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  1. My answer is to go for larger calibers and revolvers. Every 45 1911 is under 10 round (except those weird double stacks that have too wide grips) most 10mm are 10 round or less. In revolvers you can’t beat 44 mag and 357. Then there are most pistols sold for carry are under 10 rounds. The way I see it they are forcing us to more powerful ammo and to bring into the state more pistols that can be hidden and carried in consealed in public easier. Law of unintended consequences is going to bite them. -Jim
  2. Man, I haven’t been out on a boat in a long time but already have plans for the holiday weekend so can’t make this one. Have fun though... -Jim
  3. Right but the second you step out your door with them right now, you are a felon. So if the injunction doesn’t happen, I guess they need to be vaporized in your house because there is no legal way to get them out of the state or to a place to be converted. -Jim
  4. So let’s see, if we don’t get the injunction, and you have 15 round magazines in your home you are is a felon but if you get caught bringing them to an FFL to get them converted, you are a felon and if you get caught bringing them across the state line to get rid of them you are a felon. Well, NJ is definately living up to it’s reputation for screwing its citizens again... -Jim
  5. So is the 10 round limit in effect now? They are saying not to transport magazines over 10 so that would imply the law is in effect already not December.... or am I missing something... -Jim
  6. Usually get checked every year but I don’t have to get new glasses every time. -Jim
  7. It’s so hard to find just the right emoticon for the moment... LOL Congrats man, looking forward to seeing the his and hers lever actions with the custom etching -Jim
  8. Where is everyone ? Got here a little before 9. Pretty empty with only one shooter here and he’s not from the board... -Jim
  9. I’m probably going to grab breakfast at the Clinton station diner at 8 if anyone wants to meet up there before heading over. It’s only a couple of minutes from the range... -Jim
  10. I am good to go. I’ll probably have to leave around noon though... -Jim
  11. Sat weather looks great! I just picked up a flat of Winchester AA target and a few cases of clays so let me know if this is happening -Jim
  12. Like most, I’m interested if the date and time are something I can swing. I’ve never been to RTSP... -Jim
  13. For 22 bullseye practice, usually 50 - 100. Centerfire kind of depends what I am practicing. I tend to shoot for accuracy not round count so unless I am working on double taps or something, maybe 50 rounds of a given caliber but sometimes less if I am working trigger control slow and steady type stuff. Sometimes more if I am doing double taps and rapid fire. I know the IDPA guys do tons more then I do -Jim
  14. Really? I usually avoid Walmart like the plague so it’s rare I am in one but lowest I’ve seen around for white flyers is like $9.00... I guess I’ll have to brave the people of Walmart more often
  15. I was down in VA over the weekend and they had them in stock down there so I picked up 4 cases: https://www.walmart.com/ip/White-Flyer-Biodegradable-Targets-Orange-90pk/16767630 I'm not sure if they have any in the Walmarts around here but maybe PA? It's a good deal if you can find them... -Jim