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Costco safe sale

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I am not a safe expert, nor am I going to recommend anything.

Personally I would not consider anything sold by a big box store a safe.  Everything I've seen is more of a storage locker.

Look at the weight and how they get it  ( good safes use steel and/or other metals, cheap ones use concrete and something like sheetrock for some fire protection), check if the door flexes, check the gaps from the door to the walls ( prying protection ), check the fire rating for time and temp.

Does the safe have a fire seal?  Something to protect the insides form smoke and water damage, fairly important.

Are you bolting it to the floor?  A must.

Don't go by how thick a door or how big the bolts look.  These are quite deceiving.

Cheap safe, the door is pry able.  A better safe is attacked through the side or back.

The hinges on the door are not be part of the protection, if these were removed, is your safe still secured on that side?.  Are the bolts all around the door?  Corners?

Compare to a 'real' safe.

Think of the value of what you are storing in it, all ( most ) your eggs are going into this basket.  Is it worth the 'savings'?

No personal safe is impenetrable, or fire resistant forever.  The better the safe the more time you buy.





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