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#1 Maksim

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  • Home Range:CJRPC Ask me to check it out.

Posted 13 March 2009 - 12:24 PM


The goal of this community is to bring people together for the purpose of sharing ideas and organizing the movement for more firearms rights in the State of New Jersey.

Please treat others the same way as you would want to be treated.

No profanity, we are civil. If it is not something you would want to see posted on the cover of your daily newspaper, with your name and picture next to it... then do not post it. In that case, if you want to share something, send it via email or private message.  Personal attacks on members or vendors is not allowed.

To the same token, no posting of any xxx rated material, nothing too gorey, or violent. Would you want your 15 year old to come upon this here and see their parent or sibling post it.

Other than that, no question is too stupid to be asked. Have fun and enjoy.

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#2 Maksim

  • LocationEast Windsor, NJ
  • Home Range:CJRPC Ask me to check it out.

Posted 21 April 2009 - 07:02 PM

Addendum for Avatars and Forum Signatures

The Avatar - only one image can be displayed at a time, its width can be no greater than 90 pixels, the height no greater than 90 pixels, and the file size no more than 6 KB. The Avatar must be in good taste and non-offensive to all viewers.

To edit your avatar, download IrfanView image sofware, free, from Irfanview.com, and you can easily resize your image there.


Screen Names

Plain and simple - Nothing Offensive

Signature Blocks
The Signature - This is a block of text that can be added to posts you make. There is a 255 alpha/numeric character limit. Graphics of limited size and nature can be posted in the Signature element - please keep them small. Links to pornographic sites or anything offensive are prohibited. Please do not post political views of any kind in your signature.

Vendor Links in Signatures-
Links to a commercial vendor are not allowed, unless you are an approved New Jersey Gun Forums vendor, or it is a link to an approved vendor. This rule only applies to your signature. You can post links to any place on a forum, when in response to a question (e.g. Where can I find such & such?) Our sponsors support us, and this is to support them.


News Links-

Do NOT start any threads in any section other then the 1st Amendment with a News Link.  

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