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1911 dovetail sight cuts

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I have an old 50's colt 38 super...(shooter)..and an SA GI series...that i need to want to have front sight dovetails cut....possibly rear as well for more common sight options...

Can anyone recommend someone?





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2 hours ago, Mr.Stu said:

I sent my BHP slide to Cylinder and Slide. They did a great job cutting Novak style dovetails and reblueing.

Can you advise on the turn around time and potential cost impact?

Also do you have a pic of the work - if not no biggie....


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7 hours ago, USRifle30Cal said:

@Mr.Stu....  looked at C&c website...didn't see any links for gun smithing work...is it hidden?

They have a bunch of 1911 sight installation options here: https://cylinder-slide.com/Category/1911PARAORD7

They are a friendly bunch - give them a call to discuss what you need. I just wanted them to do the cuts on my BHP because the standard dovetails were different from any current gun and there were no after market sights available.

I talked to them and sent a set of Dawson sights with just the slide - I didn't want deal with the hassle of shipping the whole gun.

They made the cuts and cleaned up a ding that another gunsmith had put in the slide, bead blasted the top to take off any glare and blued the whole thing. As they didn't have the whole gun and I was installing non-standard sights I sent a plain front sight for them to install. When I got it back I checked where it was shooting and then calculated the correct height front sight with a fiber insert and installed that myself.

I was perfectly happy with the standard of work and the time they took. They were able to fit such a simple job in between bigger projects.

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