 44 mag with a 5.5” barrel https://www.ruger.com/products/redhawk/models.html or the S&W 629 6” barrel https://www.smith-wesson.com/firearms/model-629 I understand the interest in using 9mm and 45 acp in a revolver but I feel there are better options for those rounds in a semi so other then maybe needing only one type of ammo for a semi, revolver and pistol caliber carbine or using it for competition like IDPA, I am not sure there is a lot of practical benefit in them but sometimes it’s not about practicality JMHO -Jim
  3. Well, my P220 started as a P220 classic 22 then I added the 45 upper with night sights so it's similar to the p220 nitron but just has the old style grips. Total into it for me is only about $800. The new p220 nitron is going for about $950 street price but I got a 22lr upper as well and can probably turn around and sell the whole setup for at least $750 so not bad since I've had it several years now. I thought about trading it in on a stainless version but will probably just drop a SRT kit and a Legion trigger in it and call it a day. Thinking about some nicer grips too but the stock ones actually work pretty well for me... Just going to keep shooting mine. It is a good pistol and I like the 45 acp as both a range round and a defense round. Slammedbowtie, what were you looking to trade it in for? Changing calibers, changing brands or just trying to upgrade to a different version? If you were just thinking about a Legion or something, you might want to just think about doing a few upgrades and keeping what you have... The trigger is the biggest upgrade to the Legion series. I have tried a few of them dry fire in store and I like the trigger but I'm sort of ambivalent about the new sights and other upgrades. I like the grips but those are easy to add too. To me the Legion is only tempting if you don't have a P220 already or you just want bragging rights or something Just wondering... -Jim
  4. Found this from a month and a half ago: http://www.nj.com/news/index.ssf/2017/10/post_414.html Seems like there have been a ton of unexplained or half explained booms in Monmouth over the last few years... -Jim
  5. Yeah, they changed a lot of the models recently. Got rid of the X5 and X6 (not that I could afford either but man I wanted one or both of them) added (amazingly) a SAO 22 version of the 226 and removed the target sights from everything except the 10mm hunter among other changes... -Jim
  6. OK, you've convinced me. I'll stick with whiskey, it's just safer
  7. Maybe a aftershock from this? http://www.nj.com/news/index.ssf/2017/11/earthquake_rocks_delaware_shockwaves_felt_in_nj.html Otherwise: I don't think I heard anything up here in Middlesex County -Jim
  8. I have a similar model I have seen used ones going for around $7 - $750 or so. Far as trade-in value goes, some places will only give half of what they can sell for, maybe 60%... I think $400 trade-in is low though... for that price, just keep it, at least until you can find a private buyer... JMHO -Jim
  9. Well, if Trump can ever get his justice dept in order, option 1 could very well happen...
  10. I think the correct course for this to take is the way it has always worked when state law is in conflict with federal law. There are three options as I see them; the feds take the states that legalized pot to federal court. If the feds win, pot is illegal everywhere and the gun thing is no longer an issue. If the states win, the feds have to allow it so therefore it is no longer illegal and the gun thing is no longer an issue. The states take the feds to courts, see option 1, results are the same. The people take the states to court for suspending a right for an illegal action that is obstesibly legal in that locale. This is where it is messy. It would need to go to state court first but might end up in option 1 or 2 depending on the results and drag on for years. This is the option these blue states really want to happen. JMHO -Jim
  11. Well, my long winded non-expert answer ...Seems there are a few standards that have stayed reasonably popular through the years (9mm, 38 special, 357 mag, 44 special, 44 mag, 45 acp and 45 colt) then there are a few that pop up every now and then with a good following like 38 super, 454, 500, 50ae, etc. I tend to think of them as tier 2 calibers or maybe niche calibers that fill a specific need but maybe not as generically used as the standards due to suitability or cost (45 colt may be in this list too, I waffle on it ) 40 S&W may be along those lines at some point, maybe with a bigger following. It seems to be losing a lot of backing in law inforcement in favor of newer 9mm options but it also seems to be getting a lot of love in the sport shooting genre which is giving it a new life. 10mm is being given a strong second look by the pistol hunting crowd as well so that is also experiencing a bit of a resurgence and 380 acp seems to be getting a strong second look by personal defense oriented folks so that seems to be on the rise too. 32 S&W is coming back a little mainly on the heels of the 327 mag round as a lower recoiling training round but acceptance of the 327 mag round seems tepid so time will tell on that one. I suspect if these stick around for a while they will all fall into the niche ammo category and not get to the popularity of the standards. With all that other stuff going on with various calibers, I don’t see any reason why the 357 sig couldn’t come back at some point. It seems a very accurate round. The biggest negative I can think of is that as a necked cartridge it has a slightly more complex reloading process (Checking the neck to shoulder length and trimming if needed). I have never used or reloaded them though so I may be off or there may be something else limiting to them that I am not thinking of. Just some thoughts... -Jim
  12. OK, I'll play. Here's my pack: Top to bottom: S&W 686+ Deluxe (357) Brand new, just picked it up from Cheyenne (thanks Bob ) S&W 617 (22lr) S&W 627 Pro (357) Ruger GP100 Match Champion (357)
  13. My usual mixed drink is Jamison's Black Barrel with an ice cube or two (that's the mix part) I do have to make my wife's drink of choice: 1 shot of Jamison's (I just use the regular Jamison's for this) 6 oz of Ginger Ale (whatever kind you like, I like Canada Dry because it's not too sweet) Juice from half a lime Add a lime slice for garnish (or for additional lime juice if the person wants to drop it in) -Jim
  14. Purists say yes and all the top BBQ pit masters use wood or pellet burning smokers so that tells me a lot. I personally like charcoal/wood better then electric or propane for smoking but a lot of that is philosophy. When I am smoking stuff it forces me to slow down and not be doing a hundred things at once. Every hour or two drop a smoke bomb, drop in a few briquettes of charcoal when it's getting low, maintain the temps, etc. I have to be aware of what I am doing. Not necessarily constantly on top of it like grilling fish or something but just aware. I use propane when I just need to get stuff done, grilling steak or chicken for dinner after work or something. Charcoal/Wood cooking is just more relaxing to me. Sit on the deck, have a beer, play guitar, check on the temps, drop some charcoal, have another beer. Repeat until the food is ready. -Jim