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Review: NRA Carry Guard And Other SD Insurance

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Andrew Branca posted this up on his website. It's a review of the now defunct Carry Guard, and also other self-defense insurance programs.

Since NJ, NY and WA do not permit the sale of these products, it is moot for most of us. But for our members that are not NJ residents, or those that eventually move out, this is a good review. And it highlights some things to note and watch out for.

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OK, but what is the difference between the products described in the article, and US LawShield, which IS sold in New Jersey? They all seem to be the same thing: they cover legal expenses in case of a self-defense incident, right?

Secondly, what law says they can't sell these things in NJ? I understand there's some sort of executive order to that effect, but no actual law was ever passed was it?

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