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  1. Where is everyone ? Got here a little before 9. Pretty empty with only one shooter here and he’s not from the board... -Jim
  2. I’m probably going to grab breakfast at the Clinton station diner at 8 if anyone wants to meet up there before heading over. It’s only a couple of minutes from the range... -Jim
  3. I am good to go. I’ll probably have to leave around noon though... -Jim
  4. Sat weather looks great! I just picked up a flat of Winchester AA target and a few cases of clays so let me know if this is happening -Jim
  5. Like most, I’m interested if the date and time are something I can swing. I’ve never been to RTSP... -Jim
  6. For 22 bullseye practice, usually 50 - 100. Centerfire kind of depends what I am practicing. I tend to shoot for accuracy not round count so unless I am working on double taps or something, maybe 50 rounds of a given caliber but sometimes less if I am working trigger control slow and steady type stuff. Sometimes more if I am doing double taps and rapid fire. I know the IDPA guys do tons more then I do -Jim
  7. Really? I usually avoid Walmart like the plague so it’s rare I am in one but lowest I’ve seen around for white flyers is like $9.00... I guess I’ll have to brave the people of Walmart more often
  8. I was down in VA over the weekend and they had them in stock down there so I picked up 4 cases: https://www.walmart.com/ip/White-Flyer-Biodegradable-Targets-Orange-90pk/16767630 I'm not sure if they have any in the Walmarts around here but maybe PA? It's a good deal if you can find them... -Jim
  9. Sorry I missed it, was driving home from VA this morning -Jim
  10. When I was 18 or 19 I had a thing for a Ruger Redhawk in 44 mag. I never ended up getting one but it’s still pretty high on my list. -Jim
  11. I’ve said this before, they are using the cigarette rules on us. “We are going to add this tax and this fee and use it for x services and it will make millions for x.” Then in the same breath, “ we want to stop the use of guns/cigarettes so the higher taxes will keep people from buying them” They really want the second outlook but they know they can get people to sign on for the first even though they are exactly opposites. If no one buys guns/cigarettes then no taxes will go towards X so they are selling a bill of goods in the first premise, a tax windfall, in order to obtain the second, reduce sales of a good. If they put this in place for guns though, they are in for a rude awaking because cigarettes are not a protected right where guns are. I doubt any reasonable judge will say adding $200 to the cost of a $200 snub nose revolver or shotgun is not akin to a poll tax. However finding a reasonable judge may be the issue and take some time.
  12. Expected result.
  13. Actually #4 is probably the easiest to bring to court. What they actually did was make what was administrative rules, codified law. Previously the law was written to require justifiable need but the definition was left open which is how Christie was able to loosen it slightly, he had his DA change the definition slightly. In the courts, they could just say, “these people are suing over administrative issues, the law is fine” Now they put the cards on the table and worded the definition of what they think “justifiable need” is which is even more restrictive then the DC law that the SC struck down. The theory is that future governors can’t do what Christie did now. I think they just made an unconstitutional law in direct contention with the SC so that makes it very lawsuit ready.... -Jim
  14. Man, you are good at finding these things
  15. Thanks! It’s weird that the article I found shows a judgement in Feb but that judgement isn’t shown here. Maybe it’s a different suit? Good to hear they are still fighting it... -Jim