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  1. If there is something occurring in the world that causes me to expend all my store bought JHP and I need to make reloads for purposes other than training, that'd mean we are all pretty much all screwed and won't be purchasing ammo from anywhere anyway. I tend to think of it as practice ammo during regular times and something to fall back on if we are all the way in the fire but everything is a finite resource at the end of the day, both bought ammo and reloading supplies. JMHO -Jim
  2. My reloading bench is an old Craftsman grinder stand... 16" x 18" including the shelf in the back for the additional turrets, small digital powder scale and caliper. I have 3 turrets pre-setup for 45 acp, 38 special and 9mm, I also have one that is dedicated with a generic primer removal die so I can bulk remove primers before cleaning cases. I can swap between calibers in maybe 3 - 4 minutes including verifying the bullet seating and OAL. You don't need a lot of room to reload. -Jim,
  3. So then you are all good with that requirement being in place??? I didn't think you were all in on the Biden/O'Rourke 2020 ticket...
  4. Well, unfortunately the real issue is that if you do not have a purchase permit in NJ before an event like this happens, you are pretty much screwed regardless of weather the stores are open or NICS is working. You'd need to know at least a month in advance that you will need a gun in order to get the purchase permit. If that delay isn't fixed, who cares if the shops are open, everyone who has a permit already has guns and probably at least some ammo on hand. It's the folks that do not during this type of action that are going to be SOL. -Jim
  5. Good read on it: https://aliengearholsters.com/blog/walther-ppq-vs-hk-vp9/ The holster company said it was a draw LOL -Jim
  6. They should have asked me, I've been saying all this for the last month - More people infected than originally estimated - Virus was in country at least a month earlier then originally thought - Death rate drastically lowered after accounting for the much higher rate of infected that self-healed. -Jim
  7. Long as it doesn’t look like this one I think you are OK
  8. BTW, I am using the Streamlight TLR-7 500 lumens https://www.streamlight.com/en/products/detail/index/tlr-7 Instant daylight and the strobe is blinding and probably seizure inducing for people with certain disorders. Almost a weapon by itself... -Jim
  9. I am going to recommend a Walther PPQ. I love my 5” with a streamlight as a HD pistol and it is probably the most accurate striker fired pistol I have tried yet. Even my poor shooting got a fist sized group at 25 yards. Out of the box the trigger is great. Only downside with the 5” is it’s tough to find holsters that work with the streamlight and 5” barrel. I have the regular 5” not the q5 because I didn’t feel like the q5 added $300 value to me over the stock 5”. https://waltherarms.com/ppq-m2-3/ -Jim
  10. https://www.nj.com/coronavirus/2020/03/could-loss-of-taste-smell-be-linked-to-covid-19-2-nj-doctors-say-evidence-is-mounting.html Thought this was interesting. Seems even asymptomatic people may show this one even if they have no other signs. I am still of the opinion that probably 100,000 or more people in the US have or had the virus already but it was never identified so the death rates and percentages of violently ill people being tossed around are vastly inflated. -Jim
  11. Over the weekend I tuned up my bandsaw and built a storage cabinet for bandsaw blades and accessories. Started working on some new saw horses too. Put in a safe door organizer that I ordered a month ago and never got to install and then cleaned the safe up and took inventory. -Jim
  12. I'm in the CZ camp too. Most of the CZ-75 variants are very comfortable, slim grips. My CZ-75 SP01 is one of my favorites. -Jim
  13. We'll see if this changes anyone's minds about the dumb laws they helped put into place... We'll see... -Jim
  14. Well, the numbers are pretty suspect from China because at some point they started not counting people that had been positively diagnosed but showed no symptoms and needed no treatment. There are probably 1/3 - 1/2 more in china that fall in that bucket. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-03-24/china-s-hidden-symptom-free-virus-cases-means-epidemic-not-over -Jim
  15. Pretty good article on it... -Jim
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