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  1. Accurate powder recall http://www.accuratepowder.com/consumer-alert/recall-notice/ -Jim
  2. Well, at least he’s agreeing to a database of prohibited persons not a database of allowed persons. That’s a huge difference. -Jim
  3. More info on the topic of birdshot for home defense. I'm using handguns for home defense so no dog in this fight
  4. We picked up apples, oranges and grapefruit yesterday and I washed them all down with apple cider vinegar before they went in the fruit bowl at home. The stuff in the fruit aisle is the stuff I am most concerned about because everyone picks though to get the ones they like so those are the things I really try to wash well. Especially apples and stuff you eat the skin on. The jury is still out on weather vinegar can kill Covid-19 but they are asking us to wash with regular soap so I am guessing anything helps and the virus can’t seem to last for more then a day or two on surfaces so as long as I am not eating stuff immediately I think I still have good odds... -Jim
  5. Not worth my time to attempt to find an article I read in passing a year ago. Probably couldn’t find it again in a few hours of digging so I’m not even going to try. Sorry... I’m not sure what sort of rifles were in use by the enemy in Iraq but it wouldn’t shock me if they used 5.56 since it’s used by NATO everywhere. They were making IEDs from household goods and reloading cases is not rocket science so it’s not beyond them in any way. It’s probably not a main reason to move away from brass but it’s not impossible that it’s on the list of reasons somewhere. Probably much more likely weight considerations are higher on the list. I’d guess polymer cased ammo is far lighter than brass especially in larger calibers. -Jim
  6. I read an article at some point a year or so ago that the army was specifically asking for ammo cases that couldn’t be reloaded. Apparently in the Middle East the6 would get into fights and afterwards people friendly to the enemy would collect the spent cases, reload them and the next fight they’d be shooting them back. -Jim
  7. Since new shooters need to practice chicken roll can be used in place of ballistics gel I guess
  8. Never liked chicken roll. The texture is just wrong. It’s like vaguely chicken flavored liverwurst. Bleech....
  9. Well, here’s the press. You could just buy the other stuff you need separately... https://www.opticsplanet.com/lee-gunsmith-and-reloading-equipment-90064.html -Jim
  10. Thanks for that. The article does not mention anything about providing compensation... kind of half-assed reporting without mentioning that but it shouldn't surprise me anymore that articles are being written without pertinent information.. -Jim
  11. I am not sure where Murphy thinks he gets this authority from but I suspect he is outside his official powers to do this. I have seen nothing that allows the Governor to commandeer any privately owned goods or services without due compensation in any of the emergency laws I have read so far. If anyone knows of anything giving the State this level of authority, I'd like to see the specific laws that allow this to happen because it is the definition of the slippery slope... Thanks -Jim
  12. Just remember, not all of these people getting guns for the first time are leftist gun haters being converted. In fact I am sure that many, if not most are middle of the road folks that just never got a gun because they didn't feel the need to do so previously. They weren't necessarily against guns, just not really engaged on the discussions on either side. It's a good opportunity to show that there's not a gun community separate from them but that we are all just part of their local community, we aren't all some shady societal fringe (you all know who you are ) that needs to be looked at sideways but are their neighbors, co-workers and friends. JMHO -Jim
  13. I like the turret because it gives me a lot of options to how I reload. I batch stuff like a single stage press a lot too. It's sort of a zen thing to just zone out and do one step at a time for 250 cases and it's not like I am in a rush to pump out ammo as fast as possible, if I was I'd be using a progressive press. I generally reload at night after my wife goes to bed so it's just hang out and listen to music time for me... -Jim
  14. This is what I do too. Not sure how it works for long OAL rifle cases since I only do pistol rounds but 223 should be fine. -Jim
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