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4/6/2019 - Index Reorganization, New Section

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Good day everyone,

Was about time.  With many new sections added over the year and with more and more of the members here now living outside of New Jersey, needed to better organize our sections and content!

Made a few changes so that if you are browsing the main index, some sections have moved.

The first change is in the Gun Laws discussions.  There were a few sections and things were getting messy.  Furthermore, we did not have a specific area for national gun law discussion yet had plenty of them!

Added new "National Gun Law Discussion," consolidated the three NJ gun law sections together under current New Jersey Gun Laws Discussion.  Legislative Alerts and Rallies remains.


Furthermore, consolidated the broader discussion sections together.

Generation Discussion, NJ Prepared, the !st Amendment Lounge and Made In America.  "Made in America" was moved to this section.


Next, reframed the  Shooting related sections together with outdoors stuff.

Moved the Firearms Hobby/Sport discussion section here, together with New Firearms Owners Corner, Events & Meetups, Ranges & Gun Shops, Training, Competitive Fun Shoots, together with Hunting & Fishing section and lastly blades.


Re-organized Firearms Discussion around specific types of firearms and accessories.


Lastly, I locked down the old Experience/Feedback section.  It was left up to search for old feedback as we already have two other ways of leaving feedback.  For users, use the Feedback app/tab in the menu bar.  For vendors, leave them a review on their gun listings page

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22 minutes ago, ChrisJM981 said:

Any chance you want to come over and reorganize my house too? 

Makes more sense especially for those visiting for the first time. Good job Maks. 

Thanks Chris,

Doesn't work that way.... I wish you can come over and organize here... as a perk, we can go shoot "in America."

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